What to say on Wedding Wishes For Friend on her Compelled marriage?

[Introduction] Wedding Wishes For Friend will only be lovely if they are getting married as per their wish. In such cases, wedding wishes for son and daughter-in-law seem worthwhile only if couples are heartly touched. This is called real marriage.


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[Body Part] If you are planning Wedding Wishes For Friend of yours as their marriage gift, then make sure of what types they should be. Like wedding quotes for friend or marriage wishes for a friend in the gift or marriage gift cover.

But here you must know your friend’s feelings whether she is happy or not. If the marriage is taking place against her wish, then just think giving the marriage wishes for a friend will be worthful or not from a happy point of view.

It is always the daughters who are mostly compelled to compromise their life as a family _ornstar.

And it’s her husband who offers money, clothes, respect and so on to his wife, where in reality, she is not more than a family _ornstars who is played with her body against her wish.

Marriage is not a binding of two bodies but also two souls if a female is not getting touched in her heart when a male is touching her body.

Then remember she will be raped in the name of a marriage relationship after she gets married against her wish.

There she can’t refuse her compelled rapist husband, who doesn’t even know that he is just doing the rape of his wife in the name of a marriage relationship where that marriage is not done as per the wish of his wife.

Therefore, being a friend, it becomes your duty to let your friend and her family member know what marriage and rape are?

If someone rapes your female friend, then how would their family react towards the rapist. Lovely or just feeling to kill that rapist.

Now think if the husband who your female is going to get married against her wish. If she is going to intimate against her desire, then what is that called?

It’s simple: if the _uck is done per a female’s wish, then it’s called a _ucking love. And if the same _uck is done against her wish, then it’s called a _ucking rape?

Then based on this, only hashtags of boy and girl will be changed, like a boy to husband and a girl to wife. So what’s a big deal here.

“Any relationship demands love, respect and time where the use of money is to just make a balance in those love, respect and time.” If these things are lacking in any relationship, then be sure you are in the wrong relationship.

Suppose you cannot give the Math exam on the day of the Science exam. Then how could you even think of living in a relationship when you think and feel it’s not right for you.

Why do females and males comprise in their relationship? Just learn how to adjust in your life, not compromise except in rare cases but not betray your self-respect. Be sure there is a difference between self-respect and ego respect.

If you think you value your self-respect but not others, then it’s not called self-respect. It’s called ego respect. In self-respect, we do appreciate the other party as well.

Now go and ask your father? Have you given a birth application to him for making a honeymoon with his wife? Not naa!.

Be clear from this fact that if your feeling is valued in that family, then you are the result of love; if not, then the result of entertainment only.

And the result of entertainment is never valued in the family. It’s because family members don’t want to compromise on their religious ‘Rapist Supporting Culture’, which has been in a continuing mode for ages.

The primary purpose of ‘Rapist Supporting Culture’ in the name of marriage is to feed the ego of religious people.

They are the members of it, and no one can ruin their ‘Rapist Supporting Culture Organization’ like today’s Political _orn Star of Political _orn Industry thinks.

In Political Industry, there is a rule of Political Star whereas in the leadership of Political _orn Star; the Political Industry gets promoted to the Political _orn Industry.

So Talking to the point, if females are not allowed to get married as per their wish, then it is not only the mistake of family members, societal culture etc.

But here, the rules and laws of governments are also the followers of ‘Rapist Supporting Culture’ and firmly believe their culture should not be modified. Then why do those people update their mobile phones?

Keep in mind one thing females are not means of pleasure. If a female is consistent at the soul or heart level, then she involves in intimation just for love, not for intimation to get love.

If the Hindu religion, females are done ‘Kanyadan’ where ‘dan’ is done for materials. It’ means females are taken as means of worldly pleasure. It is why ‘Rapist Supporting Culture’ is still in a trending mode.

Females are the symbol of love in themselves. That is a symbol of love at the body, heart, and soul levels. By default, it’s Soul Level, but they are taken as the symbol of body-level love in the market.

When she becomes the symbol of soul-level love, she becomes the symbol of romance. Then her male lover becomes a symbol of romance which is only applicable if love is accurate at the soul level.

The secret of nature can be known through love at the soul level. That means females are ‘Symbol of Nature’. So if you will disrespect nature, what will happen? Global warming, deforestation, hurricane and so on.

Now think as disrespect of females who are ‘Symbol of Nature’. Do you think mother nature will ever forgive you for this? Never.

So wait for your Karma now, and then you will be _ucked up from the side of Karma based on your Karma done for females or any innocent people, including your family members.

When females are consistent at the soul level, they are very dangerous. It’s because females have double surrendering natural power compared to males. That’s why they take any negative compliments very seriously, double that of males, which can even last for years to a lifetime based on female feelings.

Never disrespect females in any way. When they are wrong normal scolding using good words is ok to go but not humiliation or simply committing the crime in the name of a guardian or based on the power of any relationship.

If you earn money, then you will value your earned money. In the same way, if you will earn females, then you will adore them and vice-versa.

Based on this, females should achieve financial freedom so that males with money will be a bonus, not a matter of enormous pride.

In such a case, only a male can value a female with honesty and loyalty. But if a male has creational power, he can appreciate females in such cases. It’s just because he has to earn features where his creativity will prove what type of person he is?

Here don’t be confused in Intelligence and Genius. Intelligent are those with knowledge accumulated from various sources, whereas Genius have creational power and create their own using their creative mindset.

So choosing the person with a Genius mindset who at least should be logical and scientific. In that case, if there is any misunderstanding between the couple, they will understand the matter and try to solve it using their accurate intuition.

Hence, Wedding Wishes For Friend will only be good if the marriage is done based on their wish. Never compromise in your life, especially your loving relationship.

From the side of parents and other guardians, wedding wishes for son and daughter-in-law will only be good and happy if they are thrilled in their relationship where they will be together in all ups and downs in their life.

In such case wishing wedding congratulations to the couples will be worthful from a logical and scientific point of view.

Here, best friend wedding quotes can be presented to the friends even from the side of the couple’s friends, which will bring additional happiness to their life.

In advance, also happy anniversary to daughter and son in law blessings can be given based on their loving heartly accepted relationship. Always value their time of their and yours as a guardian and friends.

How about wishing marriage wishes for friends in a surprisingly friendly way so that they can be surprised with bonus happiness.

[Conclusion] Being a friend of your friends who are about to get married, make sure they feel each other from their heart, if possible with soul.

Otherwise, it would be just a compromise of both parties from the body point of view only. Marriage is not of two bodies but of two hearts, where soulmate marriage is a rare case.

Therefore, Wedding Wishes For Friends should be only given when they are getting married as per their wishes in their life.

If they are getting married, being in torture of any kind, then being a friend, you have to guide and assist them in their need.

It’s because a true friend is the one who points out the weakness of a friend in privacy so that it can be corrected to make them feel like a legend in public.

Since trustworthy people are rare to find, so do the real friends, so if you are going to find a true friend in your life, then just wife her if possible if you are male and female friends.

And imagine how life will be with your heartly friend who understands and feels you from their heart.

Therefore, choose a heart- or soul-level personality, not a body-level personality person. If the person is both body and heart or body and soul level personality, it is like miracles where miracles can happen at any time but not often.

Please tell me your thoughts under this video on what Wedding Wishes For Friends should be based on their connection to their body, heart and soul.

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