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Bleeding Love Over the Moon on a Spiritual Level is a Boon

A woman's over the moon lover characteristics are heightened when her balloons of love are blown up by the monsoon rain. It won't matter whether it's monsoon season or not, she'll create her own monsoon rainy season with her wet lipstick battle.

My Intention to Make You Feel My Love Would Be to Let You Feel...

My goal is to make you feel my love in a way that no lover has ever done to their girl like I do to you. I feel real ecstasy when I do this.

Remember That the Power of Your Love is Determined by Your Heartual Personality

You can feel the power of your love in your girl when she is comfortable with you and your touch. In order to be truly in love, you must have a spiritual and heartual personality.

If You Have Never Been to Heaven, Then It is by Your Wrong Choice

Have you Never Been to Heaven? Then it is due to your wrong choice in a relationship or landing yourself in the wrong place where sometimes you don't have control over it.

If You Have Crazy Obsessed Girlfriend, Then Know Who You Are Dating

Learn to Have Crazy Obsessed Girlfriend to build the power of observation of people and try to brush your personality from Langur to angur or legend if possible.

Why Should You Want Your Freedom With Your Dream Love?

Remember, if you want your freedom in your loving relationship, then set a boundary with your partner. Everyone has their limitation, and no one should cross them.

Go to London to See the Queen and See How She is Treated There

Try to go to London to see the queen and then see how she is treated in her royal palace. In the same way, treat your queen with love, respect and time.

Why Expensive Shopping for Clothes in the Lure of Hole Not Needed?

If your girlfriend urges expensive shopping for clothes, tell her you want to do the shopping in her private shop, which is more fun or shopping of both one after another.

Never Let Yourself Down in Front of Her to Compromise Your Self-respect

Never let yourself down in front of your girlfriend, compromising your self-respect. This way, you will not only fall in her eyes but yours as well.

Is Your Girlfriend Going to Cook Food for You? Then Wife Her

Who is going to cook food for you in the kitchen? Ask your girl, then try to know the reason behind that. If there is an excuse reason then act accordingly.