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    Bortual = Body Level Lover (Narcissist). These are mostly flavourish people running after flavour, forgetting the fact that as a male, they have one flavour and, as a female, one flavour.

    But still, they are mad about flavourish love with a mission to make ‘Grapes into Raisin’. Once this mission is complete, they go to another ‘Grapes into Raisin’ mission.

    So females or males don’t complain about your love if it’s broken being a ‘Bortual Love’ which is only temporary.
    *** PTR: ‘Bortual’ word is generated from IGS to rhyme the Heartual and Spiritual Word where a rhyming word is ‘tual’ where ‘tual’ points to leakage. ‘Tual’ is taken from the Bhojpuri language.

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