25 Funny Quotes on Age to Value Your Time Reflection

[Introduction] People should learn to use their age properly where Quotes On Age for us will be helpful to know in better decision makings at various stages in our life. Once the period of doing any particular thing is gone, then it’s gone forever.


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[Body Part] “People think they have more time, based on their age group, where they forget it is not their parental copyright. So based on age, learn the skill of time management.”

“Aging is not a major consequence; the main problem is not using the age time to learn something new and make self-investment to get the return out of it after a particular age time.”

“During the age of making self-investment and making ourselves better, today’s teenage in 21 Ist century are just enjoying the vegetables made from Century Masala.”

“Teenage should learn to use their energy based on their age in doing the digital or stock market, not a girl or boy marketing.”

“Everything a human does based on their age is all the investment either financially, non-financially or emotionally. Make sure to get some positive return from it in any form.”

“During the age of learning also educational institution should teach their students how to make their side hustle income so that at least they become independent to pay back their academic fees at their own self financial responsible power.”

“It’s not the bigger age that teaches you a bigger thing; it’s a bigger experience you have over the time in the long run. Or more problem in short age and your feeling and analysis on it will make you more mature even in earlier age compared to other older human.”

“Learning anything has no age bar except something, but make sure you will complete them in the set period from your side.”

“No one cares your age when you know how to adjust yourself in any situation with the power of your capabilities and creativity.”

“Make love at appropriate love but never waste your full time just for the fun of a few minutes. It’s not a big deal in today’s world. No matter how many ages of your age you have passed for someone, now and then, they will leave you.”

“Value the age of the time, love and respect of someone who has given to you by making the time management. If you do not value them, don’t keep them in an illusion that you will value them one day. Just clear the sense of them and move together or alone a head.”

“Today’s teenage are using their time and energy like the sound of Tin, which make the sound for some time like seen in social media viral and so on. It’s not that bad but learn to make it long-term through extra learned skills from your side. Life is not only about teenage but also of old age in retirement.”

“Based on age, you will experience various things in your life where you will learn how to live, talk, move on, take a risk, settle for deserved things, learn to lead and time management etc. Use them based on your target goals in your life.”

“What you want to be in your life, you decide from your backend. It’s only you who know which goals you are interested in. After then, start working on that goals. Sometimes it can be changed, but don’t worry, just modify it and include that in a new one at least some of the experienced gained from there, so that you won’t feel worthy of losing time.”

“Don’t waste your age in gaining the materialistic award from the materialistic mindset people. Instead, learn how to reward yourself so that one-day reward giver feels worthless in giving reward to you.”

“Feel one thing in your life now and then that materialistic reward is for the intelligent people who need a platform to prove who they are. But if you think you are the genius, then be aware you should learn how to create the opportunities for those reward-seeking intelligence by becoming reward in yourself in any form.”

“As a female learn to invest in your goal at the age of 18, at 22 you will be mature enough to know what, how and why you should do it more, then investing extra 4 years, i.e. at 26 you will be real Pioneer where for boys it’s the age of 22, 26 and 30. This is for supreme legend/ary not for Legend, Angoor and Langoor.”

“Once the mistake has been committed in any point of life, either it’s one time or over the time in your goal attainment if you fail, then give a break yourself to think, observe, feel and analyze how it happened, and what should be done to move on with a better plan. This is only for pioneer people, not the papaya.”

“By the age, you should feel that pioneers are Papa and Followers are Papaya. So you decide what you want to be one of the crowds or one of the crown creational King or Queen.”

“It’s your age that will tell you not to become a tail follower of Tapori people who never wants you to become better than them. Before it’s too late, develop such skills to achieve mastery in using your mind.”

“Spending more time in learning and spending more ages in an educational institution for any job post, it’s better you do self-investment. And take the risk of at least blogging or vlogging to make your income and use that earned income to make extra side income online and offline to feel hyperlinker financial freedom person.”

“Age does not tell when to love someone; it’s the feeling that you have for someone in your heart. So do the booking of them and apply BooKuwa Love in Fukuwa Style later in the date.”

“Age of Body Beauty is only limited to the beauty parlour of home or public. But the age of heart or soul beauty is till the existence of your heart and soul. So beauty with a brain is bullet power personality, and Just a mind beauty is better future duty whereas only body beauty is till the Love beauty massage.”

“There is fixed age for various parts of your body parts functioning, so learn to use them in their time, i.e. in marriage what body part is mostly used, in career and so on. Use the power of the body parts before it’s expired. Rest is all about maintenance of it.”

“There is no problem in the age group of love but make sure out of male or female one is mature to lead the relationship where the maturity age of male is 26 and female is 22 based on better balanced hormonal functioning power.”

[Conclusion] Since life is too short to learn anything from our own life experience, it’s always wise to use someone else life experience knowledge that they have learned over time.

For this, you can use Quotes On Age from those people who have personally learned over the various stages of their life.

Never hesitate to take the feedback from the educated, wise older people where they may resist in the beginning but will tell you worthful of knowledge which you will need at any point in your life.

Learn everything that a Legend/ary needs to have in them. For this, never feel bored in learning. It’s always better to make the knowledge fun and happy for being a game player and becoming a game changer one day.

You will never feel disappointed in your life, why you have wasted time on anything, i.e. relationship of any kind or goals. Either you will learn or earn in the form of financial, non-financial and emotional.

So you decide what you should do in your life based on your age to make your dream life that you want to live from your side. And also, make a schedule for it, where some modifications to your schedule over the time may be needed, based on situations of your mental environment.

Now let me know how you would like to use your age under this video, i.e. in a Langoor, Angoor, Legend/ary or Super Legend/ary style.

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