What is the Best Marriage Advice you need to live a respectful life?

[Introduction] Marriage Advice is needed to know if you will marry the right or wrong person. Remember, a person becomes happy from emotional satisfaction where money is just a means to help it out.


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[Body Part] Marriage Advice is the most important thing for couples to know who they are about to sign a lifetime marriage bond contract. You should be clear on the fact whether your marriage relationship is going to be fruitful or not.

You should be clear whether your marriage is love or arranged or both marriage and love. If you don’t know how to be in a relationship by leading and getting led out there, it won’t be easy to maintain trust and retain the marriage relationship.

And such types of relationships are just conditional relationships, not unconditional marriage relationships. Some conditions are always there, which is normal, but it should not be torture that you feel controlled and humiliated more often.

Therefore, Marriage Advice for Newlyweds or unmarried couples is that it should be done based on your wish, not against your wish.

If you learn to earn each other’s trust, value each other’s presence, and feel each other from the heart, not only from the body. If possible, do feel each other from the soul. This way, you will value each other’s worth in your life.

It will lead your relationship to the logical and scientific level where if there is any problem in your relationship, then you will solve it together by pointing out and guiding each other’s mistakes rather than complaining and debating them.

In this wedding advice for newlyweds couple or unmarried couple is that you should value the absence of each other in each other’s life even during the relationship.

This way, if you feel the absence of each other, it would be a better happy relationship before and after the marriage. Never be hurried or force your partner to listen to you when there is a need of emotional need by feeling their pain or problem.

For this, just listen to them when they want to talk. Just be there to make them feel you are there in every ups and down of their life journey.

It’s advice to the bride and groom that you must give respect, love and time to your partner. And another partner, too, in return, should pay it back with interest sometimes but not always. Here the use of money is to balance love, respect and time.

Sometimes ego can have a place in your life, but it should not be consistence. Otherwise, you just remember that person is not suitable for the relationship. Just change your thinking and behaviour towards it.

If not, change the husband or wife if you are a married couple, and if unmarried, you have the excellent fortune to change your partner where enough time too, to heal for the next relationship.

And the funny wedding advice is that if you want to lose your fun from your life then tolerate that person till the lifetime. In this case, sometimes, you may be non-financially secured.

So, in that case, always dare to talk to your parents, brothers and blindfold trusted friends to take advice from them or simply from the relationship expert for Marriage Advice on thoughts and behaviour where then act accordingly to those existing situations.

If your parents are not ready to understand your relationship, do whatever you want, either by crying or fighting for your freedom to live a respectful life, not a hell-compromised life.

Here remember how you convince your boyfriend being to a girlfriend. In the same way, just try to deal with your parents, brothers and trustful friends to convince them so that you can live a freedom life getting detached and far from a toxic relationship.

In this case, if you are an unmarried couple, then as a female, always try to attain financial freedom.

And at last, a male with financial freedom will be just an additional bonus where, in return, demand his honesty and loyalty in maintaining love, respect and time with you.

That’s what a female wants from her husband. If your husband is rich but doesn’t have time for the relationship, then tell him to manage the time for you, for which just give him some time.

On the other hand, if you are unmarried and see him too busy, then the wedding advice for the couple will be just to observe, inquire and know if he is worth your love, respect and time where in return will he be able to pay back to you or not?

One of the essential Marriage Advice for any married or unmarried couple is that never make a compromise in any relationship except a rare case. Just learn to make an adjustment in your relationship life.

This will give you freedom in your relationship and happiness to explore and feel your absolute ecstasy. That’s what a girl expects as a woman and a boy as a husband.

Hence, don’t just let your freedom in a loving relationship in terms of freedom, love, respect, time and care be limited to the boundaries of your house.

Remember you are your ‘Papas Nymph’ to fly like a bird in the sky from the perspective of freedom and happiness where at the same time, just don’t ignore your partner.

The best Marriage Advice for newlyweds or about to weds is that if you are going to feel the world in each other’s lives, then only try to think of hooking up for life. If not, use the knife to cut your confusion that you live your life like a King or Queen.

[Conclusion] Overall, just say tata bye-bye to your partner whose value is not more than Kutta or Kutti; one day, they will make your life like Torn Kurta or Kurti. They will _uck up your life just by controlling where you will feel like Kutta and Kutti living in a Kennel.

It may seem like a house, but that is Kennel for Kutta and Kutti. So be sure that if you are too much controlled, your partner may be in the wrong friendship relationship; just act before it’s too late.

If the behaviour is changed, then it’s ok to go. If not, confirm that you are not married to King or Queen; they are just a Kutta or Kutti.

Now it’s all up to you to live a tortured or happy tortoise life. At least you will feel free to live like a princess of your own.

Don’t make your life living like a slave in a relationship just because you made a wrong choice. There is always a choice; you must think about how your choice will make up your life.

To take a better decision in your life with complete confidential choice is that you as a female just achieve your financial problem. At least the money problem will be solved, whereas the honey problem will be solved now and then.

Thus the best Marriage Advice is to achieve your financial freedom and only get married.

If not, one, especially the male, must have creational power, not positional power, to be in a marriage relationship as an immature or non-financially settled female.

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