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[Introduction] Learn to Have Crazy Obsessed Girlfriend to build the power of observation of people and try to brush your personality from Langur to Angur or Legend if possible.

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“If you Have Crazy Obsessed Girlfriend, then Over time, Learn to Observe and identify her whether you are dating Langur, Angur or Legendary Girl. If you, as a Legend, are not dating another Legendary girl, then what the hell are you expecting; Promotion or demotion to Angur or Langur from Legend.”

It is your duty to let not others put you in a situation of compromise to let you become a low-personality person letting you leave your original personality.

And it’s not other than your loving people around you who may be your family members and girlfriend as well.

So keeping this in mind, know that everyone has their own boundary, and no one can cross it. And that boundary name is called self-respect.

In any such situation, even if your girlfriend who is mistreating you and hardly lets you feel loved where she is making you feel begged for love from her.

Then in such a situation, keep notice of one thing; not all people have the same original true intuition and intention as you have.

People are born with their Nature, Interest and Intention, which decides what kind of personality you will be in your life.

If you think after giving a lot more love, respect and time from your side, you are not getting enough return as you are sowing in your relationship.

In such circumstances, learn to adjust and keep a solid boundary to leave such people. If you are in a loving relationship, just cut them off from your life.

Initially, it may be hard for you but do remember one thing: as a Legend, you may feel you are dating a Legendary girl. But seeing the behaviour of your Legendary girl, be able to observe and identify if she is a Legendary girl or a Langur girl.

Never and ever make a compromise in your life for a Langur personality puppy female who is just there to degrade your personality from lion to dog personality.

Now you decide what kind of love you want, lion and lioness style or dog and doggie style.

So ask what kind of baby you will get from lion and lioness and lion and doggie style love. From each other’s behaviour, decide what you are, lion/lioness or dog/doggie.

At least be eligible enough to judge who you are and what you want to become in your life. A lion personality needs a lioness personality to succeed in their life.

And being a Legend personality, who you are trying to entertain in their mood time. Just a time pass girl or lifetime time pass girl. If you like that type of girl, then be confirmed to kill your confusion that you are too a dog personality and your girl a doggie personality.

For this, congratulations to both of you, dog and doggie personality, with a blessing from your copyright God to get at least a bulldog baby as a dog and doggie style honeymoon love.

Based on these facts, know your worth and then take decisions and actions according to your personality. This will let you live your dream life with your type of personality person.

It’s the Aura of a male character that helps you to attract a female of such Aura. But sometimes someone is introduced in our lives to let us know and feel Aura changes over time, and so does the person.

Soul consistency Aura is Spiritual, and Heart Consistency Aura is Heartual, whereas Body Consistency Aura is Bortual. So make sure what is their origin characters.

And ongoing critical and miserable conditions in our life will help you become a Super Legend from Normal Legend due to Suffering in your love life.

That’s ok to adjust and live your life to its fullest extent. Remember, Suffering is only for Sultan (King) to achieve Success. So if you want to become Sultan, Suffering is a must in your life.

[Conclusion] Finally, decide if you want to Have Crazy Obsessed Girlfriend for you or if you want to be the obsessed boyfriend of your narcissistic girlfriend.

Dating a Langur girlfriend is ok, but getting stuck for a long time and willing to hang on for life is just like doing suicide for your freedom in all aspects of your life.

Don’t even think about degrading your personality from Legend to Langur just for your Langur Girlfriend.

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