Nalley Bitch Don

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    Nalley Bitch Don is a word taken from Hindi language.

    It is used to point out to someone whose thoughts are like those of a bitch in society. Here, bitchness can be driven by money, power, or sex. For this reason, Nalley Bitch Don can do anything.

    Such things can be seen in politicians, government employees, police, businessmen, and so on. For power, money and sex, bitches can do anything.

    Generally, Nalley Bitch Don conducts legalized terrorism through power, money, and sex-oriented bitches. And they use that bitch power to show their bitchness as a Nalley Bitch Don.

    The majority of these people are “Bortual Version no. 2”, who are much more intelligent than Nalley Don, who are less intelligent than them.

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