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[Introduction] Have you Never Been to Heaven? Then it is due to your wrong choice in a relationship or landing yourself in the wrong place where sometimes you don’t have control over it.

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“If You Have Never Been to Heaven, then you can park your feeling over the heart of your heart or soul mate. For this, you and your girl should have the heart or soul mate feature.”

Heaven is just a conceptual feeling. If you feel appreciated for what you have in your life, there is heaven at that moment.

If you want to be loved in your life, you will feel heavenly love after getting love from your partner. That moment will let you feel you are in heaven.

But if you feel rejected in any relationship, you feel hell at that moment. That is just a momentary feeling, not a long-term. So try to adjust at that moment and attempt to find a heavenly relationship to feel yourself a divine person on this planet.

And in the case of a loving relationship, if rejection happens repeatedly, then make sure you are dealing with the wrong party instead of the right party.

Here you would have to be confirmed about the concept of the appropriate party. The right party doesn’t mean finding a handsome or beautiful person in look, power of a face, money and honey, attention-seeking person and so on.

Those things will only put you in the right place until you feel right, but the concept is till those you are with decide how right and comfortable they feel by having you in their energy zone.

If they feel less benefit from you on a financial, non-financial or emotional level, they will keep a distance from you or may be kicked out of their life.

In such cases, you choose the wrong party, not the proper party. This also may be the case if you are clever and have played with someone else’s finance, non-finance and emotional things. For that, you might have been a karmic victim getting involved with the wrong party.

As the Aura you have, such the Auric person will be attracted towards you and vice-versa. This is the effect of the personality of your Aura.

So make sure you are honest and loyal to yourself. In such a case, you will be devoted towards others as well. But if you want honesty and loyalty from others and you don’t want to give to others in return, then you are the wrong party, not them.

Don’t expect anything positive from other positive people being as a negative person. This is going to happen only if you are going to play a mind game in a cleverish style.

But do remember, any achievement done with clever nature and action will only result in paying a bill of your bad karma. For this, you should be paying now and then at any point in your life in any form. And that is an undeniable fact. Keep this in your mind.

Then based on this, if you are in any loving relationship, then make sure the person you are dating is of your Aura.

Here there are three types of Auric personality. That is Body Level, Heart Level and Soul Level.

The Aura of Soul Level is very high who are divinely guided and are highly protected from their Spirit guides in the Spiritual realm.

And Aura of Heart Level is less powerful than Soul Level, who is a good person, but some behaviour may not resonate with you, which is adjustable if you know how to adjust.

But talking about Body Level Aura, they have a negative Aura which is why a person with such Body Level Aura is mostly lusty of Money, Power and Sex.

And here, being consistent at the Soul Level, you can sense people from far due to the power of your soul.

But at the Heart Level, you can feel the people or environment around you by physical presence, whether it’s comfortable to be there or leave that place of a person.

Lastly, speaking about Body Levels, they feel lust in their eyes when they see a sexy person, money, power and so on. It can be in various forms.

So Body Level Person should be with another Body Level Person. Such Body Level Person always hates Heart and Soul Level person due to the natural features they have in them.

The result of a Soul to Soul Level person, also called SoulMate, will have a better Soul Level person landing on this planet.

And Heart to Heart Level Person is called HeartMate, where a baby from such HeartMate is Heart Level Person.

Likewise, Body to Body Level persons is called BodyMate, where the baby can be Body Level Person.

This is a simple calculation where people will get better love results from their type of mating person.

Sometimes, you can also see some children are good, and some are evil from the same parents.

This is due to the different Aura of Soul Level, Heart Level and Body Level person where if a female is of Soul Level and Male is of Heart Level, the children will be overall good.

If the Female is of Soul Level and the Male is of Body Level, then one or two can be of Soul and Heart Level, where one is usually fixed to get a Body Level child full of lust.

So to, avoid the dangers of a lusty person in your future children. Choose the right partner based on your Aura. This way, you can live a better life with your high Aura children.

Remember one thing, by default, the Nature, Interest and Intention of a Female are transferred to her child. If a Male’s Nature, Interests and Intentions are precisely like a Soul or Heart Level Female, then the high-level Aura, i.e. Soul or Heart Level Aura person, will land on this planet.

So choose a better person for landing a better person on this planet. Remember that you are here on this earth with a specific purpose, so never play with someone else’s life karmic partner.

Everything you sow will come multiple times back to you in any form. It’s because Input + Process = Output is the rule of nature, and it works in hyperlinking process, which is the rule of the Universe.

[Conclusion] Finally, notice one thing if you have Never Been to Heaven, it’s because you are dealing with the wrong energy level.

Based on your Soul, Heart and Body level, choose your Karmic partner. If you use cleverness to grab someone else’s Karmic Partner, your life will be as hell as you can think.

So, be honest and loyal to your energy type. Being a cheater, how can you expect loyalty and honesty from someone else? If you are doing so, you belong to a different category of parallel Universe called a Narcissist world.

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