Is Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend Only for You? 32 Tip [A]

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[Introduction] Always remember that Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend is another category of copyright holder of their heater personality by removing her sweaters being the cheater with others for banana and nuts flavour.

[Body Part] Read the following article to learn about Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend in textual format.

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1. The Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend is Not a Loyal Partner

The copyright free rumors girlfriend is not a loyal partner - infotrim

“Keep in Mind that Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend is another level of copyright holder of heater who knows how to remove her sweaters being the cheater of her lover Peter where the trust of meter becomes bleeder.”

As a heartual and spiritual personality, the Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend is not one to fall in love with. It is due to the fact that they possess a Bortual Personality (Narcissist).

People with a Bortual Personality cannot understand the world from the perspective of a Heartual and Spiritual Personality. Because of this, it becomes difficult and sometimes even hellish when you have a relationship with a Bortual personality as a Heartual or Spiritual personality.

Your relationship can last forever only if you are with someone who has the same personality type as you, such as Bortual to Bortual, Heartual to Heartual, and Spiritual to Spiritual. A cross-relationship will not be fruitful in the long run. It will continue to be a positive thing until the pleasure associated with the body is as tasty as grapes.

When grapes turn into raisins, it is all over. The majority of this is done by Male Bortual Personalities in conjunction with Female Heartual or Spiritual Personalities. Once freedom, peace, and the body have been punctured, a relationship between a Female Bortual Personality and a Male Heartual or Spiritual Personality ends.

Choose a loyal partner based on your personality type and stop complaining about why your relationship is not lasting. In the event that you are a heart patient, you will visit a specialist in the field of heart disease, a dentist, or a plumber. Consequently, you should decide who you are dealing with based on your personality type, namely Bortual, Heartual, or Spiritual.

2. Bortual Personality Copyright Free Girlfriend is for Public Entertainment Not Private

Bortual personality Copyright Free Girlfriend is for public entertainment not private - infotrim

You can enjoy sexual pleasure for free with an easy and simple relationship by looking for a Copyright Free Girlfriend who belongs to the Bortual personality type. In order to entertain the public, they have landed on this planet. Therefore, as a Bortual personality, it is important to find another Bortual individual who is a perfect match.

Don’t mess up with Heartual or Spiritual personality being as Bortual personality. This way you are just taking the curse from those Heartual personality’s heart and Spiritual personality’s soul.

This will ruin your life one day. It’s not because they are cursing you. It’s because you’ve created an opportunity to cheat them financially, non-financially or emotionally.

In this regard, you should also be prepared to taste the taste of your own karma. In the event you are protected from Heartual or Spiritual personalities financially, non-financially, and emotionally, you will soon reap the rewards of your own actionable karma.

“Give and take are the rules of Nature.” So based on this what you have sown will be returned in multiplicative ways. There is no way out of your own karma.

Upon getting serious about your relationship, you first need to know the person’s core personality as a Bortual, Heartual, and Spiritual person.

A Copyright Free Girlfriend seeks another personality with similar characteristics to her. This is because one cannot live a fulfilling life as a copyright and patent holder over the private property of a loyal and honest individual.

Therefore, know your worth and act accordingly based on that instead of playing with someone else’s emotions, time, money, energy and so on. Live life to the fullest and let others be happy at their own pace.

3. Is Public Single Girl Copyright Free When She is Alone?

Is public single girl copyright free when she is alone - infotrim

Is Public Single Girl Copyright Free when you see her alone? In normal circumstances, a single girl does not have to be compelled to be free for others to grab. She has the right to focus on her career rather than mingling.

Someone who seems single in public doesn’t mean they are single for you or for someone who wants to mingle with them. In your energy zone, bringing her in is just an illusion.

Now picture the public single girl as your sister, daughter, and so on. Based on this, she may be similar to what you think others are. In regards to this matter, please clarify your concept of a single public girl.

Public single girls may not be claimed as copyright free living material without her permission. Often, this occurs among boys who claim a girl without her consent as their own.

When a public girl is single, there is not much to argue about. If you feel that she is the perfect match for you, then reach out to her whenever you get the vibe that she is the one for you.

4. Never Think Copyright Free Godown Girl Belongs to Warehouse Worker

Never think copyright free godown girl belongs to warehouse worker - infotrim

A Copyright Free Godown Girl simply refers to a girl whose shop has been upgraded to a godown, and she may or may not be on her way to upgrading to a stadium or sea.

Copyright Free Godown Girls are usually considered warehouse workers’ godown girls, but you’re mistaken. Don’t ever believe she is your heartmate or soulmate. Mostly such girls are bodymates.

When people upgrade from a shop to a godown without any customers to support them, they are often cheated and left alone. In such a case, if a character is deceived, that is acceptable. If she is a cheater character, then she belongs to another Bortual personality who is mostly lustful.

The narrow parking area does not determine the purity of females. A girl’s personality is largely determined by her nature, interests, and intentions. And this applies to male characters as well.

The divorced female is also a Copyright Free Godown Girl, but she may be single due to her disrespectful husband or for any other reason. You should therefore inquire about her former husband from various sources before making her your spouse in such a situation.

If you are just a Bortual personality who wishes time to pass, then do not take her curse if she is either a Heartual or Spiritual character. This will make you feel like you are drilling over a bamboo with chilli lubricant over it in your backdoor.

5. Play Copyright Free Music for a Playgirl to Impress Her as a Playboy

Play copyright free music for a playgirl to impress her as a playboy - infotrim

As a playboy, just play Copyright Free Music for your playgirl when you are about to do benefits for carpenter doing bed fight at night and also during the dancing car this Copyright Free Music can be applied to make her feel fully Copyright Free property of your own.

You can also use Copyright Free Music girl commercially. Similarly, Copyright Free Girl is easy to use for commercial advertisements, as they are mostly material personalities who prioritize material over love.

When you get trapped in the love of your Bortual personality as a Heartual or Spiritual personality, try escaping from that situation before it is too late. Don’t make your life hell when you can live a heaven life without a Bortual personality.

It is your responsibility to stay aware of such personalities so that you cannot be taken advantage of by them. The more simple you are, the more likely you are to be deceived as a Heartual or Spiritual person.

It is okay to say no when it is time to set a boundary in some cases. In case you do not do that, the Bortual Personality person will make you a puppet of their own, with no way out. Whenever such a condition arises, stay away from such Bortual personalities that lure you with short-term excitement.

6. Are There No Copyright Music Personalities in Your Area?

Are there no copyright music personalities in your area - infotrim

If there are No Copyright Music personalities in your area, then don’t worry about that. It is easy to find such personalities in your area. It is easy to identify such personalities so that you can take advantage of them.

It is common for people with Bortual personalities to easily be impressed by your body pleasure. They do it because they want to get it from you without compromising their lustful needs.

Providing the material needs of No Copyright Music personalities (Bortual) makes it easy for you to keep them in your energy zone. But be sure such Bortual people will only be there in your energy zone until they are fed by you.

As soon as they get high-need opportunities from another company that are superior to you, they will choose them over you. You should therefore be ready to leave whenever they say so. Be sure not to be in their energy zone if you cannot leave when they want to depart.

It’s because such No Copyright Music personalities are Bortual personalities. Being Heartual or Spiritual personalities, you cannot make fake love where you prioritize love over material needs.

Therefore, it is difficult for a Heartual or Spiritual person to live with such No Copyright Music personalities (Bortuals). It is hell in itself when a Heartual or Spiritual personality is involved in any relationship with a Bortual personality.

From a distance, it may appear you are living a heaven life due to some external attraction. However, internally you do not feel appreciated by each other because of your different nature based on Bortual, Heartual and Spiritual personalities, rather than the same nature.

7. Narcissists Like Sharing Royalty Free Images of Their Privacy With Their Partner

Narcissists like sharing royalty free images of their privacy with their partner - infotrim

People with narcissistic tendencies enjoy sharing Royalty Free Images of their private body parts taken from their multiple partners, sometimes knowingly or unknowingly.

Heartual or Spiritual personalities sometimes fall into the trap of such Bortual Personalities (Narcissists) but their intuition saves them before it’s too late.

A lot of people get caught up in the traps of others because they have Bortual Personalities. This is due to the fact that negative energy attracts negative energy. A less clever person is more likely to fall victim to the trap of a highly intelligent person of a Bortual nature.

Being clever with malicious intentions is the feature and nature of Bortual personalities, not Heartual or Spiritual personalities. Narcissists are introduced to Heartual or Spiritual personalities so that they can upgrade from Bortual to Heartual or Spiritual personalities.

Bortual personalities always take advantage of Heartual or Spiritual personalities, as well as less clever Bortual personalities. They believe that they have succeeded in achieving some materialistic and emotional goals. However, they neglect the fact that they have lost one of the most honest and loyal person in their lives.

Losing the right person in their life will be a matter of regret when they will be cheated by another high cleaver person of their own nature as a Narcissist.

Whenever you fall into the love trap of a Narcissist, they take a private picture of you as a lover. They will upload it online as Royalty Free Images for others to enjoy for their own eye sight satisfaction.

So make sure you do not fall victim to the trap of Narcissistic love as a Heartual or Spiritual person. In order to play mind games with each other, Narcissists should love another Narcissist. They can take as many photos of each other as they want and upload them online anywhere they like.

8. Free Images for Commercial Use Are Possible From the Narcissists

Free images for commercial use are possible from the narcissists - infotrim

A Narcissist in search of Free Images for Commercial Use will have to grab another Narcissist and offer them material needs. This will enable them to dream of more material needs in the future.

By hiding their faces, you can convince them to take photos of their private body parts once they are ready. As a result, they will be able to make more money online. Once they have been fooled, continue to take advantage of them.

Such girls are usually fools, and you as a Narcissist are able to take advantage of their weakness. However, doing such things is wrong, not right. Narcissists are mostly offline or hidden relational hornstars. Upon marriage, they become the family hornstar.

In other words, if you are able to convince them to participate in online hornstar, there is nothing wrong with them or with you as a Narcissist. It is normal for Narcissists to behave this way. It will be necessary to convince them online, but don’t show their faces or hide them in hot clothes.

And this is what you can see in today’s world. Heartual or Spiritual personalities will never sell their own private body parts for money unless they are compelled to do so for their loved ones.

You will be cursed back multiple times if you play such an emotional game. As a Narcissist, if you need a hot model for commercial purposes, try another Narcissist for your commercial benefits. There will be a benefit for both Narcissists in this situation.

Innocent people should not be put in compelling situations. You will only ruin yourself and your fake empire now and then, leaving you nowhere.

As a result, always remember “Acceptance should be done from the heart or the soul”. You cannot compel someone to do any job against their wishes. It’s because such acts are punishable by Karma. Know your boundaries and the boundaries of others, and act according to your personality type: Bortual, Heartual, or Spiritual.

9. Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend Loves Sightseeing Marketplace Interms of Physical Pleasure

Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend Loves Sightseeing Marketplace Interms of Physical Pleasure - infotrim

If you are a Male Narcissist then you better know you love enjoying different flavours from females. And here as a female Narcissist who is the girlfriend of someone else is in the search of showing her Sightseeing Marketplace to you with the intention of enjoying new flavour.

If you are a female narcissist in a long distance relationship, or even short distance relationship, there is an excellent opportunity for another male narcissist to come inside and swim in her.

So if you are a Heartual and Spiritual lover of any Bortual lover (Narcissist lover) then you must be sure that your Girl is only yours copyright and fully patent. You should never date a Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend because they are narcissistic.

She can be copyright of yours but the patent is not fully given to you so that she can allow her private parts to offer to others so that they can enjoy sightseeing love marketplace. It is normal for Narcissist lovers to do such things due to their lustful nature, which they cannot control.

As a Narcissist male, if you want to enjoy sightseeing with other girlfriends whose boyfriend is far away, you should try on her. As long as you keep her privacy, she is all yours. The whole Sightseeing Marketplace will be yours.

10. Narcissists Are Like Free Sound Library Personalities Who Love Rumors

Narcissists Are Like Free Sound Library Personalities Who Love Rumors - infotrim

If you have a narcissistic girlfriend, remember they are like Free Sound Library Personalities who enjoy spreading rumors about others. And if you go against their wishes, they will ruin your life by rumoring against you. Their first action is to spread rumors against you.

So if you are a narcissist boyfriend of your narcissistic girlfriend, make sure you are honest and loyal to her. If not the day she is going to figure it out. They will not make a complain about it. As a result, they will play the game with you keeping you as an option.

In a long distance relationship, Narcissist Girlfriend and Boyfriend never miss a chance to play mind games when they go on a honeymoon with another Narcissistic partner. This is an excellent opportunity for Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend to become a success being a gold digger and a hole digger in a variety of ways.

This is based on the fact that negative energy attracts negative energy for wrong doing. In contrast, positivity can be associated with heartual and spiritual personalities as well but not like a serious couple relationship.

The Free Sound of her Lustful sound during bed fight and dancing car attracts many other Narcissist personalities to play the game of groupism at some time. This is what narcissists love during boy marketing as a Narcissist Girlfriend and girl marketing as a Narcissist Boyfriend.

11. Uncovering the Royalty Free Sound Effects Personality of Narcissist

Uncovering the Royalty Free Sound Effects Personality of Narcissist - infotrim

As a Narcissistic personality (Bortual Personality) you can hardly see your mistake. It’s because you cannot see the things from the perspective of Heartual or Spiritual personality. It is due to the level of aura consistency at body level compared to heart or soul level.

If the level of aura consistency at body level for the Narcissist that they never try to see things from the perspective of Heartual and Spiritual personalities. As a result, relationships don’t continue smoothly and flawlessly.

In this situation Narcissists are like Royalty Free Sound Effects Personality who are easily distracted from the Royalty Free Sound Effects personality due to the fear of mask reveal.

The biggest threat for the Narcissist in this case is that they can never accept their mistake and emotional crimes to be exposed. And for this they can do anything to be pious and justiceful in their own.

Instead of uncovering the reality of Narcissist, you as a Heartual and Spiritual personality better focus on minding your own business by setting your boundaries from Narcissist.

12. When You See Your Girlfriend Once a Week, Make Sure She Isn’t a Narcissist

When You See Your Girlfriend Once a Week, Make Sure She Isn’t a Narcissist - infotrim

If you See Your Girlfriend Once a Week, make sure she is busy in her life doing the things that are important for her career and personal development.

In this case try to identify the features of a Narcissistic Girlfriend. This will enable you to determine if there is another person in her life who also enjoys her beyond your concern. Such Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend are for public entertainment only.

This way at least you as a Heartual or Spiritual lover will be able to heal and move on from such a fake relationship with your Bortual Lover who is playing with your trust in love along with emotions, time, money and energy.

What kind of life will this lead to, just imagine and feel for a moment. Then act accordingly to take better decisions for your future with a person who deserves your love, respect and time. There should be equal effort from both parties.

So make sure what is the reason your girlfriend is missing out a lot and you are hardly able to see her once a week with no clear reason from her? Therefore, if you are dating a Heartual or Spiritual lover you are dating a Bortual (Narcissist) lover. Save yourself if you can in time for the goodness of you.

13. You Keep Hearing Rumors About Your Girlfriend That She is a Multi-Bodymate

You Keep Hearing Rumors About Your Girlfriend That She is a Multi-Bodymate - infotrim

Whenever you move around in her society, You Keep Hearing Rumors About Your Girlfriend that she is a playgirl with the experience of multi-bodymate. She is a cheater who has played with many people’s emotions in her life. And you are one of her options.

You think yourself as her first priority which you do from your side. However, she has put you in third party being a main party and third party as a main party. If this is the case then you must make a move in this situation before it’s too late to move on.

If this is the case with you, remember that some people are born public entertainers. So they are doing a bodily emotional public service for free which is very beneficial for them and people of their nature. In such a situation if you fit then stay if not move on from your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend.

Playing the game of bodily emotional pleasure as Bortual personality are mostly playgirl or playboy who keeps material first and values the seconds. As Heartual and Spiritual personalities, they prioritize values before material possessions.

This is the reason Bortual people often leave the Heartual and Spiritual people when they get more material benefits than you. From this learn one thing overall focus on money and one day you will get honey personality who may be of others like yours is of others. This is current global world relationship exchange market. Learn to adjust not compromise.

14. It is Their Issue if Taylor Swift Girlfriend Rumors About You After You’ve Moved on

It is Their Issue if Taylor Swift Girlfriend Rumors About You After You’ve Moved on - infotrim

If your girlfriend was Taylor Swift Girlfriend personality then one day after deceiving you in the name of playing mind games, you just moved on. And that Taylor Swift Girlfriend Rumors about you due to loss of control over you.

This is the trait of narcissists where they love to control without giving you anything or nothing at all. It is their mind game which they loves. And this is often played from Bortual (Narcissist) lovers to their Heartual or Spiritual lovers.

And the relationship of Bortual (Narcissistic) lovers to their Heartual or Spiritual lovers always fails due to lack of honesty and loyalty of the Bortual person to themselves. Those who are not honest and loyal to themselves then how can they be honest and loyal to others?

Remember one thing you as a Heartual or Spiritual personality are not made for options being as a main party personalities. So if you are ever feeling neglected with no appreciation at all then just set your boundaries and mind your own business in career development.

People will come and go but you should take high energy, i.e. a Heartual or Spiritual personality with you. Negative energy as a Bortual personality don’t deserve to be in your energy zone. Learn to set boundaries with negative energy personalities by saying No, and then learn to live without them.

15. You Heard Rumors About Your Girlfriend That She is a Mind and Emotional Game Player

You Heard Rumors About Your Girlfriend That She is a Mind and Emotional Game Player - infotrim

After a long term relationship one day if you Heard Rumors About Your Girlfriend then make sure to confirm that whether it is real or fake. It can be confirmed by her behaviour towards you.

If she is not treating you well and in some cases the feeling is from both sides but you are kept in third party being as a main party. If she as your girlfriend entertains other third party then be sure she is for public not for private.

And if you think she will change for you if she returns to your life then daydreaming is an excellent thing. Remember once a cheater, always a cheater.

Never expect anything from such a public Bortual (Narcissist) personality being a Heartual or Spiritual personality that she ever will change for you. It’s just your illusion. Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend never change and it’s their nature to be dishonest and disloyal.

Narcissist (Bortual) people can never love you at the Heart or Spiritual level. It’s because their consistency of bodily energy is highly active which contains more lust than love. Thus, a lustful (narcissistic) personality should be in the energy of another lustful personality. Let them have their own fun without disturbance.

16. Should You Believe Rumors About Your Girlfriend if They Come From Various People?

Should Your Believe Rumors About Your Girlfriend if They Come From Various People? - infotrim

Whenever you decide about your relationship with your partner, you should rely on facts rather than rumors. It’s the evil people around you or in your circle who try to manipulate you to be in their energy zone instead of giving your time to your loving partner.

If this is the case, you should ask yourself a question. Should You Believe Rumors About Your Girlfriend resulted from various categories of people. Make sure you collect the facts before acting accordingly.

Never be hurried to judge. Otherwise, a small mistake can ruin your relationship. Take action in this case based on your intuition and other practical facts.

In the event that you find yourself being deceived, you should move on to mind your own business and invest in yourself for a better future after getting the necessary confirmation.

If you have a good quality of life, you will attract a woman who is buttery personality material. Make sure to choose the right one. If you get vibes at heart or soul level based on your Heartual or Spiritual personality then get married to her if she is willing to be.

17. What to Do if Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend Rumors With You?

What to Do if Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend Rumors With You? - infotrim

When you as a Male Heartual or Spiritual personality try to ignore your Female Bortual Personality loving girlfriend, she will start making rumors about you and with others. This puts you through a difficult situation in getting judged negatively by society.

It is the nature of Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend Bortual Personality not to see their boyfriend happy. It makes them feel that they are loosing control. But this sense is due to the fact that people with Bortual personalities only get bodily satisfaction.

They can never achieve Heartual satisfaction where Spiritual satisfaction is a far thing. It is beyond imagination to speak of selfless power (above the soul). This is the reason people who are heartual receive heartual satisfaction and people who are spiritual receive spiritual satisfaction consistently.

As a result of their Bortual nature, Bortual people lack Heartual or Spiritual satisfaction. Bortual people also strongly believe in highly showoff-oriented results. As a hobby, it’s okay with true intention. On the other hand if that showoff is the result of bad intention then that person is Bortual personality.

So never believe in a long term and serious relationship with Bortual personality being as a Heartual or Spiritual personality. If you as a Heartual or Spiritual Personalities are in love with a Bortual Personalities then in long distance relationships, she will definitely cheat on you if she is in the friendly energy zone of many boys or vice versa.

When your ex Narcissistic Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend gets access to you in any form of communication, she starts spreading rumors about you directly. This is just for the purpose of controlling you. But they forget that clever people are incapable of controlling creative people.

They are allowed to have control in a loving manner, but not in a clever manner. If they consistently try to control you, then you need to set clear boundaries with them. It’s okay to respect someone. When it comes to self-respect, always set boundaries. Fight for your self-respect no matter who they are.

So, if your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend starts Rumors With You after getting ignored, this is the result of her bad manipulative controlling behavior. This is a bad reflection of the clever controling mindset they have. It’s their problem not yours. Rather than being in a toxic relationship, stay alone.

18. What to Do When Your Girlfriend Believes Rumors?

What to Do When Your Girlfriend Believes Rumors - infotrim

If your current Girlfriend Believes Rumors about you then convince her if she values you, if not then you don’t know her. And if it is the case of your ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend, don’t damage your I.Q.

People who trust you, first they will ask you if they hear anything bad about you. No matter what you do, whether it is good or bad, people should judge you based your respecting behaviour towards them not others.

If someone is kind to you but not to others, then you should value that. If not then another third party who is kind to others but not to you then it doesn’t matter anything to you. So value the people around you if they believe and support you.

Rest for public people who are judgemental, then think they are puppy people not poppy people. They just make quick judgements without knowing the real facts. You even get rumors due to your Ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend ugly jeering behaviour against you in order to make you look bad to _itchies like her.

So it’s all up to you to decide how you and your neighbours judge you, not others. It’s because it’s your belongingness who will support and appreciate you in your most difficult time. The people who are not in your worst time, whether they are your loving or public people, don’t deserve you at your best.

In this case, it is important to remember not to mix personal, business and political transactions. So personally don’t value them but professionally as a business and political person, give services or products without partialities.

The way you judge yourself is entirely up to you. Deep down you know how you are. If you’re right, wait for divine timing when fake people will realize who’s right or wrong.

You should continue minding your own business instead of convincing fake people no matter who they are. Doesn’t matter if she is your fake loving person as a Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend who believes rumors about you and letting people believe false rumors about you.

19. How to Handle Rumors About Your Girlfriend in Tough Times?

How to Handle Rumors About Your Girlfriend in Tough Times? - infotrim

If you want to Handle Rumors About Your Girlfriend, ignore her when she is wrong. It’s the _itches that keep nasty interest in the hot _itches topics. They only want flavourish topics to add to their jeering topic.

Silent is the most effective answer for Narcissistic (Bortual) people. So whenever the condition of hot topic rumors takes place, then compared to Narcissistic people maintain a distance from them through your silence being a Heartual or Spiritual personality.

It’s not always necessary that if someone asked question then you must reply. In most of the cases especially during rumors on any hot trending topic against you is aroused to make you feel down from the side of Narcissistic people by doing mental and psychological attack.

Not every person wants to see you succeed, so they want to keep you at their low vibration energy level. And such _itches of the society can do any _itchful activities against you. If your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend is part of such a community, she often supports them in becoming nice and innocent in their eyes.

And it is none of your business to interact with them. Think positively and focus on the good. So during your most difficult time let societal _itches people judge and jeer about you. In order to see you fall apart, they do it.

But it’s your will power which is more in Spiritual and slightly less in Heartual personalities than Bortual personalities. Due to this reason it’s the spiritual person who is more powerful in their will power.

Due to the current Business and Political system Narcissists are in power where spiritual people use their creativity to create something big and _itches as a Narcissist controls the world. But ultimate creation is not possible in that situation.

Some creations may seem big but that is done to maintain some balance in something for some level of peace, security, growth and so on positive things. The divine time will tell who is the real game changer in having the ultimate control through their ultimate discovery.

In such cases don’t think such _itches Politicians and Businessmen as a Bortual person will always be in power. Check if they have created anything new and whether it is operational in any field. If they don’t, then consider them to be Narcissists who are in power by false power systems.

Based on this you should make sure if there are any uncertain rumors happening in society about your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend or you and anyone then it’s Narcissist the Nalley Don and Nalley _itch Don who needs hot topics to make them hot personalities as a symbol of piousness to gain attention from other _itches like them.

In order to maintain peace of mind, Heartual and Spiritual personalities should avoid any disruption. It’s because Bortual (Narcissist) people at a consistency level can never get Heartily satisfaction where spiritual satisfaction is a matter of dream for them.

20. Getting Rid of Your Ex Spreading Rumors.

Getting Rid of Your Ex Spreading Rumors - infotrim

Whenever you are separated from your ex, make sure whether she is Bortual (Narcissist), Heartual or Spiritual personality. If she is a Bortual personality and you are a Heartual or Spiritual personality, then it is confirmed that your ex girlfriend will spread rumors about you.

No one can stop her from spreading rumors about you to others. In this case be silent but when you see spreading rumors infront of you then don’t be quiet in this case.

But when rumors about you are going behind the scenes, it must be confirmed that she is Bortual Personality and it is her problem which is the reflection of her Narcissistic personality through misuse of your name and your personality.

Only people of her nature as a Bortual personality will take an interest and spread rumors about you. But the listener as a Heartual or Spiritual personality will never react until they don’t know the real truth.

Even if the real truth is revealed to them as a Heartual or Spiritual personality, then they will set their boundaries to some extent with you without further judgements. Here, jeering has nothing to do with Heartual or Spiritual personalities.

Spicy hot jeering topics are only for Bortual personalities. The absence of these topics in seasonal jeering topics causes their bodies to suffer from ‘Jeering malnutrition.’ So let them meet their deficiency of those diet to some extent for their shake of their Narcissistic personalities.

So your Ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend Spreading Rumors about you is not a matter of big deal. Let her do it for you. It shows that she is still obsessed with you, but in a different way. If she has nothing to do with you, she will mind her own business instead of jeering.

If you want to know what personality type is the person as a Bortual, Heartual or Spiritual personality. See their nature, interest and intention. If anything which is logical and scientific from both sides then it’s okay to take in to accountability.

It is normal to accept heartly for Heartual people and Spiritually for Spiritual person where for Bortual people they feel loss that they missed the hot topic from that subject matter. So sad for them.

And also see that person’s creativity. It’s because creativity is done consistently at the soul level, which is part of selflessness. Even though it is a vast concept in itself, just look at their level of creativity.

If they are highly creational then they are Spiritual people and less creational with impartial intelligence then they are Heartual personalities. But with dullness in mind, torture in themselves, biased intelligent person full of ego reveals the Bortual personalities.

Before making judgement about anyone, notice if they are doing wrong or right. If it is wrong activity and they repeat the same trend over and over again then they are a Narcissistic (Bortual) personality. Just set a boundary for them.

As a result, you decide which energy zone you wish to live in as a Heartual or Spiritual individual. Just let your Ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend Spread Rumors about you.

This will make a kind of fun for people where one day she will feel how wrong she was with her offensive action against you. However, they will never accept their guilt where they may feel ashamed due to their inflated ego.

21. How to Deal With Rumors Effectively?

How to Deal With Rumors Effectively - infotrim

If your ex-narcissistic girlfriend is spreading rumors about you with other people to have your good impressions seen as bad impression. Here you will learn How to Deal With Rumors effectively to have emotional balance.

No one can do anything to you and your physical, mental and emotional health until you allow them to do so. You should not feel any disturbance about this from the people. It doesn’t matter how they see you and how they react to you. Ignore and mind your own business.

This is what Narcissistic personalities cannot tolerate. If your ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend is creating rumors and people are interested in taking any kinds of actions against you then simply be clear that those people too are Narcissistic personalities.

Narcissistic personalities enjoy spreading rumors about others. See the person’s nature, interest and intention. It would be helpful if you tried to figure out their creativity and the results of their creativity.

If creativity is seen then it’s OK, if not then it’s hidden but normally their nature, interest and intention can be known looking their behaviour.

Using that simple technique, we can know what kind of personalities they are and how to react on it. Better don’t give any kinds of reaction and simply just mind your own business. It’s only the Narcissistic personalities in society who love rumors and they are the one who keep a devil’s eye on someone else’s positive achievement.

In this case, the positive achievement is living with peace of mind despite being alone. In contrast, people with Narcissistic tendencies need someone to surround them. It’s because they feed on the energy of Heartual and Spiritual personalities.

As soon as Heartual and Spiritual personalities bring their energy back from Bortual Personalities (Narcissitic) they will be heavily influenced by their negative energy. Narcissists have less positive energy. And they cannot leave alone the way Heartual and Spiritual personalities do.

So you as a Heartual and Spiritual person can leave alone but the Narcissistic person cannot. Never worry about what others think of you. When you feel good for someone and they play with your innocence or emotions, it is their fault, not yours. Be authentic and mind your own business to move forward in your life.

As is the choice, so is is the life. Now you decide How to Deal With Rumors of others using your own creativity to make your better future. You can do this by minding your own business rather than worrying about what others say, think or judge about you.

That is their problem not yours. Just think of how much free advertising you are getting done. And one day when you get successful, you are already popular in those areas where you were even unknown.

Similarly, your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend has contributed significantly to this field directly or indirectly either with good or bad intentions. Be thankful instead of regretful.

22. How to Avoid Gossip From Your Ex Girlfriend?

How to Avoid Gossip From Your Ex Girlfriend? - infotrim

If your ex girlfriend is spreading rumors about you in the public with the intention of ruining your positive public image, remember one thing: in such situations silence is the most appropriate answer.

You will have to learn How to Avoid Gossip from your ex Narcissistic girlfriend. Whatever she does to harm your good side, she will never succeed. Only she can try to manipulate others so that people will help them directly and indirectly to manipulate you.

They do all these things so that you cannot focus on your goal and they don’t want you to move on. She has been offering everything to the public for free and even she is not giving any clear answers to you. Still after all these bullshit actions, she is trying to control you.

From this you can determine the level of Narcissism she holds in her. Such girls are only _itch. And they are born just to entertain other _itches.

It’s because they are Prasad of Kalyug, and now and then they will be cut down into multiple pieces. And will be distributed equally or randomly among other Narcissist people. So what are you expecting from such personalities?

No one in this world can change the mindset of Narcissistic personalities. There are no techniques available in this world to change Narcissist behaviour. It’s because they’re always right. They can never see their mistakes. Allow your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend to live in her illusion, as she is always right.

Even if they will feel their mistake in any ways, they will never admit it. It’s because there, their ego is at the center of everything. This way, their inflated ego will never let them confess their mistake. Instead of apologizing for their broken relationship, they will prefer to become _itch as a publicly available service.

Why does this happen when dealing with a Narcissist? It’s because they are born _itch, and they continue their _itch culture. And here _itch means _itch of honeymoon with a multi-person, _itch of power, and money and so on. It is therefore recommended that you do not stay with a Narcissistic (Bortual) girlfriend in long distance relationships if your personality is a Heartual or Spiritual.

It’s because Narcissistic individuals lack honesty and loyalty to themselves. So if you as a Heartual or Spiritual personality are expecting honesty and loyalty from Narcissistic personalities then it’s your mistake not theirs. When your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend cheats you, leave her, it makes no sense to expect loyalty and honesty from her.

Love is the matter of heart and soul. By default it’s the matter of soul. So your soul loves their soul. When you kiss a girl’s forehead, if she is a Narcissist, she will feel the kiss in her shop (or godown/stadium/sea).

In this case, if you do not provide her with the service she expects from you, she will leave you. Don’t show yourself that you need her being a Heartual or Spiritual person to your Narcissistic girlfriend.

In their teens, Narcissistic individuals want to pass the time and, after having a lot of fun at some point in their lives, want a fool to fulfill all their materialistic needs because romance for a Narcissist is just a physical need.

Take note of one thing, Narcissists keep material first and values the second where on the other hand Heartual and Spiritual personalities keep their values first and material second. Heartual and Spiritual personalities earn material things to maintain their values where Narcissist (Bortual) personalities earn material things to value their fake values.

This is the reason Narcissistic females leave the male when they find a materialistic person who can satisfy all their material needs. It is their nature. The narcissist believes a lot in showing off.

So, in order to maintain their showy figure, fake public attention, and so on, they all need money and high materialistic status. You are loved here for your materialistic things rather than for who you are.

So if you are planning to be with such a Narcissist then be sure that you will not run out of money and other material things you need to feed your Narcissistic partner.

If you are not sure where none of the things are fixed in our life, set a boundary with her. In contrast, if you are a Narcissistic Male, then a Narcissistic Female is the perfect match for you.

Those who are Narcissists don’t care what you think and feel. It’s the nature of Narcissist to keep them first. It doesn’t matter how much you contribute to maintaining the relationship as a Heartual and Spiritual personality.

They will always try to control you and your property. It is because they have a controlling mindset and cleverness is a characteristic of Narcissistic people.

No one can change a Narcissist. So being a Heartual and Spiritual person, if you have time, you should run away from Narcissists as soon as you can. Don’t get emotionally blackmailed.

A female Narcissist should get married to another male Narcissist. Make sure both men and women earn money from their side. The reason for this is that male Narcissists value money, so female narcissists will be valued by male Narcissists if they earn money. In fact, every females should be financially independent.

This will lead to the Female Narcissist controlling and manipulating the Male Narcissist in such a situation. So overall at least the future of their children will be some how good.

But if there is female Narcissist and Male Heartual or Spiritual personalities and vice-versa, the life will be hell of Heartual or Spiritual personaities especially in today’s world.

So be cautious about choosing your partner. It is not a good idea to intimate with your partner before getting married. A Narcissist cannot control their lust where thinking of Heartual or Spiritual love from Narcissist is like day dreaming.

Learn How to Avoid Gossip from your ex-girlfriend with the above techniques and also use some other related techniques to avoid such Narcissistic girlfriends.

23. How Can You Stop Workplace Gossip About You?

How Can You Stop Workplace Gossip About You? - infotrim

Rumors are common at work. This is whether in an office, in your locality where you are a small business owner, or an online business owner. Then learn how to Stop Workplace Gossip about you from people.

It is none of your business to mess up with people. Some people are born to create rumors about others. Just like some talk about ideas as Spiritual personalities, some plan their next event party as Heartual personalities and the rest believe in spreading rumors about you who are mostly Bortual personalities.

In this case you should know what kind of personalities the individuals have. To Stop Workplace Gossip, you should learn from crows and eagles if they are making rumors about you. If crow gets access to sit over the body of an eagle, they will try to pierce the body or head of eagle.

So in this case, an eagle can fly so high that a crow cannot. The crow leaves the eagle after some attempts to harm it. This is what you should do to the Bortual employees who are gossiping about you in your workplace.

Sometimes Bortual personalities try to play with your morale characters where you know the truth, not them. In such cases if you give them clearification; they will make question to answer of their desire where you cannot implant or arise a wiseness in such foolish people’s mindset.

If you want to give more hot topics then talk with them if not mind your own business, and don’t react towards their action.

But if they are any of your neighbours as permanent or temporary resident, call their male guardian and tell that you are minding your own business. That’s what children of his should do from their own side.

Be a little strict, but not vulgar in words. Express the upcoming threat to the gossiper (jeerer) and their children in the future.

As is the choice, so is life. So let him or her decide how the life he or she wants who is jeering about you. After this set a boundary with them and then mind your own business.

Be a little strict, but not vulgar in words. Express the upcoming threat to the gossiper (jeerer) and their children in the future.

Some people as a Heartual and Spiritual personalities needs motivation to move on in the right direction in their lives. On the other hand, the Bortual people need hot topics to value their attention seeking leaders present in them. It’s because they cannot do anything revolutionary like the Heartual and Spiritual people do out there.

But it can be seen in the business sector that some Bortual people own the business and power in politics. They hire and control Heartual and Spiritual people which is due to the wrong people in power. And it’s because of the cowardness of Heartual and Spiritual people not being in the Business and Political sectors.

If you want heart level satisfaction from the government system then there must be a Heartual person. And if you want soul level satisfaction from government, there must be a Spiritual person in the power. This way only people can expect a real change. Heartual or Spiritual satisfying systems are not provided by Bortual people.

Bortual people are clever in nature and for getting their goal materialism, power, money and so on lust, they can do anything even kill people using any means. Therefore, such people should never be in power. And now compare such people with other people in society or at work.

As a result, if Bortual people are empowered to speak against you after being the subject of a hot topic, which isn’t a big issue in itself, then how are they trying to play with your physical, mental, and emotional health? Imagine keeping such people in the business and political power.

What will they do? As well as see how the country, society, and world are deteriorating due to wrong people (i.e. Bortual people) in a position of power.

Based on the situational demands as a Heartual and Spiritual people just learn how to adjust and deal with people. If you learn how to adjust and set boundaries with people and finally focus on yourself, your life will change. Rest of the choice is yours.

Just listen to your intuition and follow it when needed along with the use of a wise mindset of your innerself and from other wise person. Take into accountability if it resonates with your situations by observing from a self-less perspective focusing on its logical and scientific aspects from all sides.

Be as private as you can and move in silence and let the results speak. Hide your identity from people and news media as much as possible. If you are known for one company, don’t tell about your other business if you are building silently.

If you are an influencer, online guru selling “Earn Money Online” courses or selling digital goods, learn to sell in the name of your company if possible. If not, continue to show your face. In addition to these conditions, keep it as secret as you can.

This is because this world is full of Bortual (Narcissistic) personalities who cannot tolerate Heartual and Spiritual personalities’ selfless success.

When the hot topic is about your love life especially about your girlfriend or boyfriend, it becomes even more controversial in itself.

Let them enjoy the spicy love topic where you heal and move on if it’s over from any of your sides. And focus on your inner self to detach yourself from that broken and rotten loving relationship.

Therefore, it’s your duty how you will deal with such Bortual people when they try to mess up with you through any means. This is either through gossip or any other nasty means then that’s none of your business.

Just mind your own business and be happy with yourself, but don’t show people just to show how happy you are. In this way, their evil eye will hit you with a negative energy bullet. Protect yourself from such evil eyes by becoming a secret bullet personality.

24. How to Stop Liking Someone Who Do Rumors About You?

How to Stop Liking Someone Who Do Rumors About You? - infotrim

Usually, when you set your boundaries with a Narcissistic (Bortual) girlfriend, they try their hard to be in your energy zone. They are there in your life to get attention, boost their ego and feed on your energy.

The moment you take your energy back (energetically disconnected) your Bortual Girlfriend will start seeing downfall in their various aspect of her life. Here she will then start spreading rumors about you with her friends, family, relatives, societal people and so on.

If you Stop Liking Someone who is your narcissistic girlfriend, you will see more negative things around you. If you completely mind your own business then you may not notice. However, you will notice now and then intuitively in any form either from your side or others with the same flow of energy at one particular point of time.

If your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend rumors you, never worry about what people think. That is the reflection of how they view the world. It is not your problem.

Like you will see Lion as a king of jungle but that lion will not see you as a citizen of jungle of their nature. There you are just a reflection of tasty food for lion from lion perspective. Consider the same for other carnivorous animals like wolves, jackals, and so on. Do you think they will do merciness on you as a citizen of their jungle of their nature?

Now think from the perspective of Narcissistic personalities who only think of their benefits. If they are energetically connected with you in any way either as a neighbour, friend, relative, social person or lover.

As soon as you take your energy back after they break your trust, you’ll know their true colors. They will lose control over one person. And in that situation that Narcissistic personality will take it very personally and will try to ruin you if s/he is wrong compared to yours.

If she as your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend has rumored a lot about you when you were trying to be in a relationship with her then with the aim of cheating you she was in a relationship with another Narcissistic personality. Eventually, she will spread rumors about you to create low morale images in the eyes of people who are also Narcissistic or less Narcissistic.

It is none of your business to give any reaction. This is due to the power, female holds in this world. Controlling power should be in the hand of Heartual or Spiritual personalities not in Bortual personalities.

Compared to others, Bortual people always think of their advantages first. Like if any Bortual personality is in power then they will think about the material benefit to themselves. Like politicians they see their commission first before the development. It’s because they cannot make money from their acquired qualities honestly and loyally.

Honesty and loyalty is the characteristic of Heartual and Spiritual personalities. On the other hand in Bortual personalities honesty and loyalty is very less and sometimes seen more in something due to their culture. Otherwise, they never think of others from a selfless perspective. It’s because their selfless power is very small and their clever power is more.

Let’s now connect this situation to your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend who is a narcissistic person. Do you think she will easily digest losing the power she used to have on you?

No, she will not easily let you depart from her life. So if you have stopped liking your Bortual (Narcissistic) Girlfriend then remember she is not willing to let you easily depart from her life even after doing such negative stuff against you. It’s the level of her _itchness. Note one thing; _itches belongs to the public not to the heart.

And Heartual and Spiritual person don’t run after _itches. The moment they notice that they were in a relationship with any kind of _itch then they set their boundaries so that it can be excellent opportunities for other Bortual to get your Ex _itch. And other societal _itch still dreaming of getting her but that is not possible due to their fake religion they maintain by gossiping about you.

You as a Heartual and Spiritual person should set boundaries with your Bortual personalities and your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend who is busy in doing public entertainment. That’s a good job doing a social public entertainment where you as a Heartual and Spiritual personalities are not the part of public Bortual communities.

You should Stop Liking Someone who doesn’t respect you. And it’s not your duty to make them feel, they should also like and love to you. Something is in the gene of human and that is their birth gifted personalities as a Bortual, Heartual and Spiritual. Know their personalities and act accordingly.

Even Bortual personalities can be Heartual but not genetically. It’s only possible with a good culture where you know what kind of culture we have been following in today’s world.

It’s only the logical and scientific culture which helps in upgrading Bortual to Heartual personality which is at least good in itself compared to dealing with fully Bortual (Narcissistic) personality. In this case, upgrading Bortual to Spiritual personality is very rare, and it can only happen in the presence of high creational or high aura personalities.

As a result, you should Stop Liking Someone who used to be your ex-girlfriend who had rumors about you without any major problems. Every person has their own life. If you fit into their life and they fit in yours, then you should be in a relationship. If not, try to adjust if you can. If not, set your boundaries with each other and heal and move on.

No one as a Bortual and Heartual or Spiritual person should interfere in each others life. Everyone has the right to freedom. And if anyone thinks life revolves around their chosen partner, let them have him. Despite the fact that you know she is in the wrong relationship. It’s okay sometimes you get a better one compared to the past where learning a lesson from someone is important.

So mind your own business and let people feel they should also mind their own business once they have cheated and broken your trust intentionally. This is done by setting boundaries with them.

25. Your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend Don’t Stop Rumors Around You

Your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend Don't Stop Rumors Around You - infotrim

If you want to Stop Rumors Around you then you must act fast on time before it gets spread more. It’s not the Heartual and Spiritual person who spread rumors about you. It’s only the Bortual personalities who spread rumors about you.

So before those Bortual takes advantage of your innocency and silence, act before their rumors effect is seen in your personal life at a physical, mental and emotional level.

Doesn’t matter how vicious rumors is getting spread about you and your ex girlfriend, you will have to held your head high. Overall, you will have to solve rumors so people can see you as worthy.

If not, wait until the divine moment arrives. Bortual people who spread rumors about you intentionally will get punished by time. But before that try to have effect of your positiveness being positive in yourself. Don’t react to the negative responses as if your secret video is leaked.

In order to solve any rumors problem in our lives, we should make our own decisions. Listen to your intuition for guidance. Maybe you can get a hint of guidance from anyone around you in any form. This may be due to your kind heart and pure soul.

Don’t hesitate to talk to a trusted family member. It is important to check first that they are a good friend of yours and will not make a joke or spread rumors about it. Tell almost every digestible things about your ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend and it’s influence on you from society rumors.

Notice the reaction of your family when you tell the truth about the rumors. If it’s going to be violent, then tell only a few details, but it should cover the topic where there should not be any lies. Safety first otherwise, you will be rumored in the family. It will be a double torture on a mental, emotional and physical level.

Sometimes, ignoring rumors about you will make you appear guilty in people’s eyes. Ignoring everything is not a good idea in this case. If you trust those who are valuable or whose nature, interest and intention are positive, then tell them about the real cause of the rumors. If you don’t do it, people will believe the rumors about you are true.

Don’t tell the things only to the Bortual people; you also need to include the Heartual and Spiritual personalities. It’s because the clarification you provided will be taken as an opportunity for the next hot trending rumors topics. As a victim of rumors, such a situation will be more intolerable for you.

Whenever you notice rumors are spreading from the side of Bortual personalities who may be initially two. So before it spreads more about you, take action against it either by talking about it to those rumorers or their guardian if they are your neighbours. In the workplace, just complain to your senior about this or your boss.

Try to prove rumors are false. Just provide the evidence needed for it, but keep in mind the privacy of such things which should be between you and your lover. But prove it.

And if it’s your ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend who is spreading rumors about this a lot about it, then aside from the main people in your life, don’t clarify this to others.

The Heartual and Spiritual personalities will know that the one who loves somebody doesn’t have gossip about others. If a boy wants, he can accuse his ex girlfriend of anything.

But it’s their ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend who rumors about them. It’s because the rumors that has been done a lot to keep the main party in third party, and 3rd party as main party with intention to have some fun is about to expose to the people who she has given a clarification to the people.

This is the reason your ex is extremely obsessed about you and highly intimated by the actions they have taken against you. They knew you were guilty but due to their highly inflated ego, they will never witness they did anything wrong. From doggie personality she will accept to become a *itch personality but will never apologize to correct the relationship and mend it to have a better future.

But better future for Bortual person can be another Bortual person either they are good or bad where make sure female and male both earn money. It’s because female Narcissist will not be valued by Male Narcissist if they are not making money.

And in case of female Narcissist as a wife with earning less money, and Male as a Heartual and Spiritual person with less money, the status of the Narcissist will also decrease, and vice-versa.

So act earlier to Stop Rumors Around you before it’s too late and spreads to a wider audience. If other people are creating rumors about you intentionally, it’s their reflection of their personality.

It’s the Heartual and Spiritual personality who will listen the rumors but they will not act on it negatively instead will will learn and act based on the situation.

But it’s the Bortual (Narcissistic) personality who loves rumors. It’s because they are rumors personalities and they don’t have anything special to get people’s attention. So they choose rumors to catch the attention of people so that they will be known as a messenger of something.

Take care of yourself and don’t worry about your ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend and her habit of making rumors about you. Narcissists are also your fans in a negative way who do free publicity for you to get attention from people.

Just work on your self and time will tell it who is Bortual, Heartual and Spiritual personality. And who faced the test of life to achieve selfless success? Who created the difficult situation as a question of your life to solve it through your suffering to success?

From this Narcissist will know their true nature and also the Heartual and Spiritual people will know who was facing the challenges of their life to become success from suffering. And who was creating suffering in the most harmful ways will be exposed by the time as a Narcissist.

26. Look at All Those Rumors to Uncover the Truth

Look at All Those Rumors to Uncover the Truth - infotrim

Whenever your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend or the flying monkeys are spreading rumors about you, Look at All Those Rumors that they are spreading about you to other people. This will enable you to hunt down your reputation. This should be done only when it’s done to your face using your innocence.

But when it’s being done behind the scenes, let those *itches make their way for doing rumors with other parties about you in their own itch style. This will at least help them learn how to become part of *itch topics, and then ruin someone else’s reputation. This cannot be degraded until the universe doesn’t want.

And it is only possible if the nature, interest and intention of a person is bad. However, such people are not rumored since they are Narcissists.

Since negative energy personalities are valued from another negative energy personality of same energy level, such people are either ignored or appreciated from Narcissist if their respecting behaviour is appreciated from opponent Narcissist.

However, Narcissistic personalities that have a high negative energy value also spread rumors about those with a low value of negative energy.

Talking about the Bortual personalities of society and people around you, observe their rumor behavior and the effects it has on their lifestyles. They are happy because they have got another hot topic to represent their personalities as a Bortual personality where you already know what Bortual personalities are known for.

Hot rumors topics spread primarily in a negative way intentionally to undermine someone’s self-confidence so that they cannot move a head. But the Bortual personality don’t know it’s just the test of their life. Those Bortual *itches are part of the game where the game changer is the Heartual and Spiritual personality.

The real selfless success with peace of mind is achieved by Heartual and Spiritual personalities. It’s because without passing the test they will never get what they want in their life.

Nevertheless, the universe creates such situations in people’s lives so that the true face of fake people will be revealed and removed from the lives of Heartual and Spiritual people. So whenever you suffer in your everyday life, think it’s just a test to reach your goal.

Make sure you have a clear goal in your life. If not the set if your nature, interest and intention is good. There will come a time when you realize you’re destined for something bigger, and you will feel that way. Don’t settle for less in life.

The universe is allowing you to identify the purpose of your life and then act to change the fields in which you have been working.

Now this is a lesson to learn from this quotes by IGS “The effect of insult is much more powerful than the effect of love or respect.”.

So learn from this situation who is giving you insult through rumors, and who is giving you love or respect through appreciation for your positive things, keeping negative things aside.

Also this is the time to learn to say, No! When fake people have already removed themselves from your life by making false judgements about you, set your boundaries.

This is the time for you to go through suffering which one day will lead you towards selfless success where there will be abundance and self-love. But in Bortual people they never get heartly satisfaction where soul level satisfaction is of far thing.

Since Bortual focuses on material first and values second, and Heartual and Spiritual people keeps values first and material seconds. Based on the nature, people work by keeping their material and values, in which order will decide their life journey, and the level of suffering they will endure in their life.

Rumors are made about those people where there is a plus point to make them appear negative from a negative energy person (Bortual personalities). Is there anything about them that can create a hot topic? Not nah! It’s because *itches love the company of another *itches during rumors.

It is the rule of the universe. “Negative energy attracts negative energy and positive energy attracts positive energy.” a quote from IGS will clear your sense that even Heartual and Spiritual people have negative energy in themselves but positive energy in them is more where on the other hand Bortual people have more negative energy than positive energy.

From this fact, rumors = negative energy thing, Bortual personalities = negative energy people, negative environment = negative energy field and so on. From this clear your mindset that it is human nature to react negatively to negative things from the side of negative people (Bortual personality). Just chill out and enjoy the chicken chilly or chilly pickle, if you love yourself enough.

If you as a Heartual and Spiritual personality will spend time in the company of Bortual people, your positive thoughts and behaviour will suffer from HIV positive. And there is no cure for it until you learn how to set boundaries from the Bortual people.

Based on this quote by IGS “As the level of suffering such the level of Success.” will clear your mindset that why you suffer more than others.

It’s because you are destined for something big that will end your generational curse. This will give better future for you and your family, and your upcoming generations as well.

Even some fe/male Narcissist will be removed from your family members as well. Male should be removed if they try to play with your career, even if they have the power to support your career.

For females, let them be around you, but set your limits in anything that creates disputes and rumors. You know how hard it is for women to live without the processing power of their CPU in mind.

Provide help to both female and male narcissists when it comes to family names. But they still play the mind game out there. But that doesn’t mean they should be allowed to enter your life.

If you allow them, especially male Narcissists to enter into your and your family life, you don’t need enemy out there. It’s not a good idea to be a fool here.

Respect has it’s own place, self-respect is another case, wiseness has it’s own value, setting boundaries for something is a different thing where honesty and loyalty in any positive things is the most key point. Don’t mix them all or misinterpret one thing for another.

It’s the suffering person who is the black sheep of the family. S/he is the only one who can break the generational curse to bring abundance and love into their and family life. So never worry about your most severe condition.

Just keep on moving and keep working hard to make the complex things easier so that one day you will get chance to fulfill your goal in your life.

Keep growing and upgrading your personality and business in order to make a better life for you and others by creating employment opportunities for others.

Be selfless. It’s only the selfless person who can adjust to any situation during their level of suffering in their life. They need the skills that they have got to change the game by making an innovative discovery in their business. So work alone but never do partnership with any other Bortual share holder or owner of any company. Otherwise, you may lose your own company due to the controlling mindset of Bortual people in the power.

Do partnership with Narcissist but in public company not your pioneer private company. But you should hold more power to control the business since you are a creator in a public company. If not, don’t put yourself out there.

If it is necessary, make sure they are not too Bortual like taking 1 to 100% Bortual personality calculation. Only in digestible condition do partnership where you should own maximum share and power to execute your creativity. This way only it will be beneficial to the overall business model.

Thus, Look at All Those Rumors around you from your ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend and others negative fan followers of yours. They are the key of your real success in your life.

But you should learn how to make power of it in your business during the suffering stage. Otherwise, those Bortual personalities will dance to your failure.

At least prove to them that they can never achieve what you can. This is where nature, interest and intention should be good where it’s never good for Bortual personalities. So keep learning, adjusting, building self-leadership and so on positive things to be master of your life.

27. Take a Stand to Quit Spreading Rumors Around You

Take a Stand to Quit Spreading Rumors Around You - infotrim

No one in society or in your friend circle will help you, if they are Bortual people who just want a hot topic about you to make you fall down. They are there in your energy zone to benefit from you.

So take action to Quit Spreading Rumors Around You by adopting various techniques that you find comfortable from your side. Safety should be your first concern. Don’t hurt yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

It is always a good idea to fight rumors about you whenever you hear them. Fighting can be directly talking to the rumors party or simply ignoring them in most cases. Don’t let anyone take benefit to have a false impression of you in the eyes of good people who you value.

If someone you value makes a false judgment, it is not a big deal. They should have enough knowledge to know that they should see; how you treat them. And how is your respecting behaviours towards them.

If they don’t know about this level of judgment, let them be informed about it. This way you will know their personality type.

After knowing the personality of a person as Bortual tendency which is normally in Heartual and Spiritual level as well at some point in their behaviour and thought as well. But now and then when they feel it’s wrong then they should correct it. Changes should be implemented in our thoughts and behaviour when it is identified that we need a positive change in our lives.

It’s Bortual personalities who never admit their mistakes and continue to commit emotional crimes by playing more emotional games.

Whatever crime occurs in society results from Bortual personality being in the power. Therefore, to have a better justice system impartially there should be a Heartual or Spiritual personality in the power.

As long as you keep Bortual personality in power, they will feel that they have a sense of control and will keep exerting it. Even if they are not eligible for that power, they will try to control it due to their controlling nature.

But their mindset to control creational don being the clever don doesn’t last forever. But they should clear their mindset that clever people cannot control creational people.

Mostly, the rumors about you are due to your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend who has malicious intention to control you. Even if they will keep you in the 3rd party being as a main party, and 3rd party as a main party, they want you to hang around them even after cheating on you.

When you know their true color, being a Heartual and Spiritual personality, you just take your energy back.

Bortual girlfriend wants you to be part of their group. This is so that whenever they want to play the body game, they will pick one, and have physical pleasure of multiple flavours. And later with the flow of time from diggie she becomes *itch personality who then enjoys doing multi-some.

You, as a Heartual and Spiritual personality, ask yourself a question. Do you want *itch as a life partner with whom you will doubt her after marriage? Is your wife entertaining neighbours and household helpers?

Do you want to live your life in fear even after marriage with Bortual personality being as a Heartual and Spiritual personality. If yes then go on and just think how your future children will be taken care of by your wife.

The mother’s influence on children is even stronger genetically. So choose your wife of your nature, Bortual to Bortual, Heartual to Heartual and Spiritual to Spiritual will result in better baby. And mix max of them will result in good and bad results as well.

Now here the influence on your life will also be there from the side of rumors circulating about you. It is also going to happen if you are there in that society, and you have done a re-union with your ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend.

Honesty and loyalty is the part of life. Even the Bortual people do rumors very honestly and loyally about Heartual and Spiritual people. Now imagine those who are a symbol of honest and loyal. If you are doing negative action against them, then how your karma will hit you back?

Trying Bortual people to understand what is right and wrong is a positive thing if they understand. But if they have made a intention to put your reputation down intentionally then no one can turn their mindset good for you.

So if you are not willing to complain about them in police for doing emotional crime on your self respect you will suffer the rumors from Narcissists.

Never think twice about your ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend forgiving her if she was in communication with you. If she is trying to threaten you to keep her in your life where you may be one of her options. In such case, you may be convinced that you are the only one in her life but that is totally wrong, if she is a Narcissist.

This is not going to work on you if you take a stand against her to Quit Spreading Rumors Around You and about you as well. When it comes to self-respect, you should never tolerate anything.

Everything has it’s own value based on time. So take action and act accordingly so that your value will be maintained that you have earned over time.

If something is out of your control, then leave it up to karma being a silent mover, and you just keep on moving on doing your own karma to change your life. One day your hard work will pay off in front of those people who once opposed you.

Decide how you want your life to be. You can choose either Hell or Heaven. Your life choice will determine your future. So when it’s time to defend yourself, fight back, if not be silent and mind your own business without reacting.

Overall, it’s all your decision which decides the outcome of your life against the rumors. Dealing with situation will help you adjust. This will help you become more adaptable in your life. So learn to adjust during your suffering rumors stage. It will make you a new version of yourself.

28. If Narcissistic Wants to Destroy You, Destroy Their Plan

If Narcissistic Wants to Destroy You, Destroy Their Plan - infotrim

Narcissist (Bortual) personalities are a special brand of human known for destroying positive things in people’s lives. This is due to their consistent level of Narcissist tendency present in their gene.

If Narcissists are taken care of and are given good sanskar with a strictness in their freedom to do the negative things then somehow they will live like a normal person. But the moment they get access to lust of power, money and honeymoon then they damn care even to their family members if that is achieved by their luck or little/more clever hard words.

So if your Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend is a Narcissistic Wants to Destroy you, and your life, then it will be obvious that she has lost her control over you. They cannot tolerate the pain of losing control over the person on whom once they played manipulative mind and emotional games.

Intimations with a narcissistic girlfriend can ruin your life if you are a Heartual and Spiritual person. If it is only up to the communication then you are one of the option of her ‘time pass gang group’. She will stick to you so that she can let you take part in her life, any time she wants.

Such females can give nothing except a hole, and body pleasure. Enjoying only the body flavour is the choice of one Narcissist to another Nacissistic personality. A Heartual person intimate to touch the heart, and a Spiritual person intimate to touch the soul. So in your life what kind of person do you want? Private or public girl?

Publicly available girls who do boy marketing intentionally are normally a relational itch. What can you expect from a *itch? She can only offer you a hole through which access to her Heart and Soul is of far thing. It’s because time pass people can only give you time pass things, and that is her hole to do goal for short time body pleasure.

As a Heartual and Spiritual person, if you are attached to a Bortual **itch, your entire life will be ruined. Rest is up to you, how you handle such a *itch. Either leave such itch before it’s too late or just be a part of their ‘time pass gang group’ and enjoy her from her body only.

Narcissist are *itch of power, money and honeymoon. If one feature is present then the rest 1 or 2 features is/are also present. On the other hand, when it comes to the honeymoon, it is likely to be highly active, and the person can only be loyal to their partner based on the good sanskar received from their family members.

But there is a lust for power and money that can help you identify whether s/he is a Narcissist or not. If you have identified her/him then leave them before they know more about you, and try to control your life. No one should be allowed to control your life against your wishes, if you are living your freedom and healthy life.

Whenever a Narcissist plays a mind game with you in any way, take your energy back from them, and don’t react to their actions. It’s because the Narcissist cannot tolerate silence.

They love to torture people they control which simply proves they are torturing personalities in themselves when they do things intentionally which is wrong.

It is critical to set your boundaries with Narcissists if their intentions towards you are wrong. And if they are helpful to others, it’s OK. Others can have a conversation with them, and can also continue surface level communication as hello, hi! With them.

But that doesn’t means Narcissist will become good friend of you. They are only there to take advantage of you.

Narcissists will take benefits from Heartual and Spiritual, and when the time comes to help them, they will never help you, even though you helped them in their need.

If you have helped them gain some goal in their lives, they will use you until they don’t get it. They will show their true colors when they get positional power, and money earned from it. Talking about the lust for a honeymoon, it will be fulfilled by you, and by their co-workers.

In a long distance relationship, a Narcissist will cheat you if they have cheated you before or if their growing environment was/is not favorable. Make sure someone is the right person before committing anything to them by analyzing their nature, interests, and intentions.

Never let any Narcissist to take benefit from you. There is no right for them to destroy you and your life in any way. But they’ll do it, because itch can do any thing to continue their *itch mind game.

So being a Heartual and Spiritual person, you need to learn how to safeguard you and your life at a physical, mental and emotional level.

In the same way, anyone, whether it’s your ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend, friends, family members, societal people and so on. To protect yourself, don’t give them too much access.

This way even if Narcissistic Wants to Destroy you, they won’t be able to do so. Nonetheless, you should use your will power to set strong boundaries.

Loving someone is a good thing. But that love will not continue if there is no respect. And here respect includes time, money, attention, making someone feel wanted and so on. So never settle for less.

If the other party is a lover, they must contribute enough to the relationship. As you provide equal treatment, love, and respect, they must also provide from their side.

In the event that your ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend failed to bring you such equal respect, time, love, and so forth, don’t let them touch your life again. And this is what you need in your life.

Never let anyone who is a Narcissist ruin your life in any way. If this happens to you, then learn to adjust and work accordingly. Following the above steps will help you protect yourself from Narcissists.

29. If You Don’t Act, a Narcissist Smear Campaign Can Ruin You

If You Don't Act, a Narcissist Smear Campaign Can Ruin You - infotrim

Whenever a Narcissist feels victimized in any relationship such as family, friends, or personal relationships. Then they start a Narcissist Smear Campaign to ruin the person’s reputation. This is not done unknowingly but intentionally.

In this case, a Narcissist will start smear campaigns against someone they want to downgrade from their current position and power.

If a Narcissist feels they are victim in their relationships, they will take it as a revenge, and will try to take a revenge from their loving partner.

Though they know they are the real cause of the problem in the relationship, they will never admit it due to their inflated ego. So it is always better to set boundaries with such a narcissist.

Narcissists know how to play the Narcissist Smear Campaign game by manipulating their lover or the other person who they lose control over. It doesn’t matter how much bitchy activities they are doing with others they will continue their emotional drama along with playing mind games.

They will still try to make their main party lover as a part of their group, and want him to enjoy the pie of love offered by her.

If your ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend starts Narcissist Smear Campaign then be confirmed she just wants to protect her image that she has rumored negatively against you as a Heartual and Spiritual personality.

Even though they cheat, they want attention, because they love people’s attention in a good way. They want to be known as an excellent person by being attentive.

The power of controlling people should be under the creational person as a Heartual and Spiritual personality. If clever people like Narcissist (Bortual) will have control over anything, then life will be *ucked up due to the influence of Narcissist in the controlling position. You better know in a relationship if the most controlling party either has narcissistic tendencies or is entirely narcissistic.

In any case if the Narcissist lose their power over the person they were once in a relationship of any kind then to appear as a victim, and gain some sympathy and attention they start doing the Narcissist Smear Campaign to have some positive point of view from the people’s side.

When the loving relationship in the workplace has ended which may be with their senior, co-worker or boss. To accomplish some of their goals at work, such as promotion, increase in some incentive and bonus and so on. Narcissists can start a Narcissist Smear Campaign to get their selfish wishes fulfilled at their workplace.

Taking about a family even for the fake pride and prestige of the family, sometimes even the family members can play the Narcissist Smear Campaign against their children. This is so that their family culture can continue for generations.

It doesn’t matter whether it is logical and scientific from all perspective. In such case the life of children gets ruined whether they are Bortual, Heartual or Spiritual personalities due to family Narcissist irrational culture.

Romantic relationships can only exist if there is a physical, mental and emotional connection. However, the relationship will end due to cheating behavior of a Narcissist with a Heartual or a Spiritual person.

It’s because a Heartual or Spiritual person wants a serious relationship, not just a fantasy relationship with a Narcissist. In order to gain some positive attention from the people around her, a Narcissist Smear Campaign is carried out in a loving relationship.

You may have a friend who is narcissistic, and may be seeking something hot from your life through the narcissistic person spreading rumors. They will then play a mind game, so you cannot be healthy mentally.

And the Narcissist Smear Campaign from your friends about your ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend is so interesting for them. You will become a victim of more rumors if you have such a Narcissistic friend. Just wait and watch until you lose respect for them, and then act based on their actions which is all up to you.

Narcissist Smear Campaign is also conducted by religious or spiritual cults if they feel you as a Heartual or Spiritual person are talking against them.

And if they think and feel, they will loose people visiting such places from where they get feed. A Narcissist Smear Campaign is conducted from Narcissists against Heartual or Spiritual personalities where in such cases Narcissists will be highly affected in their life.

The most powerful way to protect yourself from the Narcissist Smear Campaign is to avoid their manipulation tactics. Don’t become the victim of their mind games. This way you will only ruin your life. Instead of that just focus on your goal to succeed in your life.

When it’s time to fight back against the Narcissist, you must fight for it. If you are right in your own place, remember you will get justice one day. However, till then be honest and loyal, and keep working hard to win your chosen battle field. Justice will be served to you, and no one can take it back from you.

Try to stay true to yourself during the Narcissist Smear Campaign. The Narcissist will try to play any kind of rumors game against you so that she will compel you to justify from your side even if you are right. And the Narcissist knows about this. Just see the level of *itchness Narcissist hold in themselves.

When you as a Heartual or Spiritual personality are stuck in taking right decision then seek help from other Heartual or Spiritual person but don’t seek help from Narcissist. As a result, you will find that the questions you asked will become answers, and you will face a lot more problems in the future. Make sure you choose the right person when you are seeking advice in taking the right decision against a Narcissist Smear Campaign.

Communication is key for any relationship to continue. But if you have discovered your girl is cheating then confirm that she is a Narcissist. After confirmation of the real thing just immediately set a boundary with her, and never let them enter your life.

She may try to play more mind games to look victim in the eyes of people. However, one day justice will be served based on your karma by staying true to yourself.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle to have physical, mental and emotional balance in your life as a Heartual or Spiritual personality. If you are facing a Narcissist Smear Campaign from Bortual (Narcissist) personalities who are playing with your reputation in all possible places so that they can hunt you down, set boundaries with them.

30. Why Do Narcissist Have Multiple Relationships Instead of One?

Why Do Narcissist Have Multiple Relationships Instead of One? - infotrim

Narcissist (Bortual) personalities love to make a competition in any thing and they don’t want to feel low-esteem from show off perspective. They love attention from the people. And they try their best to make a better showoff. This same condition applies to their loving relationship as well.

Narcissist take love as a competition because for them love is just a hole not to touch heart or soul through intimation. So don’t except real love of heart or soul being as a Heartual and Spiritual personality from Bortual personality.

Honesty and loyalty are not in the gene of a Narcissist. So expecting honesty and loyalty from a Narcissist being a Heartual or Spiritual personality is the symbol of foolishness after knowing this fact.

If you don’t understand, that is another case of confusion. Therefore, a narcissist who keeps multiple partners in their loving mind game is normal.

Will power is in the Heartual people where in Spiritual people it is more than Heartual people. When it comes to Narcissists, they do not possess the will power that Heartual and Spiritual have.

Due to this fact, just know one thing, cheating is a normal thing for Narcissists because they lack honesty and loyalty. Only an honest and loyal person keeps one partner but Narcissist keeps multiple partner.

It’s okay to backup finances, but talking about relationship isn’t digestible for Heartual and Spiritual lovers, whereas Bortuals view it as added bonus points.

So don’t be surprised when Narcissists have multiple relationships in their love careers. For Narcissists, love is simply a career for financial and emotional gain.

So whenever you get caught up in the love of a narcissist, be aware that you are just an opportunity for them. Taking advantage of an opportunity, while remaining honest and loyal, is a good thing. But if it is intentionally bad, then it is clear that you are dealing with a Narcissist.

Life is not fixed, and neither are the incidents and things that happen in life. But it’s the only hope that help people to live with a trust along with honesty and loyalty towards life.

Additionally, this same condition applies to relationships where honesty and loyalty are maintained by a Heartual and Spiritual person. Narcissists will never do that because they lack honesty and loyalty to their relationships.

Having various options indicates people loves doing stock of the things or people. Since Narcissist loves in show off, she don’t want to loose her show off item whether it’s living or non-living things.

Thus if Narcissists have multiple relationships, it’s normal for them to enjoy flavours from each other as well as gain financial benefits from Heartual or Spiritual people.

If the current partner leaves the Narcissist, then they must have the option to fulfill their basic desire like power, money and honeymoon with no delay in it. They are addicted to those things, and they want them anyway, either this way or that way. And keeping options of multiple partners for the Narcissist is a normal case.

Even in most of the cases you can see Narcissists are not satisfied with little partner in stock. They want to do multi-some with all those stocks of partners.

And if a few of their partners agree to share him/her, then the Narcissist enjoys multi-some, and tries to give pleasure to her itches partners. Here be confirmed, multi-some partner personalities are mostly *itches.

Sometimes even the Heartual or Spiritual people become victim of Narcissism love with Narcissist where Narcissist are also in the list of Narcissist. But due to the honesty and loyalty that is inherent in Heartual or Spiritual people, Narcissists cannot make one of their options.

So the Narcissist tries to keep as many options for her so that she can enjoy the multiple benefits of finance and emotional fulfillment whenever she desires to have. However, she forgets the fact that lies can never be kept hidden for a long period of time.

If your ex Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend as a Narcissist Have Multiple Relationships, then she will do a lot more rumors about you to make you fall down.

This is due to the fact that she might have done a lot more boy marketing where she has talked a lot negatively about you to make her seem like a victim in the eyes of people. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries with such Narcissist.

So being as an option of your Narcissistic girlfriend is a normal thing for her but not for you being as a Heartual or Spiritual personality. Make adjustments to your situation and take actions accordingly for a better future.

Narcissists are genetically prone to Narcissism, so no one can change it. In good cultures, loyalty and honesty can be instilled in the minds of Narcissists, but if they are in the wrong company, their original nature will show.

There is no need to think too much about why narcissists have multiple relationships and why they play much more mind games in loving relationships than in other kinds of relationships.

It is due to their nature, interest and intention to cheat is in their gene. This cannot be changed if the Narcissist gets full power to exercise their freedom where other normal people will be ruined.

It is none of your business as a Heartual or Spiritual person to think, and take tension in your life why people are of various flavours. In addition, they don’t value each other’s feelings. This is due to the different nature, interests, and intentions people have in their lives.

Learn to remember that Narcissists have Multiple Relationships. No one can change this pattern until a better culture is made where cheaters are punished after cheating on their partners.

But it’s not possible in today’s capitalist world. The Narcissist loves material things that are easily fulfilled by another Narcissist, and so they keep expanding their list of loving partners to get more benefits from each other.

31. Find Out How Narcissists Destroy Their Relationships?

Find Out How Narcissists Destroy Their Relationships? - infotrim

When narcissists are right, it’s okay, but when they are not right, they project all of their problematic behaviour on the other party. In this case the big problem is to expect a wise reaction from Narcissists (Bortual) being a Heartual and Spiritual person. Never expect a change from a Narcissist that they will one day understand you, and will love you back.

Narcissist can never love at heart level to Heartual person, and at soul level to a Spiritual person. They can only love you at body level. That’s why they are multi-body mate personalities.

If Narcissists are culturally controlled, they will not be multi-body mates. However, the lust for power and money will be present either one or both of them.

The nature of water is to flow to make itself cleaner. When water stops flowing, it becomes dirty, while in today’s world due to pollution even the flowing water is polluted which is another case.

Narcissists don’t like to flow with a time the way Heartual and Spiritual people do. Due to this reason they are mostly clever, and only prepare themselves to become more clever, and how to take benefits from others by playing mind and emotional games.

Due to different negative traits available in Narcissist, they never point it out to make a change in them. Furthermore, this results in more problems when they are in the energy zone of people with a Heartual and Spiritual nature.

One day, Narcissists Destroy Their Relationships due to their inflated egos. Even with a simple apology most problems are solveable but when it comes to apology from Narcissists, they never witness to make a change.

The lying behaviour of Narcissist is at another level. They know what they are saying, and they intentionally lie. Most often you can catch their lies even in an ongoing conversation.

It is clear from this that the Narcissist is incapable of digesting the Heartual and Spiritual person. Even if they are getting respect from you, they will still not value you. But if the same respect if Narcissist gets from another Narcissist, they value that respect and love.

Such things happen because of the existence of positive and negative energy present in a Bortual, Heartual and Spiritual person. In a Bortual (Narcissist) person there is more negative energy compared to positive energy. Let’s say 1-80% negative energy, 1-20% positive energy.

And talking about Heartual and Spiritual people, there is more positive energy compared to negative energy. Let’s say 1-60% positive energy, 1-40% negative energy in a Heartual person and let’s say 1-80% positive energy, 1-20% negative energy in a Spiritual person. This varies depending on personality types.

So Positive energy represents ‘Angel Energy’ and Negative energy represents ‘Devil Energy’. This is why the Devil Energy of the Narcissist cannot tolerate the Angel Energy of the Heartual and Spiritual Person.

Based on this, it should be clear that a Narcissist should be with another Narcissist, Heartual and Spiritual to another Heartual and Spiritual in terms of any kind of relationship. As a result, you will be able to build a happy relationship with your partner.

Even after knowing this fact, being a Narcissist personality they will continue to display their Narcissistic tendencies in their life. They will use it whenever they feel comfortable.

It is impossible to expect a change from a Narcissist. In some cases, changes seem to happen in Narcissists, but it’s because of the culture they live in. But if there is no such culture then that is just a show off with some bad intention. This condition is not fully applicable in all cases. Take it resonates.

Always listen to your intuition to safe guard yourself being as a Heartual and Spiritual person. This intuition is also present in Narcissists until they live honest and loyal to themselves from a nature, interest and intention point of view.

So take decisions in your life not only by listening to things from others around you, but also listen to your intuition, and also use your creativity to see things from various perspectives which should be logical and scientific in itself.

Betrayal is another reason why Narcissists destroy relationships. They cannot remain loyal and honest to anyone in the relationship. So if you are in a relationship, and they are living apart, forget as a Heartual and Spiritual personality that they will ever be honest and loyal to you.

Narcissists Destroy Their Relationships due to their *itchness of power, money and honeymoon. They can do anything to get those 3 things. So notice if any of the features appear in the person. If it is consistent, and they are not changing even after appropriate advice then remember you have been able to discover that person is Narcissist.

Learn to set boundaries with a Narcissist. And if they play with your career in anyways, next time treat them like you don’t even know them. Never take them back into your life. Mistakes are forgiven not the crime. And breaking trust is a universal crime.

And Narcissists are inborn criminals of trust in any circumstance where they think and feel they can control anyone. They take the selfless power of Heartual and Spiritual people for granted.

If Narcissists Destroy Their Relationships, they are the biggest problem, not others. Therefore, instead of worrying, focus on yourself.

It’s the Narcissist who does a negative things intentionally, and wants you to feel that you are wrong, while as a Narcissist, they know what they are doing, and what they want you to do.

You as a Heartual and Spiritual person will be dreaming to toucher her who is a Narcissist. On the other hand, she as a Narcissist offers everything free to other Narcissists.

Generally, Narcissists are attracted to Narcissists when it comes to money, power, and honeymoon benefits. In the rest of other cases, they don’t like each other except situational adjusting environment.

As a Heartual and Spiritual person, whenever you consider getting involved with a Narcissist, remember that it will not be fruitful in the long run. Narcissistic traits are a recurring aspect of Narcissism.

They never apologize their mistake, it’s because apology is for mistake but if it is done intentionally then they never admit it due to their inflated ego, and egoistic commitment to ruin you.

Since their act was intentional, they will never admit it. Even though their whole life will be as hell as a *itch. They will choose their inflated ego personality but not a peaceful life by simply apology.

Peace is only possible in Heartual and Spiritual people at a consistent level. In Narcissists, they have no peace except some at one point in time. So when they use their Narcissist tendencies on others who are mostly Heartual and Spiritual personalities, it’s because what they lack, others can’t have.

Those who are narcissists believe that whatever others lack, they should have. People should assist them in their need but they will never help others in need. And always want selfless helpers to assist them whenever they need it.

Narcissists cannot digest the Heart and Spirit satisfaction of their Heartual and Spiritual partners, whether they are in a relationship with an unmarried couple or a married couple with Heartual and Spiritual partners.

Since Narcissists cannot tolerate that, they torture their partners who are Heartual or Spiritual. It is one of the main reasons why relationships don’t last longer.

To have a better relationship, a Bortual (Narcissist) should marry another Bortual, a Heartual to Heartual, and a Spiritual to Spiritual person. This way the relationship will be fruitful and people will be living a better life as a couple.

32. The Narcissist Ruins Plans, Don’t Let Them Interfere

The Narcissist Ruins Plans, Don't Let Them Interfere - infotrim

Whenever you plan something monumental in your loving relationship as a Heartual and Spiritual personality, then it’s Narcissist who disappoints you in such a situation. Narcissist Ruins Plans of yours when you are really serious about something where Narcissist is just not really serious about their relationship.

In most cases, Narcissists believe in time passing, and not serious relationships. So have some fun with them, and then expect nothing that is only possible from another Narcissist, but not from a Heartual or Spiritual person.

Since Narcissists are known for their betrayal and cheating in their work, they are never able to follow their words. Once their wish is fulfilled in some way, then next time they don’t know you.

They become shameless in themselves when they are intentionally bad at consistent level. Narcissist tendencies at random level simply reveal to the healing mode of Narcissist, if they correct their mistake when sense is cleared but still tend to continue next time, and repeat the same process, then in this case just take it as Normal but still set the boundaries, and don’t tell any secrets to them.

So whenever you are in a relationship of any kind like family, friendship, relatives, societal, couple and so on. In such a case, if the relationship does not go according to Narcissist’s plans, then you are wrong.

You can either become a puppet of a Narcissist or leave them in the position they are. But that will also not solve the problem. You will be blamed for that as well.

A Narcissist never listens to anyone except their Narcissistic intuition, while a Heartual and Spiritual person relies on selfless intuition instead of Narcissistic intuition.

So you can’t even take tuition from a Narcissist to learn something about Narcissistic intuition. This could benefit you to at least safe guard yourself from a Narcissist. But the Narcissist would never let you know their secrets except some until they have not known their Narcissistic power.

If you as a Heartual and Spiritual person is planning to do anything good in your life then they can never tolerate it. They don’t want you to be independent. It’s because they think if you become independent, they will lose control of you.

Even in your independence, they want to control you. They always keep them first. This will ruin your independence plans if you aim to live a high quality life.

Narcissists should be in relationship with another Narcissist for a better relationship. As a result of their manipulation nature, they have difficulty living happily with people of a Heartual and Spiritual nature. Manipulation is not part of a Heartual or Spiritual person.

If you are a Narcissist and don’t like to be manipulated then how could you think of manipulating others? You can do whatever you want whether it’s justiceful or not. Oh yaa! it can be done because Narcissist are itch. And what can you except from *itch being as a Heartual and Spiritual personality?

In workplace if Narcissist are working in the creational team then remember one thing Narcissists don’t have creativity as Heartual and Spiritual personalities have. So keeping them there is just a waste of labor force.

The project which can be completed meaningfully will all be ruined because of one Narcissist in the team of Heartual and Spiritual working team. Since the negative energy of the Narcissist cannot handle the positive energy of Heartual and Spiritual person, things will go wrong.

They cannot tolerate their success. So the only thing Narcissist wish for Heartual and Spiritual personality is downfall ignoring the fact that team work success is whole team members success.

But Narcissists’ tendency to keep them first always ruins plans. This way nothing happens fine. So before putting your step back from any project as a company’s owner or CEO, make sure there is no Narcissist in the working team.

One bad selection of a Narcissist person in the better team of Heartual and Spiritual personalities will ruin the whole projects. Consequently, hiring a better employee based on their nature, interest, and intention is crucial.

This is what a company wants from it’s employees. Ensure they’re getting paid for their work that is satisfactory to them. No one wants to work on a small salary or a bonus. As a whole, the company should offer a better total package for the whole year in order to retain employees.

So planning to keep better employees is the need of a selfless management system. Also make sure none of the male employees are in a relationship with their Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend. It will ruin the life of Heartual or Spiritual person.

It is preferable to give such employees the time and space they need to heal from their relationship instead of firing them. And make sure they are not sharing anything about the company. Company’s secrets should be limited to company employees only.

Plans are ruined by narcissists no matter what relationship environment they work in. It is our duty as a Heartual and Spiritual people to safeguard our future plans for it’s successful completion.

To ruin anything either relationship or trust, heart, career of someone else and so on is just like playing a *itch game for a *itch Narcissist. Apparently they damn care about how someone feels.

Narcissist is an individual with an egoistic personality. It feeds their ego when someone suffers. They feel happy when a Heartual and Spiritual person suffers in front of them. Don’t blame this to you.

It was all a game plan from Narcissist. You will be dreaming her to touch where she as a Narcissist is already playing a *itch game with another itch. Naturally *itch attracts another *itch.

So it is none of the business of a Heartual and Spiritual person to convince Narcissist for something positive change. Too much convincing will result in HIV positive to your positive motivation power.

As a result, rather than wasting your life waiting for someone else to respond positively. Once you’ve cleared your senses of the Narcissist, focus on yourself and move on. It’s the Narcissist who can ruin your life.

It’s because *itch can do anything for their personal benefits ignoring the fact that someone else’s life will be affected when the person they want to hurt is hurt. That is none of their business.

Always try to set boundaries will a Narcissist, and don’t ever let them be in your energy zone. Silence is the most appropriate answer to a Narcissist but not always. Be sure to clarify something when it’s needed but not beside that.

However, interested Heartual and Spiritual personalities who want Narcissists to ruin their life can welcome them into their life. The life of you will be profoundly changed either in your way or Narcissist way, time will tell. Suffering in your life can be used as a means of achieving ‘selfless source connected success’.

When a Narcissist ruins the plans of your life in various areas of your life, you should learn how to set boundaries, and kick people out of your life. They are the biggest teachers in your life. Appreciate them but don’t welcome them back into your life.

Narcissists are poisonous snakes. If you kiss a snake then it’s okay. But if a snake kisses you, it will be a kiss of death. You, as a Heartual and Spiritual person, can choose either ‘Life’ in the energy zone of Heartual and Spiritual personalities or ‘Death’ in the energy zone of Narcissists.

[Conclusion] Lastly, remember Copyright Free Rumors Girlfriend are easy to grab from the market when you are of that nature. It is due to the fact that positive energy attracts positive energy and negative energy attracts negative energy.

You as Heartual or Spiritual Personalities should not allow others as Bortual Personalities to take advantage of you in any circumstances.

Always listen to your intuition, which is gifted to people who are Heartual or Spiritual in nature. Narcissists can also benefit from this feature as long as their intentions are pure. As a result of their malicious intentions and attempts to deceive and exploit others, it diminishes over time.

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