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Before using this site video just learn what is Creative Commons Videos and Royalty Free Videos, and then learn how to Earn Money From YouTube.


NOTE on New Updated Notifications:

This website’s videos and posts will be published every Saturday at 8:08 A.M.

But be assured that 4 videos a month are fixed. Visit the site every Saturday at 8:08 A.M. to watch those videos once a week.

We are now focusing on long videos and one short video a week along with long videos. It is because YouTube’s algorithm has changed.

One long video and one short video work best for both, especially for shorts. So if you are publishing shorts every day, do it once a week along with longer content whenever possible.

You can check any shorts channel to see the latest shorts they have published. It is less popular despite having millions of subscribers. So why make short videos on a daily basis? Making a lot of short videos is a waste of time in today’s world.

YouTube wants every weekly video to get at least 1K+ views, so it doesn’t seem that unreasonable. This is my personal research and experience. It may not fit in all circumstances.

At the beginning, you can add short videos on a daily basis for a month. After that, once a week is okay, along with one long and one short video a week.

On other days of the week, learn some extra skills or do another side hustle job.

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Have patience. You are in good company.