Word Counter Online tools for Free

  1. It helps you count words and characters written in the above text field
  2. Word counter online is very helpful to counter words and characters if you are writing any content and want to know the exact words written in it.
  3. It is especially good for online blogger working at free platform like blogger.com, medium.com, wordpress.com etc.
  4. This will let them know the exact words they have written for the online blogpost. It will help them decide to write more or not.
  5. Writing 1500+ word long blog content is good for ranking in SERP. So to know the exact words written can be known here.
  6. In blogger.com you need to set fixed title character around 60 chars long so that title is visible in SERP. This can be known here. So make proper use of this free word counter online tools which can be embedded in your own blog as well using the below embed code.
  7. If you are writing any online content like guest posting or working as freelancer then go and work on it and count the exact words you have written out there.
  8. If you want to inquire about any online webpage content then simply copy those blog content and paste it out here. So that you can know the exact words written out there.
  9. You can also use this online password generator tool to generate random 21 characters long password for your any online website to make sure it is not hackable simply by guessing the password.
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  11. NOTE on Word Counter Online:

  12. Here if you want to use this ‘Word Counter Online’ in your website then you can use the below code in you webpage. Just copy and paste it in your webpage. That’s all! It will show now in your website.
  13. <iframe src="https://infotrim.com/wp-includes/amanual/wordcounter1.html" style="width:100%;height:100%;min-height:312px;" scrolling="no"></iframe>
  14. NOTE:
  15. Next time you search just Google ‘word counter infotrim’ to visit this post.