Earn Money From YouTube using Royalty Free Videos of Us in 8 Steps

[Summary] You can Earn Money From YouTube either by creating your original content or simply by using others through creative commons videos along with royalty free content added from your side out there. Even a newbie can do it who knows how to read and write. Only you need a wifi connection to your computer.

Watch the below video to learn about Earn Money From YouTube in audio and visual form or simply continue reading the text from below this video. You can also watch this below video offline by downloading it after hitting the ‘Full Vdo’ button from below this video.

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[Introduction] Anyone can Earn Money From YouTube, with or without making videos at all. Nevertheless, the easier option will be made in the guidance and providers of someone else original creators.

You can Earn Money From YouTube videos if you know how to create them, where you should own the original content of the video. Or it should be permitted for fair use in return for some types of credit where, on the other hand, the best option is creative commons videos.

If you don’t know how to create your own videos, anyhow, you must know how to reuse the creative commons videos. These videos can be used in the return of credit if demanded from the creator side.

This way also you can Earn Money From YouTube without making videos from your side except doing a slight modification to it from your side like in voice, video clips, background music and so on.

So how can you Earn Money From YouTube videos using other creators’ creative commons videos in a few easy steps? If you are searching for creative commons videos, then you are in the right place.

Use them in your Youtube Video description or any other video hosting platform’s video description to avoid copyright claims either from us or other original creators. So this way, you can Earn Money From YouTube without making videos.

This website will teach you how to start a YouTube channel as a beginner and Earn Money From YouTube through your YouTube channel by creating a new one.

You can Earn Money From YouTube without making videos or making videos from your side to Make Money From YouTube by uploading videos in a few easy steps.

Everything will be guided out here, even if you are a newbie. There are a few easy steps to Earn Money From YouTube. For this, just upload videos created from other creators in return for credit to them in your YouTube video description.

You will learn how to earn money from your YouTube channel by following the below guides along with the Youtube video SEO model to rank higher. This way, it will help you build your channel authority within a few months.

For this, start regularly uploading videos on your YouTube channel, spending no single dime on YouTube ads or any other advertising platform to meet the minimum criteria for YouTube monetization. Hence, let’s follow the below steps out there.

[Body Part] Just learn in 8 steps to Earn Money From YouTube using our Creative Commons Videos forever within just return of credit to video description hosted at different video hosting platforms.

Use the Table of Contents below to see what topics are covered in this post. Reading this post will give you clear insight into what you will know.

1. How to create a Gmail ID?

How to Create a Gmail Account, Step by Step Guide to Earn Money From Youtube - InfoTrim

In the beginning, if you want to earn money from a YouTube channel, you will have to make a YouTube channel as a beginner using Gmail ID.

Without a Gmail ID, you cannot create a YouTube channel. Thus creating a Gmail ID is very easy. If you already have, move to the next step: starting a YouTube channel to Earn Money From YouTube by uploading videos.

So, for creating a Gmail ID, go to Gmail.com where you can create a new Gmail ID. If you don’t know how to create a Gmail ID, watch this video out here.

After creating the Gmail ID, move to the next step for creating your YouTube channel. You will upload this site infotrim creative commons videos to make money after monetizing the videos to Earn Money From YouTube by uploading videos.

2. How to create a YouTube channel?

How to Create a Youtube Channel to Earn Money From Youtube - InfoTrim

So, here you can start a YouTube channel as a beginner using your Gmail ID, either already created from your side or created from the above method, through the brand new Gmail ID.

The easiest way to Earn Money From YouTube is by uploading videos of this site infotrim in return for credit, which is mentioned at the end of every web page of this site infotrim.

Each credit note is the same except for the link mentioned out there. Hence, you will have to copy those ‘Source/Credits for Fair Use of Content’ and will have to paste them into your YouTube channel description.

Thus, let’s create a YouTube channel as a beginner following any of these tutorials available here.

Afterwards, let’s move to the next step on downloading this website’s creative commons videos?

3. How to download the needed videos from this site infotrim and reuse them for video editing?

How to Use Creative Commons Videos to Earn Money From Youtube After Downloading It From Infotrim Website - InfoTrim

On this site infotrim, you can find downloadable videos on every webpage. This website is currently known for quotes sites.

Other categories of blog content too will be added later in the date but in a new sub-domain blog.infotrim.com without confusing the visitors, which will be creative commons videos for reuse purposes out there. Or it may be in the same primary domain infotrim.com with different categories out there.

Therefore, be confirmed that you will never run out of stock videos to download the videos related to the quotes on this website. Every week, we will add each new video related to quotes and other categories. Still, if possible, then it will be two videos per week, in minimum.

Remember, it is better to upload videos to the YouTube channel regularly, like uploading on the weekend, i.e. Sunday, then upload videos every Sunday and other days, then on those days.

At least uploading one video per week is enough and in rest time, if you are free, enjoy your life with the revenue earned from your YouTube videos.

Don’t be greedy in uploading videos every single day with the intention of more money if you cannot do it regularly. In the beginning, for building a YouTube channel, authorities always upload videos to YouTube on a regular time pattern.

Consequently, the YouTube channel can be trustful from the visitor’s side and the YouTube company algorithm to ensure that you are a real YouTuber who cares about visitors.

This way, you will Earn Money From YouTube subscribers if they subscribe to your YouTube channel. It will make them repeating visitors to your YouTube channel. And it will increase the video views of YouTube videos to Gain Money From YouTube videos through google ads served out there.

Getting subscribers and views will be accessible when your YouTube channel authority is built.

Remember that the title and thumbnail of the videos attract visitors to click on them, where making quality videos is always a King or Queen in itself.

On the contrary, never mislead visitors. Just make a thumbnail and give a title based on video content. Thus, visitors will trust your YouTube channel and this way, it will attract them to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

After visiting this site infotrim, scroll down a little and click ‘Download Vdo’, and then the webpage will be scrolling down to the main download section of that webpage.

Then click on ‘Vdo Clips’, and it will open a new tab in the browser. This way, click on the Download Button on the opened web page to download out there.

Therefore, to reuse downloaded content, you will have to modify it to monetize it. If you don’t want monetization, just upload the way they are out there.

It is still recommended to change the voice using your or of robots using ‘text to speech technology’.

In this downloaded Video Clips, you can find the same videos but in a clip form made for you to create clips arranged randomly. So that they will look unique compared to our videos to Earn Money From YouTube videos, making them look almost unique compared to the original videos out there.

You can even add extra clips, images, and GIFs from your side from open source websites like Pexels.com, Pixabay.com, where royalty free images, video clips, music are effortlessly available out there.

Fair use of copyright free music can be found at YouTube’ Audio Library’ after logging in to your Gmail Account. Use no attribution music content, only where credits are not needed to be given.

But, if the music is good, then use those copyright attribution music content to mention the backlink in the YouTube video description to Earn Money From YouTube with no content id claim on it.

Use different background music in the downloaded videos to seem flexibly unique. This way, then videos will seem like you are the original creator of the videos.

Hence, download the royalty free music from Pixabay.com, OrangeFreeSounds.com as background music while making a new video to Earn Money From YouTube out there.


NOTE: Here, remember one thing, i.e. before using any royalty free music from an open source that doesn’t require attribution to the music is wise to use.

Nevertheless, if it requires credit in return, then mention the credit link in your YouTube video description to make your YouTube videos feel more attractive to Earn Money From YouTube videos.

Compared to pixabay.com, sometimes some music is copyrighted where attribution is needed for that artist, but that is usually not mentioned out there.

In such a case, you can get a content id claim which is not a copyright claim. In that content id claim, remember you cannot earn money from that YouTube video.

Here, it’s always better to create another YouTube channel with a different Gmail ID in the name of another family member or yours, but not using the original Gmail ID. There use one image and place background music of the actual time frame, i.e. if it is of 2 minutes, then use that time length of music. Or if 30 seconds, then only that, but not less than 30 seconds and no merging of the music because it’s just testing music out there.

Make another YouTube channel with a different Gmail ID in the name of your family members where this testing site of music too can be used for monetization later in the date.

Thus, make this testing YouTube channel for making money intention too. Rest the choice is yours.

# Do remember that create only one AdSense account through one Gmail ID, and it’s always wise to create one YouTube channel through one Gmail ID.

This way, if you will get any copyright claim in one YouTube Channel and another copyright in another YouTube Channel, then it will be counted as two copyright strikes for that specific single Gmail ID.

And with one additional copyright in any YouTube channel linked to one Gmail ID, if it happens within three months, it can lead to the ban of your YouTube channel where video content will still be there.

On the other hand, you will lose ownership of those YouTube channels to Earn Money From YouTube videos further in the future. Accordingly, just use one YouTube channel for one Gmail ID. This will not happen in our case where it is just extra information for you.

After placing that music under the image in the video editor, export the video from there where the recommended format is 1280×720 px for easy uploading and download of YouTube videos.

Subsequently, upload that YouTube video to your following Gmail ID YouTube channel. Then, give a simple ‘focus keyword’ title to that music and write something in the description and give some tags related to that focus keyword. And it’s all done. Just hit publish.

If you get content ID claim, then don’t use that music and if not content ID claim, then combine that music to make it a large piece. And use it as background music for your YouTube videos to Earn Money From YouTube uploaded videos with no revenue sharing to any creators.




PTR: We don’t use music in the videos to make it creative commons videos; therefore, you can use it to make money out there.

On the one hand, you should upload videos to YouTube as a ‘Standard YouTube License’, not ‘Creative Commons – Attribution’ to your YouTube channel to Earn Money From YouTube videos.

On the other hand, remember that creative commons videos mean you should own every content which doesn’t belong to any copyright owners.

Here quotes are not copyrighted from any famous personalities out there. So it can be useable in any way you want, making it for educational purposes.

They are fully copyrighted free with no content id claim, and you will not get any copyright claim to it. Hence, be tension free related to our content.

Since we want you to Earn Money From YouTube videos using your favourite background music from an open-source like Pixabay.com and Orangefreesounds.com. We are not using background music. Because without doing such, we cannot claim the content as a creative commons video.

All content is not creative commons content where some are royalty free images, videos, etc. For that, use ‘Source/Credits for Fair Use of Content’ mentioned at the end of each YouTube video description or at the end of each webpage of that video content to avoid copyright claims out there.


For this, combine those short music of a few seconds or minutes to make background music using software like adobe audition which is a paid tool and audacity is a free tool. Choose the one that fits your need. However, an adobe audition is recommended.

You can see these video tutorials on using adobe audition and audacity software and then finally, after learning, use them for merging the video clips to make it a large piece of music to use as a piece of background music.

So that created music can be used in downloaded video clips to add it as background music.

After downloading the video clips, move to the next step on how to reuse those video clips along with royalty free music, images, video clips from other sources for better video editing, fulfilling our needs out there.

4. How to edit these videos using a video editor like Filmora to make them reusable?

Filmora Video Editing Tutorial for Beginners to Earn Money From Youtube Using the Video of Infotrim Website - InfoTrim

So after downloading the main video clips from this site infotrim and making background music from adobe audition using royalty free background music, it’s time to use those resources in this step of video editing.

In this simple video editing tool, we will use the filmora, which is easy and perfect for beginners. You can use other advanced video editors if you know how to use them.

Here we will learn how to arrange the random video clips to make it unique, like TikTok videos merged in random order to make a full video for making money out there from YouTube, which you can see like funny videos and so on, on YouTube Platform.

Also, add some new video clips by creating from your side to add extra value to your videos.

For this, you need royalty free images and music which you can get from these Pixels.com and Pixabay.com, and so on.

You can use text to speech technology for voice, which should be of the same voice as we have, to replace the voice of our video from the downloaded video clips of infotrim.com.

Now, you can use this paid tool to present yourself most professionally for text to speech.

Here, you will have a distinct voice, i.e., male and female, and use one you think your visitors will love.

But use one voice only in all your future YouTube videos except some so that visitors won’t be confused.

So using the paid tools will give you more options to choose one that you think it’s the best option for the visitor to make them fall in love with that voice.

And if you don’t have money, use this tool ‘free text to speech’. This will also make you look lovely in making your videos.

But the voice may be limited based on male and female vocalists and characters, i.e. from text to speech conversion character limit. You don’t have to worry about this.

If your voice is pleasant and you know how to add a voice effect using your favourite voice editing software, go with that because it will sound natural and lure people towards it.

However, not everyone can do it. So there is always an alternative: text to speech technology, which works fine. Remember, our goal is to make professional videos and make money from them anyhow.

To see these videos tutorials on how to edit the videos and make an entirely brand new video that will be unique, fully eligible to make money from it. Here we will learn how to use Filmora Video Editor.

After you have learned Filmora Video Editing software, combine the downloaded ‘Video Clips’ from infotrim.com with background music downloaded from Pixabay.com and Orangefreesounds.com to make a completely new video for your YouTube channel to earn money from there.

Because you need to add some extra things from your side, i.e. either your voice or text to speech voice or royalty free background music or images. Just use something from your side where voice is compulsory to change. Use only one text to speech sound to sound like a single person. Just produce something unique from your side to own the full video out there.

You can also create a mute video with text and images in the video. However, with the different background music, it will also work for you where even without a voice, you can make video and make money from it.

Even one individual image will be enough to make videos, or different images too can be used if you have sufficient time with you. If possible, add some video clips to make a lucrative video.

Many videos like that found on YouTube are getting a lot more views, and they are making money from it.

Just do that which suits your needs based on your current situation of time and mood to create videos and make money online.

This way, the video will be fully eligible for YouTube monetization after getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

If you upload the downloaded ‘Full Vdo’ from this site infotrim.com, it can also be reused on your YouTube channel as a standard video, but you cannot monetize it.

Because for YouTube monetization, there should be something added from your side, like movie explaining, criticism videos, roast videos, and so on.

Here images and videos clips from this site are from other sources, but the voice comprises text to a speech technology in which you can use different background music to give your video a better feel.

This way, you can successfully monetize YouTube videos and Earn Money From YouTube by uploading videos created in this pattern.

Learn how to Earn Money From YouTube by uploading videos of your own from the below steps. You will also learn how to do YouTube SEO fully 100% for getting organic traffic from YouTube SEO and google SERP in the short and long run. The traffic will be entirely free with just a little effort out there.

5. Do keyword research and write YouTube title, video description, and tags in advance?

How to Do Keyword Research for Seo as a Beginner's Guide So as to Earn Money From Youtube - InfoTrim

To research ‘Focus Keywords’, we will need youtube.com and google.com. There target the long-tail keywords to rank higher and faster whereas, in the long run, those long-tail keywords (4-5 keywords) will rank for short-tail keywords (2-3 keywords) as well.

For counting characters while writing the title, description, and tags of YouTube videos, use wordcounter.io to calculate the words. There are only 100 characters for the YouTube title and 5000 characters for the description, along with 500 characters for tags to use.

So for checking the grammar online, use prowritingaid.com, where the free version will also give better suggestions for writing the grammatical-error-free content out there.

This Grammarly tool is essential to look professional in your content writing or SEO writing for title, descriptions, and tags for YouTube video content.

a. After this, use tools like title-generator.com which should contain focus keywords, power words, positive or negative words, and numbers along with tags that you should add from your side.

It is straightforward to do, which will help you Earn Money From YouTube in a simple way which will all be done step by step to make it simple for title generation.

E.g. 8 Unforgettable Admiring Best People Finder Methods

PTR: In Above Title There Is Number = 8, Power Word = Unforgettable, Positive Word = Admiring, Focus Keyword = Best People Finder Methods, Tags = Best People Finder Methods (Use This in Tags of Youtube Videos as Well).

b. Next step will be to write the description of the YouTube doing on complete on-page SEO securing 100%. This part includes the following points to make it a fully SEO-based description.

– Include Focus Keyword once in each paragraph. At least write three sections with not less than 200 words for a better description model.

– Also include tags in the description with a hashtag using the same word of tags. Just add 2 or 3 words of your channel keyword written in the ‘About’ portion of YouTube as tags, and the rest will be related to the focus keyword of the video.

– Include your social media profile links.

– Include the Copy Right Disclaimers or any copyright link to be safe from copyright.

– Do internal linking of YouTube videos of the same category.

– Add the title of the YouTube videos at the end of the YouTube video description for better ranking on YouTube in the short term to mid-term.

– and so on

Sample Example:


With the Best people finder methods based on situations, you can identify people based on various circumstances. There is not one unique technique to identify people.

We have to go through various situations to identify many such people with multiple difficulties in our life. But with a few special techniques, like using best people finder methods, we can know people based on their behaviour and deed.

Knowing the people’s nature in a better way using the best people finder methods can be helpful to make us aware of such great people so as not to permit them to spoil our lives.

After watching this entire video, you can know people using these best people finder methods based on the situation.

## Source/Credits for Fair Use of Content ##

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(2) Download Full Video Link:


(3) Creative Commons License Link:


(4) Copyright Disclaimer:  

Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statutes that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use !!

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this YouTube video URL

#focuskeywordofvideo #creativecommonsvideos #royaltyfreevideos #copyrightfreecontent (other related focus keywords) #infotrim #youtube (channel brand name)


Download YouTube, Rumble, DailyMotion SEO


PTR: Use this ‘Video Focus Keyword’ in the beginning ‘#Video Focus Keyword’ (e.g. Best People Finder Methods) and the Channel Focus Keyword: ( #InfoTrim #Learn & Earn #Creative Commons Videos #Royalty Free Videos #Copyright Free Content #Quotes ) compulsorily and use one extra ‘video category’ focus keyword i.e. ‘Guide Advice’ and the rest it will be all other related focus keyword related to the main focus keyword of that video.


PTR: Here in hashtags use main ‘Focus Keyword’ = ‘Best People Finder Methods’ in the beginning, where include your YouTube Channel Keywords written in ‘About’ section of YouTube Channel, i.e. ‘#InfoTrim #Learn & Earn #Creative Commons Videos #Quotes #Theory #motivational #inspirational’. And then also include other remaining related ‘Focus Keywords’ to the particular video wherein total tags should not exceed 500 characters.


c. For tags on YouTube, we need to have a focus keyword, like compared to above, it is ‘Best People Finder Methods’. Just search for that focus keyword on YouTube SERP. And then the videos with the highest views should be our matter of concern.

Just do right-click to that video, and a new tab will open. Now with the use of tubebuddy.com just in the RHS, copy the tags to use in your video.

The following manual method is simply doing a right-click of the mouse on the white page of that video. And just click ‘view page source’, which will open in a new tab.

There, just press ‘Ctrl + F’ using your keyword. After this, a new search bar in the top RHS will open in chrome browser where just type ‘keywords’ where both two keywords will be the same.

So just copy one doing right click and simply note it in a text document on your Windows or Mac computer as a means of backup.

If tags used in YouTube videos are deleted, you can reuse them from an offline text file backup. Do this for the title and description of YouTube videos for backup and reusing purposes.

Arrange them all based on the category of the videos for better finding the exact video’s title, description and tags.

These tags will be then useable in your YouTube channel for that targeted focus keyword; like in our case, it is ‘Best People Finder Methods’. It is done for better SEO of videos, which will help generate more views to our videos in the mid-term and long-term, simply free organic traffic.

After this is all done, you can move to the next step for uploading the video to your YouTube channel. Start using descriptions and tags in the above YouTube title during the video upload process. Along with this, do other necessary settings required for the video out there.

6. How to upload videos on the YouTube channel and do Youtube SEO?

YouTube SEO, How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2022 to Earn Money From YouTube - InfoTrim

After ‘focus keyword’ research is done along with YouTube video title and video description. It’s now time to upload the video to YouTube.

So during the uploading of the YouTube video, go on doing the rest of the tasks like writing the YouTube video title, video description, tags which are already done in the above steps. Additionally, setting thumbnails and other settings things should be done from your side.

Since in the above step, we have already written the title, description, and tags for YouTube videos, copy and paste them out in this video when the video is in the upload process.

For ranking videos on YouTube or Google Search Engine, you should do a thing called SEO. Just do on-page SEO scoring 80-100% using a tubebuddy.com tool.

Since in the above step, we have already written the title, description, and tags for YouTube videos, copy and paste them out in this video when the video is in the upload process.

If possible, try to achieve 100% to rank high in Search Engine of YouTube and Google to bring Organic Traffic from there just for free to Earn Money From YouTube in less time.

For this, use a critical YouTube SEO tool, i.e. tubebuddy.com out there. It will simply help you decide the reliable and related keywords to be used as tags on YouTube to rank YouTube videos better.

Using this Tubebuddy tool to achieve SEO ranking at least 80% – 100%. For this, consider watching this video on using this Youtube SEO tool to achieve 100% in SEO on YouTube.

After this, move to the next step for doing off-page SEO besides the YouTube platform to drive traffic to your YouTube videos out there.

7. How to use other 3rd party SEO tools for faster indexing and ranking?

Free SEO Tools to Drive Traffic, Clicks & Sales by faster indexing and ranking of content - InfoTrim

Use shortcut, one link pinging in SERP like google. Use this URL format like [ https://www.google.com/ping?sitemap=https://infotrim.com ] where after ‘=’ add the video URL or if you have a website, then that website URL or even your social media profile URL if something is newly updated. This way, it will be indexed to google in just one click out there.

It is vital to update any URL you want the Search Engine to know. Even this can be used to notify Search Engines like google.com for your social profile of Facebook page, Twitter, and other social media websites to see the changes done within a more petite time frame.

Another free tool for better indexing a newly published video URL or website URL use the online tools listed here as ‘Useful Online Tools’.

Just copy the YouTube video URL and choose the category of the video listed out there. Then hit the ‘Ping URL Now’, and it will start pinging the video URL to different indexing for faster indexing and better ranking of YouTube videos in YouTube SERP and google SERP over time. One can also use it for website URLs.

Also, please share the video content with various social media profiles like facebook.com, twitter.com, tumblr.com, tiktok.com, instagram.com, linkedin.com, pinterest.com, reddit.com and others.

Only use that many social media accounts, which you can use out there regularly. Those social media platforms will bring extra free traffic, which means more income from YouTube after monetizing video through ads.

8. How to monetize your YouTube channel?

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel, A Beginner's Guide to Earn Money From YouTube - InfoTrim

When you are eligible for 4000 watch hours of videos and 1000 subscribers for your channel, then you will be eligible for monetization out there.

So try to achieve that much target using 100% on-page SEO, which you can measure through Tubebuddy.

Now bring traffic to your YouTube Videos using other social media platforms like facebook.com, twitter.com, tumblr.com, tiktok.com, instagram.com, linkedin.com, pinterest.com, reddit.com and others. Just use a few of them or all based on your preference and matter of activeness of those social platforms. It also needs your activeness on those social media platforms to interact with your visitors.

After this, you can monetize your YouTube videos by showing ads to make money out of them. You cannot hire others to watch your videos, neither you can watch them from your side by using a VPN service. It is against the YouTube terms and conditions.

Just follow the guide, whatever we will teach you. Also, visit this ‘New Updated Notification’ page so that any updated information related to this site or new updated SEO news will be mentioned out there.

It will help you in your YouTube career and your blogging platform if you are already doing them because we will only suggest tried and tested tools and methods.

So be patient. Success can take place any time because it’s SEO, and of course, your luck through viral to get to that place. The best way to achieve your target is simply by using Google ads or a site like this viewsta.com.

But such sites should be used based on research because sometimes they work fine. Sometimes they perform as a scam and so on to drive cheap traffic to your YouTube videos in very little time for being eligible for YouTube video monetization.

Only try them if you have money to Earn Money From YouTube in less time, meeting your YouTube monetization targets out there.

If you have no money, upload videos regularly, i.e. at least once a week. Within a few months of building your YouTube channel authority, you will see your videos have started ranking in YouTube SERP, which means driving more traffic to your YouTube videos.

If videos are monetized with ads, never click ads from your side and neither tell any of your friends to click them. Otherwise, this will temporarily terminate your AdSense account for a month.

It’s always better to show the display ads, but both text and display ads are combined. So focus on videos ads only where you will never be in trouble of AdSense banning. It applies if you have haters and they know this secret. If your haters are reading this or have already read it, they are not unaware of this. Remember, you have been warned about your security.

Though Google Adsense suggests you must take care of such random quick clicks of Google Ads served in your videos. But when you fall asleep, who will take care of it.

And this is what I do for my YouTube videos out there, where sometimes I try all ads. In this case, always be cautious. Don’t go on others saying.

Based on my research and earlier experience of my other YouTube channel created in my family member’s name, Adsense Account was blocked, and the YouTube channel. It will only kill your time, money and energy, leaving you in a room of depression and tension, along with regret.

Finally, I am using a cautious method to teach you how to Earn Money From YouTube through creative commons videos. For this, you can use credits of YouTube videos mentioned at the end of every YouTube video description and on each post’s webpage at infotrim.com.

It can be accessed while downloading those royalties free + creative commons videos and music along with PDF and images. Just follow the instructions mentioned at the end of every web page.

[Conclusion] We can conclude that anyone can Earn Money From YouTube either from their backend or with the support of the original creators, distributing their own created content as creative commons videos (owned fully 100%) or creative commons videos + royalty free content (owned + taken from other creators with permission to reuse).

Hence, one can use those content to Earn Money From YouTube either through google ads after modification of something to the original content or using an affiliate link from an affiliate site like jvzoo.com, clickbank.com, warriorplus.com and so on in the video description.

It’s said eyes are the mirror of the heart. So try to read the eyes of the people where one can be aware a lit bit people’s nature to prevent themselves from the uncertain danger probably to be caused from such free bonus people.

Hence, don’t trust the people blindly. Just evaluate them through their behaviour, their helping nature either financially, non-financially and emotionally based on the situation or by creating situations out there.

So recommended to all flavours of people, either good or evil thought or thoughtful behavioural, don’t cheat each other. Instead, be loyal and honest with yourself because those who are loyal to themselves are also loyal to others.

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