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[Introduction] My goal is To Make You Feel My Love in a way that no lover has ever done to their girl like I do to you. I feel real ecstasy when I do this.

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“I touch you To Make You Feel My Love in a way that makes you feel loved in your heart or soul. This will confirm what type of personality we are. Heart touch after your body touch points you have the feature of heartmate where as soul touch is done wirelessly where on body contact every single cell of the body is touched pointing as a soulmate.”

The comfortability of a female in any relationship is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter what kind of personality is she i.e. Bortual (body level), Heartual (heart level) and Spiritual (soul level).

All that matters is she deserves respect in her own comfort zone. It doesn’t matter how society views them for their lifestyle or their romantic relationship with someone else. Whether you adjust or leave them is up to you.

Being a male means you have a responsibility to choose your personality type based on yours and make wise decisions in life. Life is defined by the choices we make.

As a male character with a Spiritual nature, you deserve another female character with a Spiritual nature. For this, if you are self-centered within yourself, you seem to be so loyal and honest with yourself.

But the Spiritual male deserves more than the Bortual female as a loving girl. In this case if girl is trying to keep you in as a main party in third party and third party in the main party then be confirmed she is of Bortual personality.

As a loyal and honest lover, you should not have to control her in order to be loving toward her. In the case of a Bortual personality, this dialogue of honesty and loyalty is inappropriate.

The nature of a Bortual personality is that they are Narcissists. It is impossible for a narcissist to be loyal and honest to themselves. It is difficult to expect a girl to be honest and loyal to you if she is not honest and loyal to her.

Keeping your CPU location in mind, ask yourself how anyone who is not loyal and honest to themselves can be loyal and honest to you.

If you are a Spiritual and Heartual person, you can be loyal and honest with yourself. Attempting to make a Narcissist fall in love with you after begging or compelling her is not going to work.

It’s because Bortual baby girl only thinks about getting into her comfort zone. Especially if she is comfortable in other energy zones financially, non-financially, and emotionally at body level, she is likely to leave you if she is comfortable with her situation.

You don’t have to control your female, just let her go after she has settled everything with you. If she leaves you without any information, make sure you know where she is. If she is not kidnapped or threatened by anyone else and she is in a safe place with her next goal partner, then let her enjoy another flavor.

When they come back to you, keep in mind that you were once a second option. In other words, what you deserved earlier has already been offered for free to someone else.

It is because Bortuals are attracted to each other due to their low vibration energy. Sometimes instead of Bortual it can be another Heartual person but not the Spiritual because you are that Spiritual person.

Your girl cannot get into a relationship with another Spiritual personality until the karmic cycle has been completed.

In this case, being a Narcissist does not imply that the person does not have Heartual or Spiritual qualities. We all have Bortual, Heartual, and Spiritual characteristics. One major difference is that Bortual personalities are aligned with body levels, which is why they put material first and love second.

However, Heartual people are consistent at the heart level and Spiritual people are consistent at the soul level, where their body is just a part of who they are.

It is impossible for a Bortual person to heal themselves, since healing occurs at the soul level. Consequently, they leave anyone who offers them more financial, non-financial, and emotional benefits.

It does not matter how hard you try to keep them happy, they will never be happy. It is because happiness comes from heart and soul satisfaction, which a Heartual and Spiritual person possesses only within themselves.

However, for Narcissists it is just a dream. They cannot heal from the situations they have faced in life since they are karmic people or victims of their karmic effects, so they seek the help of another person to help them out of their current situation.

As soon as they are free of their suffering, you will no longer be involved in their lives. It’s because they are narcissists who always think about themselves. And it feels right to them when someone is trying hard to be with them.

Be sure to fulfill your duties as a family member, friend, or member of society, whether you are a brother, sister, father, mother, friend, or person in a relationship with a Bortual personality. Nonetheless, do not expect to be with them for life because they will only use you to feed their egos.

When you are a Heartual or Spiritual person, you are committed to yourself. Then be sure to think about doing something for a Bortual person that they cannot earn. If you do this, you will experience an incident from their side which will demonstrate their true nature. Give them only that much power that they won’t misuse once they have it.

In this case, you need to know that they are Narcissists and set your boundaries with them accordingly. Don’t let them access your children’s ears so they can turn them against you. When possible, cut off the full relationship with the narcissist when there are favourable conditions.

Generally, if you think and feel they have changed, then it is just because they are on vacation and not playing mind games. As soon as the vacation is over, i.e. if the situation is under their control, you will start seeing the upgraded new nature which makes your life hellish.

So instead of getting sent to jail due to depression, you simply set a boundary and start living your own life. Feel their absence and heal if you are feeling their pain. It is true that time heals everything, but you should never degrade your personality from Heartual or Spiritual to Bortual with an intention for some short-term benefit from Bortual character.

Therefore, when you touch your girl, pay attention to whether you are touching her body or heart or soul as well. If they are touched in the heart or every single cell of their body then you as a soul level choose your person based on your personality type i.e. Bortual, Heartual or Spiritual.

It is the most important job in your life to finalize the choice of your long-term loving or relationship partner. So be very careful about this.

[Conclusion] The last step is to show her your love in order to confirm what type of personality you have and what you should do based on your personality type.

Never compromise if your girl is not a person of your personality type and vice versa. Never compromise when it comes to life-changing decisions. You can adapt, but you should never compromise.

The purpose of life is to be happy. When you are giving happiness to someone with a long term vision in any capacity, you must expect a return. If not, this is when you must be a momentary person and share happiness with other momentary person but not for long run for Bortual being as a Heartual or Spiritual personality.

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