Why Mosquito Bites More To Army And Police?

[Summary] Why Army and Police are mostly rewarded with Mosquito Bites. It’s because of their karma for injustice to rape victims where they protect the rapist. Know in detail about their Army and Police Leela.


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Don’t be shy as a rape victim because everyone is the victim of Mosquito Bites (Mosquitoes _angbang) love where the Police and the Army are the real victims of it during their training and duty.

If you are not getting impure from Mosquitoes Bites (Mosquito _angbang), then how will you be impure as a rape victim. As a female, you are filtered every month during a monthly period.

Who has kept your prestige in your _agina. It’s the lickers and smellers of those who are the actual creator and followers of a male-dominated society. So be proud of yourself and accept the way you are.

Everyone is here with a particular purpose. Hence know your worth based on your situation and take action to change the life of others as a motivational leader.

Your willpower is everything. Never let yourself down in any conditions.

You doggie, doe or lioness style female, just know the real version of your person from their activities and act accordingly based on their interaction in this video.

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