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Frequently Asked Question doubts for this website

Creative Commons Videos are wholly owned from the side of original creators. If they allow others to use it for free, then it can be used for free, or simply they can demand some credits to mention in the video description of the video hosting platform or simply in a website.

Here on this site, you will get all our Creative Commons Videos in return for credits mentioned at the end of every webpage. It can be used either personally or commercially but in return for credit.

You can also make your website and simply list all of our video clips on your website to make money from there. It will increase your revenue out there.

Just remember to tell your visitors that they must list the credits in their video description of YouTube, Rumble, DailyMotion, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

In case of TikTok video hosting platform, use these #infotrim @infotrim hashtags to avoid copyright claims. Enjoy using all Creative Commons Videos of this website to make money from it forever.

It’s 100% legit according to youtube’s creative commons rule policy. i.e. one is eligible to make money from video until it’s Creative Commons Videos. And videos on this site will be creative commons till the life of this website.

Feel free to use them in the return of credit mentioned in every blog post on this website. Host those Creative Commons Videos on various video hosting platforms like YouTube, Rumble, DailyMotion, Facebook and so on to make more money from it.

You can use this site’s Creative Commons Videos forever to make money from hosting it at any monetizable video hosting platform in return for credit mentioned at the end of every web page of this website.

Just know what Creative Commons Videos are and learn how to Earn Money From YouTube using this website forever.