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[Introduction] Never Let Yourself Down in front of your girlfriend, compromising your self-respect. This way, you will not only fall in her eyes but yours as well.

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“Never Let Yourself Down in front of her so that she doesn’t even think she is worthy of her godown, which now might have been made stadium as a means of promotion by cheating you. And you are still expecting to be a customer of her shop.”

Being Masculine, don’t act like a bulldog ignoring the bull power of self-respect present in you. And just running after a female dog, you are adding a surname after bull as a dog, forming a bulldog.

So what is your worth in the name of manhood or Masculine? Just think once and then feel about it. What is your purpose in your life? It is just to become a dog or lion personality seeking for lioness.

Never underestimate the power of your simplicity where you hold the power of will power which clever people lacks. And here you are, running after a narcissist tendency personality who is a high manipulator keeping you in a third party.

Go out with your friends to become a freedom-hanging king. And those who value their self-respect will appreciate your self-respect.

The way the king approaches her queen. In the same way, too the queen approaches the king as well. It is not a copyright of a male to approach a female first. There is no partiality in this.

So be humble when you are approached. Either say no or yes, but respectfully and humbly. Value her self-respect as you value yours.

This way, you are presenting yourself as a king feature personality. No matter if you are single, in the name of waiting for a queen personality, rich in honesty and loyalty.

But never let your self-respect down in reuniting with a flavourish girl who has now enjoyed many tastes of male-characteristic personified food.

It’s all up to you whether you want to focus on your goal or girl. If you want both, then focus on your goal and then girl as a goal but of your type, not a vampire or zombie type who loves sucking the energy of your body, freedom, career, peace, growth and so on.

If things are not going fine, set your boundaries and never look back until you are knocked from them from the front but only if they are healed.

Don’t ever get trapped in their net to allow your life energy to be controlled by your clever girl. But when you notice that she is a narcissist, set your boundaries and never look back.

It’s because narcissists never change in their life. They will never appreciate your love due to their playgirl or playboy nature.

Since females are designed to multiply, they are multiplicative personalities. So never think she will hit back with the same ratio if you are going to take your energy back.

If you have any communication with her, you can hardly go out of the situation. But if you are lucky with no contact, then act like who they are. And why are they bothering you by not responding to them in any way?

So drop your thought of getting fresh. If your thinking is fresh, then everything is fresh. If not, then you will live your whole life like a stale.

Therefore, instead of wasting your time running and chasing any street-feature girl, focus on your goal and then learn to make a hole in a problem to get a solution for it. Not for her hole.

That’s because someone has easily made a hole in her. And still, you are expecting the first goal. Please wake up, kings; she is not your queen.

She is a doggie feature personality, and you a lion feature personality. So the lion shoots with the lioness, the Deer with Doe and Dog with Doggie.

Now you decide what you are and what you deserve. If there is no equality in justice of give and take, what kind of baby will you expect from the intimation of lion and doggie?

Then compare your personality as a lion with your doggie personality girl, who is getting drilled with multiple boys. Here she is wrong, not you. Value your worth based on your lion personality birth.

[Conclusion] Finally, never Let Yourself Down in front of your girl in no condition. If she is understanding, then she will value your emotion towards her.

But if she has lust like materials, sex, attention seeking and so on, then remember to set a boundary of privacy with her.

Never tell her your secret to protect yourself from your external enemies. The less you share, the less you will likely be attacked by your hidden and known enemies.

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