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[Introduction] If your girlfriend urges Shopping for Clothes, tell her you want to do the shopping in her private shop, which is more fun or shopping of both one after another.

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“Instead of Shopping for Clothes, tell her you want to do the shopping in her private shop to make it godown or stadium from godown but not sea from the stadium; otherwise, you will lose the way to escape. That is more fun than clothes shopping.”

Females do all such things to ensure you are investing money in them so that they can benefit from you. Fulfilling everyday needs, including shopping and using your finance, is okay.

But besides the average needs, if it is more, then make sure you are dating a materialistic girl, and whenever you lose the money, she will make another honey.

So instead of being a honey baby for her, also be a money baby of yourself to secure your money from getting invested beyond the earnings.

Make sure you know the differences and balance of investment, expenses, income, savings, liquidity, emergency fund, etc.

It is your duty to handle the situation of such sucking money, baby girl. They will suck your energy, money, freedom, growth, peace, etc.

Therefore, make sure you are with the right person. And if you know how to adjust, it’s okay. Also, make sure you can change some of their negative thoughts and behaviour. If not, try to escape from the situation.

This way, you will learn how to focus on the goal instead of such a sucking hole. Learn to do a party with your goal, not with the hole party.

Gain momentum in your goal, not in the hole. The goal will increase the height of your success and also your pole.

But hole will trap you in their godown, stadium or sea where you will forget she and then will commit to yourself not to see her.

Till that time, it will be too late. So instead of regretting later, try to be an observer to figure out long-term and short-term benefits.

This will help you to become king in your goal area. If not, get trapped in the hole area and play football, being a goalkeeper in the jungle Jim.

So poor Kim, make the team with your cream of a dream to trim the problem to get solutionary success in your life.

It’s all your choice what kind of life you want. Short-term pleasure or long-term pleasure. Long-term is the goal, and short-term is the hole.

Hence, stop making your life like coal with the greed to get diamonds from coal mining to get your soul mate.

Is she your soulmate or hole mate? She is just a low-rate physical love waiter girl to gain some benefit financially, non-financially and emotionally.

So king, now you decide what kind of life you want with that hole party who always thinks of getting attention from you and the world using your money.

With the title of a short-term honey baby, you will find yourself a no-baby one day because one day, you will find yourself living a fake life.

There will be no attraction in the love of such kinds that you had lived in the past. Then your life will be like stale pasta, which will make you feel very sasta (cheap).

So you, Mister Dicosta, how you want your life to be like Nikola Tesla or just like the life of American pie where at the end of some point in the relationship, you will find yourself like a life of pie.

Till then, tata, bye-bye, and you focus on your hye-hye with your flavourish honey baby girl.

[Conclusion] Finally, know one thing instead of Shopping for Clothes for her, tell her to spend time with her by shopping in her private shop, which is more fun than doing expensive shopping.

Shopping is done to look beautiful, and she is already beautiful; this is the time to enjoy the beauty with her doing a marathon race.

Besides that, go on a honeymoon trip instead of Shopping for Clothes so that it would be more fun and memorable for both of you.

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