25 Inspirational Strong Women Quotes For Your Fierce Women

[Introduction] As a Legend, learn to use Strong Women Quotes for your lady cute don to let her feel like a problem killer don. That means she is powerful enough to assemble problems entirely powerless when she is with you. Make her feel special.


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[Body Part] “To impress your girl or lady, use Strong Women Quotes to impress them and also let them feel valuable in their life.”

“Women are not the means of pleasure from the body but heart or soul. Do take pleasure, but the body should be binded with heart or soul.”

“When there is a need of heart or soul, men demand the body needs where in such cases a man is doing nothing but rape to his own girl or wife. So give your female freedom and power to say no when they are bodily binded without heart or soul binding.”

“Never force your woman to do things she is not interested in or intended to do. Everyone has their desire, and you, as a male, cannot think of what she has sacrificed in your life just for you. See those things from her perspective.”

“The word sacrifice will not console the female sacrifice that she does and is doing in your life. So please don’t play with their silence because such females are violent inside. When they use their Violent power, your value will not be even like a Violin.”

“Enjoy the music and dance with your women even without any mood, and such uncertain accidental music with dance let them feel you never miss the chance to love. This will always make them wanted to you. So be wanted by making your women feel wanted. And it’s your action, not the word, that will prove who you are and what you want.”

“How can women endure such great pain in their lives in just silence? It’s because you never think and feel the main reason for their silence, and one day when she is not valued, she becomes silent no matter what you do. Now know you are living with living dead women, and it’s your behaviour towards her that she is like that.”

“Not valuing the women in their need will let you feel one day that you are not even the value of her heel shoes. And you often talk to her that you want to heal her in her pain.”

“Like when money is earned from a man it is only valued by him not when he get it without any effort from their guardians. In the same way, if a woman is not earned, she is never valued by a man. So women, let the men earn you and just get earned one day. Don’t fly too high in the sky towards nymph land, you Papa’s Nymph.”

“Women are not hot; if they are hot, then why doesn’t the cylinder of a Kitchen get bomb barded. It’s because she also has the power of a more powerful bomb than the cylinder bomb. Don’t think of other bomb parts. That is copyright for her lovely man.”

“Women’s hotness hurt the heart, and one day the men’s value becomes like a creature living in a hut, with a hat on his head to protect from the sun because there is no roof even over the hut. So pity on the men. And it’s your karma towards her or any innocent girl in the past, and vice-versa.”

“Women are like ‘Woo’ it’s for her Men, that’s why they are called Women and extra ‘O’ is Woo is her double showroom power. So, shower with her in private and keep the privacy in between you or among you. If you misuse their love protocol, then she will give an electric shock to you where you will find yourself hidden inside the shocks of her, or it’s a bra, Oh! you better know it.”

“Women have multiplicative power in their genes. If you give her house, she will make it home, raw vegetables to cooked vegetables, problem to solution, confusion to cake, money to honey, AC to Heater, tension to depression and so on. So never think she will not bounce back; remember, she is just waiting for the right moments.”

“Women can make your life Waoh or fully Jao (get out) from their life.”

“Remember one thing: ‘ Management Skills’ and ‘Spy Agents’ are in the genes of Women, so never think that you will be in a safe zone of innocency, and she will never know.”

“If you want to live a hell life, mistreat your women, and if you want a heaven life, then treat her like a queen but only to the Love Queen, not a Drama Queen wasting your time, money and energy on a wrong party.”

“Drama Queen Women offers Kauwa Biryani in the name of Chicken Biryani, whereas Love Queen offers Chicken Biryani in the name of Kauwa Biryani. So don’t take the problem as a Bad signal that is just a fake, where the reality is different.”

“Daughters are pampered; that’s why they are called Papa ki Pari (nymph), but treating her in the same way during her adulthood will let you as a man feels like; Is there anything left like manhood in you? And one day, you will find yourself in the hood of her mood, and she will tell you are now good to wood. And will burn your wood nature to nurture her life by doing puncture to your life.”

“If women are not doing puncture to your life’s problem, confusion, misunderstanding and so on. Or she is not co-operating with you in solving those problems of your life then be alert she is a narcissist that is a Drama Queen instead of a Love Queen.”

“Women with Love Queen features make you feel like a King, whereas Drama Queen women will make you feel like Kutta (dog) where you feel controlled, not freedom in the love of Drama Queen. So if she makes you feel like Kutta instead of King, then what a Drama Queen is called?”

“Women will kill your life’s problem if you are loyal to her, but if you cheat her, she will make your worth like Chinni Chor (Sugar Thief).”

“How a house feels and seems if there is an absence of a female in that house. So know the worth of a female from this point of view. There is no attraction of a house without women in it.”

“Both Men and Women are valuable, but something like the level of tolerance and level of surrounding nature at heart or soul level in females, make her completely different than a male, making them feel like a magical living ornament in someone’s else life, especially the one who value their presence in their life.”

“Give respect to the women. If you are giving respect to yourself but not to the female, then think you are talking about the respect of your ego, not your self-respect. It’s because self-respect is done consistently at a soul level where ego has no place, so why are you ruling a palace of ego.”

“Woman is a point of feeling, i.e. body level, heart level and soul level. And your feelings toward her will decide how you will treat her, which is seen in your words and behaviour. So before judging anyone, see how you look and feel to her.”

[Conclusion] Never think of playing with the emotion of women; otherwise, learn what your value will be after knowing the above Strong Women Quotes from Idea Generator Scientist.

Know your worth as a man or woman, and act accordingly based on the situation of the societal and your mental environment.

Who knows whose condition is going to be like what? So never take anyone’s presence in your life as cheap. They are cheap in ego, that’s why they seem cheap, but in reality, you should know from your behaviour that you are cheap in behaviour and rich in ego and vice-versa.

So being an egoistic person, go and flush your ego into the safety tank with a piece of background music. ‘Hey, who’s ego? Go and play a bigo’. And don’t think of giving nutrition to it.

The power is not in the ego; it’s your behaviour, how you speak and let others feel. It’s all your behaviour that is going to provide the life you deserve based on your karma of yours.

Love to enjoy the Kiss of Karma from your women but also remember now you are your women’s copyright and patent property. If you cheat her, then she will make you Human Ramen.

So know the value of each other’s presence in your life, as a male and female. And treat each other like precious from your heart or soul. If you cannot do it, then you are dating someone else’s future soulmate. Just leave a part.

Now let me know your thoughts under this video on how you should treat a male, and as a female, how would you like to be treated by a male?

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