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[Introduction] Remember, if You Want Your Freedom in your loving relationship, then set a boundary with your partner. Everyone has their limitation, and no one should cross them.

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“What will happen if You Want Your Freedom and your Girlfriend sews your freedom of success by trapping you in her manipulative love? Then learn to manipulate her confusion that you are still living in her illusionary love trap game.”

Every relationship has its own value, which should be based on the value of time, respect, love and so on. But it should not be more than needed.

Not every relationship deserves your love, respect and time. Some people are toxic, and they manipulate you for their pleasure.

If someone else pain and tears become a pleasure for someone else, then remember that person is toxic and manipulative. They will never appreciate you.

Such people are fake people with attention-seeking natures either by making a joke of you or making your life joke ignoring the fact that they are sowing the joke life by their karma.

But notice one thing if your Girlfriend is of that nature, then be alert that you are dating a toxic girl, and she is not only your property but also of others.

Some people belong to the public, but with clever and manipulative personalities, such people play with someone else’s emotions just for short entertainment to please their ego and pride.

Such females are relational hornstar, where after marriage, they will become family hornstar. So if you want to play a family stroke, then entertain such females to hook with such hooker females so one day she will easily make you a cooker crow person.

It will be easier for such a hooker girl to offer you chicken biryani, whereas later, you will know you have been enjoying crow biryani since earlier days. Till that time, you will be directly enjoying crow biryani.

Just imagine that moment doing caw-caw with your lovely Girlfriend where there will be no way out. It will make you and your girl a part of the crow family, where you will be doing your favourite business in ‘The Crow Biryani Hotel’ with your cute crow children.

Eating free crow biryani with your crow personality girlfriend will be a matter of pride for someone else, whereas in reality, what is your condition? Who else will know better than you?

So to protect yourself from any toxic girl, just let them live in confusion that you are still interested. And then, when love and respect for her will be over, then take your energy back.

This way, you will go into a no-contact situation. And based on your honest and loyal love towards her, will let her feel your absence if some shame in her is present. If not, then that’s not your problem.

Let her live her caw-caw life with another crow party. Even she may try to come back. So if you think she is healed or changed, think about this question. How to convert a crow into a chicken?

But don’t ask that question to her. Otherwise, she will say baby; it is easier to make chicken biryani from crow biryani.

Females are very clever. They make potato crackers without using a potato. But don’t be too much happy. She will not cook you the food even after her marriage to you.

She is talking about making a solution a problem, not a problem to solution. What can you expect from toxic people whose toxin level is always high in their bodies?

So live your life happily, even as a single. If you get a good party, do a party with her for a lifetime. If not, then don’t get mad at the hole.

If you are not conscious of this, you will forget your goal in the lure of running after a hole. And that hole is for doing a goal for many street boys.

Like cabbage is used in pieces to be served over many plates of chowmin. If the chowmin party agrees to share that cabbage, then mosquito love in the gang takes place.

Mostly such toxic people love toxins from multiple mosquito babies. So do you want red lips of lipstick or mosquito blood where a pickel of a mosquito will be from her mouth? The choice is yours as the choice such the life.

[Conclusion] Finally, decide that You Want Your Freedom in your loving relationship with your Girlfriend or wife and vice-versa when it comes to freedom to live happily.

Never compromise your self-respect. Love and relationship have their values, and self-respect has it’s own boundaries.

Everyone has their boundaries, and no one is allowed to cross that boundary, not even your parents. So set that boundary to maintain your worth in any relationship.

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