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[Introduction] Try to go to London to See the Queen and then see how she is treated in her royal palace. In the same way, treat your queen with love, respect and time.

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“Have you ever been to London to See the Queen? If yes, what have you seen? Anything special, not naa! So value your queen where you see and enjoy everything. Next time don’t make another queen more special than your queen.”

Being a male lover of your female lover, it’s your duty to be honest, and loyal to your partner.

Never underestimate the power of her honesty and loyalty, taking it as a means of granted. This will only make you feel like a granted bomb which is already a copyright of females.

So don’t keep a devil’s eye on your girl for short-term physical pleasure, ignoring her real feelings for you. Sometimes misunderstanding can happen, which is normal with your miss where understanding is your duty.

It’s because females hardly keep CPU location in their minds. Due to this, they can rarely take a better decision in terms of understanding.

Due to this CPU dislocation of the female from her mind is the main reason that results in a misunderstanding with your miss. This is why females are called miss where one ‘s’ is missed in mis_understanding word so that it doesn’t hurt any female don.

If such a misunderstanding ever happens, then as a male, you have to understand the fundamental problem of CPU installation in her mind is not fixed.

So at least praise her bravery that females can live without CPU location in their minds. Now, as a male, ask yourself a question. Can you live without a CPU in your mind?

You are then feeling king of what. If you can handle your CPU-dislocated queen, making her feel like a queen, then only you can be considered a real king of your queen girlfriend or wife.

From today onwards, never let her feel in any situation that her male lover will betray her in any way. Let her think that she can blindly trust you based on the fact that ‘Love is Blind’.

Let your female don make sure that making her feel like a queen is not always a good-looking materialistic queen. The love of a male towards his female makes her feel like a queen.

Here the feeling of a queen is to point from the love, respect and time given to her, where in respect, almost everything comes but with due respect; it should be given to your girl.

Never let your girl feel that she will ever be cheated on. But also make sure that you will not be so much more careful.

Taking too much care and giving so much love is just like eating a sweet too much of, where eating a lot more sugar means being a diabetic patient.

So ask a question to yourself. What kind of loving life do you want with your girlfriend or wife? A healthy loving relationship with all types of a healthy diet or just one sweet item to be an ill person.

Therefore, decide which love life is better, an ill life or a problem killer life. No one on this planet can make you feel like a king or queen until that feature is not felt from your side.

The feature of being anything is sometimes gifted from nature in our genes. That is why some people never feel the problems of others, no matter how hard you try to let them feel or know.

It is all about the genetic nature or natural gift from mother nature. Value your worth of natural gifts and never misuse them.

So it’s your duty as a king or queen feature to understand your mentality and personality to feel like a king and queen.

Then only you can make your female don or male don feel like king or queen. First, feel the love, respect and time present in you.

After you have felt those features in you, then only think of giving them to your partner to make them feel like king or queen. Now you decide what you are and what you want to be in your loving relationship life.

[Conclusion] Finally, know that you don’t have to go to London to See the Queen when you have a queen in your life. If you don’t have then that is not a problem. Just stay true, and one day you will have that one.

Until then, keep manifesting and growing in your life so that one day you can create an empire for a queen where getting a queen will be an easy task.

So always choose the real queen. If you got cheated in the past, it’s ok. Just heal and move on but never stop in regret and pain. You are born king and should die like the king of today’s world.

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