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NOTE: Now, we are making YouTube shorts videos on an old post on this site. So that you can make money from youtube shorts, which easily bring traffic from it quickly, it’s recommended to use short videos up to 15 sec for better traffic value.

Before using this site video just learn what is Creative Commons Videos, and then learn how to Earn Money From YouTube.


New Updated Notifications NOTE:

This website’s videos will be published every day except Saturday and some other days due to emergencies and break time.

But be confirmed that 48-60 videos a month are fixed. So visit our site every day or once a week on Saturday to use all those videos published over the past week.

It will be easier for you to post those videos regularly on YouTube Shorts and the YouTube Long Videos Platform. Therefore, visit this site daily, where contents are published according to the Nepali Time Zone of KTM at 7:45 P.M.

Sometimes, there may not be a new post, but the old one will be updated with new videos. So Hit the ‘Click Below To Download’ where newly updated videos are added for YouTube Shorts.

The only thing you need as an earner is Royalty Free Videos to make money from it. And that’s the reason you are here.

This way, only working 10 minutes a day regularly will build your YouTube Channel Authority within 3-6 months.

We are now focusing on YouTube shorts, where it is easy to rank and bring subscribers to your youtube channel, where later some bigger-length videos can be used for YPP, and in shorts videos, only $100M will be given to the creators when it is monetized.

Remember, YPP and YouTube Shorts are two different things. Learn about this from google, which is optional knowledge for you.

So build subscribers and start making money within 3 months of regular video uploading from youtube shorts; don’t forget to take a weekend rest, which may be Saturday for Nepal and Sunday for the rest of the world.


Adding a title with #shorts or #shorts in the description will also work. But use in only one place to avoid hashtags duplication penalty from YouTube Search Engine.

In the YouTube Shorts description, use “## Sources/Credits for Fair Use of Content ##” mentioned under each video of our InfoTrim YouTube channel or at the website under each webpage.

For video downloads, visit, where just use royalty-free music from or to make it awesome video and see the magic.

Plus, include some social profiles where you can see some of the top social profiles to use from here.
But for YouTube shorts, social profile links are not needed.

That’s all! Now start for that email from Google that your shorts videos are eligible for YouTube shorts earning.


Visit this page once if you land on our website to see the New Updated Notifications updated when something changes on this website.

Have patience. You are in good company.