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[Introduction] Your girl will feel The Power of Your Love when she is comfortable with you & your touch. To be truly in love, you must be a Spiritual & Heartual personality.

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“You can see The Power of Your Love when you touch your girl. If she is getting touched in her heart after you touch her, then it shows you and your girl are of a Heartual nature. And in case of Spiritual, soul is touched wirelessly where on touch of body every single cell of the body will be highly influenced.”

Often, a love affair ends with failure. It is not due to the fault of the individual. It’s just because you’re dealing with the wrong personality. It is the personality of a person who should be loved based on their nature of personality.

If you only love someone when they have some benefit, like being a girl, you keep material possessions first and love later, then you are simply called a gold digger and vice versa.

Nevertheless, true love is defined when you keep love at the first level and then work together to obtain your materialistic needs at the second level.

The current trend of love marketing is mostly based on betrayal in love for money or other financial needs. It is because such people do not possess the creative power to create wealth based on their creativity.

People who are materialistic are usually lusty for money, power, and sex. When one of these lusts is present in a person, such as sex lust, the other two, such as money and power, will also be present at a body level and vice versa.

Some people are sexless because they are of a certain age, and they do not require extra money besides their main earning because of the lure of power. Then here notice one thing whether power is misused or not.

When power is abused, it is confirmed that someone has a lust for power. When this happens, it confirms that the personality is lusty and that the individual has lust at both the sex and money levels.

Generally, body-level personalities are Narcissists who do not care about other people’s feelings. It’s because they are ego boosters and those with heart or soul consistency are called ego hunters.

This is another reason why Narcissists are always afraid of Heartual and Spiritual personalities due to their honesty and loyalty in hunting their egos. It is also one of the main reasons why relationship failures occur in ego hunters with Heartual and Spiritual personalities over ego boosters with bortual or Narcissistic personalities.

A Narcissist cannot take advantage of another Narcissist who is more Narcissistic than them, so in that case they will try to get away from such a situation. Instead of healing from a situation, Narcissists just try to be in a different energy zone for their comfort.

Here, the narcissist becomes more comfortable with any type of financial, non-financial, or emotional need. As a consequence, Narcissists became happy due to their narcissist tendency, since they were able to take advantage of Spiritual and Heartual people – disregarding the fact that such people were already aware of their intentions.

The narcissist thinks that he or she can get an advantage by taking advantage of the heart and soul level of personality without a second thought. Like they are observer, in the same way Heartual and Spiritual person are also observer. But Narcissist observer takes benefit from Heartual and Spiritual person.

Likewise, a Heartual and Spiritual person helps others to change the life of others. Narcissists, in this case, are benefit takers by engaging in mind games or forcing others to do their job.

Conversely, a Heartual and Spiritual personality contributes to others’ happiness. But if they feel they are only giving and receiving no help from their relationship, they will quit putting their energy into such narcissistic relationships. The reason is that only those who are narcissistic will take advantage of others.

As in this case, it is always recommended to those with Heartual and Spiritual personalities to choose their financial, non-financial, and emotional relationships with people of their energy level, i.e. Heartual and Spiritual people, instead of Bortual or Narcissistic personalities.

Now, if you’re in an unhealthy love relationship with a Bortual or Narcissist personality as a Heartual or Spiritual personality, be alert you’re in the wrong relationship. In this case just dare to leave such a personality where you are simply an option.

The longing you feel is freely offered by your Narcissistic personality to another Narcissistic personality. In this low vibration energy zone people are highly attracted to each other. So they enjoy their company.

It is yet another mystery why such Narcissists are with you but not with another Narcissist with whom they are giving everything for free. It’s because Heartual and Spiritual people are easy to get manipulated and take financial and non-financial benefit where emotional benefit at body level is offered to another body level Narcissist. It is due to their narcissistic personality.

In this case notice one thing. Every person has a bortual, Heartual, and Spiritual personality. Therefore, let’s divide them from 1 to 100% points. Hence, if a person scores 80% or higher, they are high level Narcissists. The remaining 20% are qualities of a Heartual and Spiritual nature.

The reason they are connected to you in some way, financially or non-financially, is because of their remaining 20% qualities of a Heartual and Spiritual nature. One thing to keep in mind is that creation is done consistently at the soul level, and this is the characteristic of those with 80%+ Spiritual consistency.

Talking about Heartual personality. They are also logical and scientific but not as creative as Spiritual people. Such a Heartual personality at least understands what is logical and scientific, and how to adjust based on situational demands. Life becomes easy to live with a logical and scientific-minded personality.

Therefore, when any Heartual or Spiritual girl gets married to any male materialistic personality, they will only love you for your money, power, and sex. This is the reason women are the most likely victims of violence, and vice versa.

Simply observe who is of which personality type. Bortual personalities are highly observant and would like to take advantage of you, whether it be financially, non-financially or emotionally. If you have those things with you, they are normal until they are fed by you.

Once you identify them as a Narcissist or Bortual personality, set your boundaries with them. When they don’t have control over you, they’ll be your biggest enemy. Make sure you never say anything disrespectful about Narcissists.

At least in such a case, the Narcissist will be convinced that you don’t jeer at other bortual, Heartual, or Spiritual person. So you will never jeer about those Narcissist personalities. You should not allow Narcissists to cross your self-respect boundary.

Therefore, if a person is creative, which means creation can be made possible by a Spiritual being, be sure to observe him or her. As a Spiritual or Heartual personality, if they are creative, then you’re in good company. If not, set your boundaries slowly and steadily.

One thing to note is that if creativity is not seen between the ages of 22 and 26 in females, and from 26 – 30 years old in males, then you may be dealing with a Bortual or Narcissistic personality.

If you can identify their nature before they are 22 years old in a female and 26 years old in a male, then you are high vibration energy. Also, ensure that the low vibration energy is able to observe both the low vibration and the high vibration energy. So identify their nature, interest, and intention in order to interpret their personalities, whether they are a bortual, Heartual or Spiritual person.

If you follow the above terms and conditions, you will know that the strength and power of your love is determined by your bortual, Heartual and Spiritual personality.

Likewise, deal with people by being in the energy zone of Heartual and Spiritual people and setting boundaries around bortual personalities. This will ensure that they don’t take advantage of you. Helping them is another case.

[Conclusion] Finally, you ought to know that The Power of Your Love depends on your bortual, Heartual and Spiritual characteristics. If you are a Heartual and Spiritual person, then set boundaries with bortual or Narcissist personalities.

Being a narcissist, you choose your type of personality. Don’t dream of high vibrational energy. Instead of getting inspired you try to become an insulin dose for success in the life of a Heartual and Spiritual person.

So Heartual and Spiritual personality just be in your energy zone personality to protect the purity of your soul energy. Always try to maintain a distance from bortual or Narcissist tendency people.

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