Which Types of Chudail Girlfriend do you have in your life?

[Summary] In between two Types of Chudail Girlfriend, Chwat Chudail Girlfriends are found widely whose central intuition, and the goal is to make a hole in the solution to bring a Golgappa problem after doing Chwat of a solution. In contrast, Chwak Chudail Girlfriend brings a solution after doing Chwat of problems. So which girlfriend should be your preference? It’s your choice, but before that, know the precise nature of those Chudail Girlfriends before hooking up with them.


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Who does Chau Chau even in a small matter? Based on this fact, every talkative girlfriend is Chudail Girlfriend. But the point is which types of Chudail Girlfriend they want to be, i.e. Chwak Chudail Girlfriend or Chwat Chudail Girlfriend from the CPU point of view.

Types of Chudail Girlfriend are of two categories:

1. The first one is of Chwat Chudail Girlfriend, who makes a solution Chwat to bring the problem. Like most Chwat Chudail girlfriends are found in today’s world doing ‘Boy Marketing’ instead of doing ‘Share Marketing’ from where they can get some long-term financial benefits.

But those Chwat Chudail Girlfriends know that taking too much tension in the head will increase the head’s temperature. This will result in massive hair fall, making them Takli.

It’s because the CPU of the mind will increase the head temperature, resulting in hair loss. They are already aware of this fact. That’s why they sleep at night with a sweet dream, hoping that some doctors, engineers and pilots are getting prepared for them by having their sleepness night.

And there is nothing wrong in this case. It’s because they know even Takla boy seeks the Chwak Chudail Girlfriend Chicks with hair on their head. But will an ordinary boy will marry a Takli girl. Not naa. Even a Takla boy will not marry a Takli girl except for true love.

So it’s, whose mistake. It’s the societal culture of treating males and females partially. Therefore, in this case, Chwat Chudail Girlfriends are doing Chumma Chwat to society’s problems by not putting too much pressure on their mind.

It is just to maintain their beauty for their future handsome raja Doctors, Engineers, Pilots and so on professional people with whom she will marry.

But the problem with Chwat Chudail Girlfriends is that they have become flavourish, forgetting that as a female, she has one flavour, and as a male, they have one flavour.

Then by doing ‘Boy Marketing’, Is she trying to prove that she has a lot of stocks in ‘Boy Marketing’, forgetting the truth that with only one, she is going to hook up for life.

It may be she is trying to figure out by doing bang with those boys just to find out which person is of deer or lion style, and from there, she will just do filtering of doggie style.

However, she is not noticing that she is also getting banged in the doggie style from those dog style lovers along with deer and lion style people reserved in her ‘Boy Marketing’ Market.

And this can be seen as to why some deer and lion featured people are mad after doggie-style females. It’s because the position is the same, but she serves them one by one doing the ‘Boy Marketing’ in order to find out deer or lion style person.

The main reason behind this is that they don’t keep their CPU location in their mind. Even those females who keep their CPU location in their mind and still do ‘Boy Marketing’. Then such Chwat Chudail Girlfriends are intelligent but not creative enough to think that they are also getting other different titles like doggie style along with deer and lioness style.

What can you boys expect from a CPU dislocated female? If CPU of them is not processing their clear mindset thought that what they are doing in the name of doing bang with dog feature person along with deer and lion featured person.

They are just putting an additional title to them where the reason is their Mother who scolds her Kuttiya; based on this, their friends too scold each other. It’s all because of their Mother.

Khali Khopdi’s people inspiring character is their Khali Khopdi mother forgetting how is it going to influence towards their another Khali Khopdi, daughter. Will it make them Chwak Chudail Girlfriends or Chwat Chudail Girlfriends of their future Chwak Chandal Boyfriends or Chwat Chandal Boyfriends?

Even they don’t know which Chudail Girlfriend they should be. Then it’s a whose mistake. It’s their leading pioneer, Mummy, who has done Mummification of their whole CPU thought process?

Then, if there are no logical thoughts in their mind, what kinds of Chudail girlfriends will such females be? Of course, Chwat Chudail Girlfriend instead of Chwak Chudail Girlfriend.

Due to less stress and free time, Chwat Chudail Girlfriends are mostly very Chwak in look. So don’t get confused, you Doctors, Engineers and Pilots, who will you engage with before getting into a long-term bond contract?

Is she a Chwat Chudail Girlfriend with Khali Khopdi or Chwak Chudail Girlfriend who can also be good-looking? But mostly Chwat Chudail Girlfriends are more good looking due to free time in doing care and maintenance in their figure just to calculate out the situation and figure of ‘Boy Marketing’.

You have been warned from such Chwat Chudail Girlfriend before getting a lifetime Chumma and Honeymoon contract with them. But living a life without CPU in their mind is a matter of bravery where humble Doctors, Engineers, Pilots and other professionals value their inner power.

That’s the reason such professionals enjoy pakoda from their Pakoda Chwat Chudail Girlfriend, making them fat so that they can still continue their old ‘Boy Marketing’ which is generally seen in today’s global ‘Boy Marketing’ handled by Chwat Chudail Girlfriend, and ‘Girl Marketing’ driven from the Chwat Chandal Boyfriends.

Be careful about this, you professionals. She is more professional in ‘Boy Marketing’, where you can just identify and observe whether your female partner is doing ‘Boy Marketing’ or not. Getting personally engaged in such ‘Boy Marketing’ you will be entitled with ‘Gay’. Hello hey!!!

2. Then next version of Chudail Girlfriend is Chwak Chudail Girlfriend. The feature of Chwak Chudail Girlfriend is to do Chumma Chwat to the problem to get the solution in the Chumma Chwak way.

Sometimes Chwak Chudail Girlfriend may be unable to do so due to the involvement of Chwat Chudail Girlfriend. It’s because Chwat Chudail Girlfriends are highly manipulative, well professionals who are also known as playgirls doing the ‘Boy Marketing’ over the time of massive facial experience in groups.

They do so to take the excellent credit as Chwak Chudail Girlfriend initially being Chwat Chudail Girlfriend. This is why sometimes Chwak Chudail Girlfriends cannot get their real credit for their deeds.

In this case, Chwak Chudail Girlfriend will have to learn how to play and cope with Chwat Chudail Girlfriend. Being a Chwak Chudail Girlfriend, you are also a Chudail Girlfriend. Don’t forget that, but a good one who sometimes should act like a bad one Chwat Chudail Girlfriend in front of Chwat Chudail Girlfriend.

As a result, Chwat Chudail GirlFriend will not mess up with Chwak Chudail Girlfriend, who has dual power of Chwak and Chwat Chudail Girlfriend.

So that Chwat Chudail Girlfriends should feel they are game players, but the real game-changer is Chwak Chudail Girlfriend who acts online.

But also, sometimes they, as Chwak Chudail Girlfriends, should pretend to be Super Chwat Chudail Girlfriends when dealing or messing up with Chwat Chudail Girlfriends to exist with their Chwak Chandal Boyfriends in the existing market.

In this case, such normal regular Chwat Chudail Girlfriend will live miles away from Chwak Chudail Girlfriend who now has become Super Chwat Chudail Girlfriend where normal game player Chwat Chudail Girlfriend can never mess up with them.

Therefore, being a Chwak Chudail Girlfriend, just don’t be pious towards yourself internally and externally.

If there are many more Chwat Chudail Girlfriends in the market who is player of ‘Boy Marketing’, then in such case, you as a Chwak Chudail Girlfriend should act like Super Chwat Chudail Girlfriends for retention of your existence in this global competition, especially in the field of ‘Boy Marketing’ which has widespread emotional and financial business.

Then don’t you think you, as a boy of deer or lion featured person, also come under that ‘Boy Marketing’ that Chwat Chudail Girlfriend is already aware of.

And being a Chwat Chudail Girlfriend, she has enjoyed the doggie style from the dog featured person, doe style from the deer featured person, and lioness style from the lion featured person due to the power of ‘Boy Marketing’ based on their research and development to become a new version.

But the fact is, she was always in a doggie style even though there were deer and lion style people. Based on this fact, “The whole water will be poisoned if poison is mixed in water”.

So such Chwat Chudail Girlfriends are a doggy-style people whose partnership, normally and justically, fits with Chwat Chandal Boyfriends, not Chwak Chandal Boyfriends.

Based on that, if she has enjoyed a doggie style with dog style person, then she is already a _ucking _itch. So compared to such a Chwat Chudail Girlfriend, you as a Chwak Chudail Girlfriend may be a doe or lioness style person but fully committed to one style personality.

This simply differentiates you as Chwak Chudail Girlfriend from Chwat Chudail Girlfriend. You should know that you are the real queen of your fate.

And no one can come in between you as a doe or lioness style person to your deer or lion style person. This is why you are meant to be loved in lioness style by your lion-style person.

The main benefit of being initially a Chwak Chudail Girlfriend in doe or lioness style is that when you intimate with such feelings of doe or lioness with your deer or lion style person, the third world war resulted person will be either doe/deer or lioness/lion style person.

But here as a Chwak Chudail Girlfriend, even if she gets a lion-style person. There male may feel lion style, but if she is already a doggie style person who feels like a doggy at that momentum of intimacy, then she will not regard herself as a lioness style person. She is just a Chwat Chudail Girlfriend, not a real Chwak Chudail Girlfriend, making a false claim.

So, in this case, as a Chwak Chudail Girlfriend, she will give birth to a baby who will be of doggie or dog style person, where she will be called Mother of doggy or dog style baby instead of doe/deer or lioness/lion baby which will be identified based on their true behaviours of their children.

And it’s the fact that doggy or dog style person, doe or deer style person, and lioness or lion style person are born by nature of their mother and fathers original feelings positional stylish _ucking love.

PTR: If a male is of dog style and a female is of lioness style, then in this case, if they are doing intimation for the first time with each other where they have never been involved with any other partner.

Then, in this case, females of lioness style can give birth to a lion or lioness style person where there are many conditions applicable in this case.

However, one may be of lioness or lion while another may be of doe or deer, and at last, there may be doggy or dog style. It’s all about dominance, and recessive genetic character, along with the feelings of doggy or dog, doe or deer and lioness or lion style intimation level.

Finally, you should know your girlfriend will be a wife, either of yours or others. There girlfriends are just getting promoted to wife, but inside she has girlfriend features.

Based on this, even a wife who possesses a girlfriend’s features is a chudail, either Chwak or Chwat. Therefore, every female is chudail from the girlfriend’s point of view, either yours or others who is your wife now or will be when you are married.

Those who have never been a girlfriend of anyone else just lacked opportunity or were not interested in it, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a feature of girlfriend.

So which Types of Chudail Girlfriends as a female do you want to be, i.e. Chwak Chudail Girlfriend or Chwat Chudail Girlfriend. Just mention this in the comments under this video.

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