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This Site Terms of Use page for Bloggers & Visitors.

InfoTrim is created to serve people with quality content related to life Changing Knowledge +…

You are eligible to use this content on your site either for personal or commercial projects.

But only include some portion of it i.e 20%, (to protect yourself from copyright claim and avoid too much citation).

Most noteworthy, you are not permitted to translate any of the content in other languages.

And the most important, don’t forget to give us credit with ‘do follow’ backlink on your blog post.

Since all the content on this site is for the knowledgeable purpose (collected from various reliable sources), you should use it at your own consent.

Since you are educated and smart enough to know right and wrong based on information available on the internet including this blog as well, you should use it mostly for educational purpose and some reliable and trusted content with real proof in your practical life.

Creative Commons videos terms of use for Earning

Here on this site, you can find a collection of ‘Creative Common Videos’ usable for YouTube video monetization for a lifetime without any revenue sharing in any of the videos availed from this website. Don’t forget to credit on each video in your Youtube video description found at the bottom of each blog post.

Before you try to make use of this video make sure you follow all these basic rules and guidelines needed to use it for video monetization either personally or commercially.

Another important thing is that we don’t get anything free on the internet. If you browse the website, you are helping site owners browse their site with an ad displayed, helping them generate revenue to pay for their hosting, employees and advertising expense and make their living.

In the same way, if you want to use ‘Creative Commons Videos’, you have to give credit to the video owners as demanded by them under certain conditions.

This will help you to stay safe from copyright claims even if the rule of copyright claim changes. Giving the video credit in the Youtube description will keep you out of danger.

E.g., If you are familiar with youtube creative commons royalty-free music, you have to give credit for the use of music in your youtube video making.

Talking further on that I would like to make clear you one main thing is that you have to give 2 basic links under each video while using it on YouTube platform as credit for the use of video. Know in detail here ‘click me’.

e.g. These links are needed just to avoid copyright claim of the videos.

## Source/Credits for Fair Use of Content ##
(1) Main Video source Link: 
(2) PDF/MP3/Vdo Clips/Full Vdo download source: 
(3) Creative Commons License Type: 
(4) Copyright Disclaimer:  

Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statutes that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use !!

So, if your visitors are watching our videos on your YouTube channel make sure links are there in your video description.

This helps you from cheating your visitor. Think if you are watching videos online and the link mentioned in the video is not present, then how do you feel at that time? This is also to ensure you are safe from a copyright claim.

Therefore, be honest with yourself and your work. Don’t try to take credit for others just for free, putting yourself in danger.

Above all, I would suggest you follow the terms of use for ‘Creative Common Videos’, helping yourself from hitting copyright claims.

Most noteworthy, you should have to download any creative commons videos from the real video owner or maker. Don’t download Creative Commons Videos directly from the main youtube website, which is important as per the new policy of the youtube website.

Other terms and condition for Affiliate link Products and Ad Network (e.g: Google Adsense)

Happy YouTube earning with all my present and future upcoming ‘Creative Commons Videos’ to make your living.

Since they are all third party links you should read their terms and conditions before buying those products.

For most of the products, you will get 30-60 days money-back guarantee.

We mostly focus on educational and informational service and secondly to affiliate links that you may or may not buy. It totally depends on your need and budget.

Be sure to check those products on other informational sources to assure yourself before making any buying decision.

After the purchase of any affiliate link product, if you have any complaint against that product, you should contact the vendor company (owner of the product) or affiliate network mentioned below the landing page of all products.

Therefore, you should buy at your own risk and decision.

Remember we do not hold any obligations related to any affiliate link product given on this site.

We also use ‘Google Adsense Monetization’ in our videos and this site to make some revenue in return for information.

In addition, we may later use any other Network display or CPC ad to monetize our site but without affecting user experience.

But with each blog post, you will be provided with interesting and high-quality content to acknowledge you.

Hence, from all above terms of use condition, what we conclude is that use or do at own on interest or risk.

Consequently, in future, we may change our terms and condition related to online products esp. for those we may launch on our websites.

Last but not the least for terms of use

Finally, I would like to thanks for reading these terms of use for ‘blog info’ and terms and conditions for ‘affiliate product’.

Most of all, Good luck! for your informational, Earning and transactional journey.

Have a nice and happy time with best of luck!

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