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[Introduction] A woman’s Over the Moon lover characteristics are heightened when her balloons of love are blown up by the monsoon rain. It won’t matter whether it’s monsoon season or not, she’ll create her own monsoon rainy season with her wet lipstick battle.

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“A female Over the Moon lover is like another kind of mother who protects you from harm. In fact, that is the cover of your hugger, who will make your life like a rubber band. And one day, in the name of success, you will be mending the damaged item of your ex as a Gulshan Grover hover plumber.”

Females are like over our moon identity without whom we feel incomplete without them. It’s only applicable to the Spiritual and Heartual personalities not the Bortual personalities people.

No one in this whole world can love you like the over the moon love of your mother. And remember your mother is the wife of your father but she cannot love her husband like her children. For this her husband must sometimes feel like a child in front of his wife. Now relate this condition of you as a son to your wife.

Soul level people are like over the moon in love personalities who are of high aura. And they can only give you impartial love which is Spiritual in itself. True divine love is only given to other true divine personalities, not to others.

A female over the moon is powerful in her own right because she possesses a high level of divine power that is consistent at the soul level. You should always try to appreciate their love for you. You should accept it because the moment she stops showing love to you, that will be the end of your relationship. You will get nothing from her except lust, which is rape love.

If you are a Spiritual personality, you will always love someone new over the moon. It is because it’s the love of the high aura not the low aura that Bortual personalities possess in themselves.

You can express your love for your partner by saying I love you to the moon, my baby, with a billion loving smiles directed toward you. Promise her that you will never leave her alone on your life journey. Make sure that your wife is not a narcissist. This is because she will transform your true love into a rubber band. This will make it seem as if you are hugging other people despite having real and true love.

True love is for true people, not fake people. It was a wonderful Over The Moon Wedding with your wife, hoping she would love you as much as you love her. This is without knowing whether she is a Bortual or Heartual or Spiritual personality like you. Take action based on the circumstances of your marriage.

It’s possible that you think you’re the first driver of the first woman on the moon, but did you know that thinking and reality are two separate things? Nevertheless, don’t make your heart too small. In your mind, you should always maintain a positive outlook by keeping CPU in mind, which is often the problem with females.

There is no doubt that every man dreams of having the first woman in the space zone of their love life. However, it’s only available to those who get it for free. It’s because low aura people tend to be highly attracted to other low aura people. That is why they enjoy the main course, and you enjoy the leftovers. Learn to adjust because this is the reality of this world.

If you are a lover’s delight personality, you dream of having a girl with a pure soul and heart that is only found in books, movies, or fairy tales. Be happy with that. Currently, the Narcissistic (Bortual) population of the world is more prevalent than Spiritual and Heartual centered individuals. Don’t make your heart small, king and queen.

It may be your perception in your life that only happy lovers are joyful. Are they satisfied using their material power from a materialistic perspective? If not, such people are hollow inside because they lack heart and soul satisfaction which they hardly get. In other words, try to be a happy lover in your relationship based on your personality type.

Spiritual and Heartual people are happy as calm in meditation. This is because Spiritual and Heartual people find love like meditation, where there is struggle, but that is worthwhile. From that either you will get person for life making you legend of your legendary girl or lesson for your life making you super legend of your life. No loss at all. Just chill bro.

A person for life makes you happy as a lark bird, but a female makes you feel like a happy lark. She allows you to park your love in her dark, leaving your mark on her warm heart with your shark love. A cool moment in your life can only occur if it takes place from your side rather than someone else’s.

If you are only eating first on an empty plate then it’s a deliriously happy moment for you. If not, then be dangerously happy that it is still safe to eat with no communicable bacteria or viruses. Take it as it resonates. Not everyone fits into this condition, where the choice is fully yours. Safety first and then taste comes after it.

A charmed life is for charming happy couples as well as singles. It’s only possible when a charming person is attracted to you because you are another charming person. Make sure they have sparkling eyes and a charming personality. If not, make sure you are not dating someone who is a narcissist, because they tend to be very attractive in such cases.

Remember, euphoric love is not just for European lovers; it is for anyone who is capable of creating amusement with intense excitement in their relationship or with the people around them that they love.

Apply love making love techniques in your life i.e. what you sow, so shall you reap. Therefore, implant love to harvest love, not jealousy, dishonesty, disloyalty, and distrust.

As a romantic, make her feel like a symbol of romance. Then a romantic making love game will be played at the heart level or soul level. This way everything will be fine for you both over there.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to make love. Create a moment to celebrate Happy Couple Love Day with them. Ultimately, it is up to you to make your love life as fulfilling as possible without taking into account other people’s confirmation days. Have fun whenever it’s possible.

It is only possible to have a successful intimate relationship between a couple when both partners possess Heartual and Spiritual characteristics, not just Bortual characteristics. You should ensure that Spiritual to Spiritual, Heartual to Heartual, and Bortual to Bortual people are in intimate relationships.

Consider your type of intimacy, such as Spiritual, Heartual, and Bortual, before choosing a person with whom you will be happy. Selecting a different category of intimacy will make your life heaven for a short period of time until the grapes do not turn into raisins. Therefore, if you wish to be loved even as a raisin personality, you should choose your category of intimacy.

A Spiritual couple’s love agreement takes place at the soul level, a Heartual couple at the heart level, and a Bortual couple at the body level. To live a happy life, enjoy your love life according to your level of loving personality.

One thing parents and other CPU dislocated personalities should know is that signing a love agreement on stamp paper will not make couples happy in their lives. A person’s personality will determine whether or not their life is heaven or hell. You should always be cautious when picking your love life.

In order to be a couple, you do not need to be a world famous lover like other attention seeking or really world famous couples. For you, your partner is your whole world. On the basis of that, try to love her with the same level of dedication that you would love your whole world.

Like moonlight lovers, the kiss and love of Spiritual and Heartual personalities is powerful. Individuals of this type are always in a state of love for one another. By managing their love, respect, and time for each other, they will be able to live a better life together.

Often couples during honeymoon are not seen happy due to their mismatched loving personalities. Therefore, you need to be wise in choosing your type of love i.e. Spiritual to Spiritual, Heartual to Heartual and Bortual to Bortual for happy living.

[Conclusion] Lastly, remember that Over the Moon loving personalities can only exist in Spiritual or Heartual personalities, not in Bortual personalities.

You should maintain a serious relationship based on your personality type. This is so that in your spare time, instead of doing boy or girl marketing, you can do share marketing or knowledge marketing. This will build up your intellectual personality for better opportunities in the future.

It is never a wise idea to waste your time being a Spiritual or Heartual personality for the love of a Bortual personality. It will be just a waste of time, money and energy which will just do puncture to your body, freedom, self-development, personality-development, and so on.

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