Kauwa Biryani

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Kauwa Biryani is a word taken from Bhojpuri and Hindi languages which are also widely used in the Nepali, Tamil and other Indian languages based on regions.

In English, Kauwa Biryani means one of the meat items made from Crow.

So it’s a satirical language used to point out when you have been fooled by someone who was assured or promised to have Chicken Biryani but cheated and offered Kauwa Biryani.

It’s just like a female promising to a male that she will marry him and will be there for him forever and vice-versa.

But does this happen in reality? Not naa! So here, in the name of Permanent Love in the form of Chicken Biryani, a male has been offered Temporary Love in the form of Kauwa Biryani after being deceived.

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