Creative Commons Videos Forever for Your YouTube Channel from Us: 13 Steps

[Summary] Creative Commons Videos are those videos that are wholly owned personally or with commercial rights for distribution. And use it in any way you want, like to the general public or any other business organization, in return for the credit with no copyright claim until contents are credited to the actual or authorised owner of it.

Watch the below video to learn about Creative Commons Videos in audio and visual form or simply continue reading the text from below this video. You can also watch this below video offline by downloading it after hitting the ‘Full Vdo’ button from below this video.

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[Introduction] If you are new then watch this “Video” till the end before using these Creative Commons Videos forever in your Youtube Channel.

To avoid copyright claims, just give us credit in the description of YouTube or any other video hosting platform, which is mentioned at the end of every webpage post at

But do remember any kinds of links are not supported in DailyMotion Video, Video Thumbnails, titles, tags, and descriptions. So only use text in video description; otherwise, the DailyMotion channel will be banned out there forever.

[Body Part] Know in 13 points about Creative Commons Videos that should be known for your safety, learning and earning purpose.

Use the Table of Contents below to see what topics are covered in this post. Reading this post will give you clear insight into what you will know.

1. What is Creative Commons Videos?

what is creative commons videos InfoTrim 700x394 px

Creative Commons Videos are those which are eligible to use either for personal or commercial use based on some certain terms and conditions.

If the content is entirely 100% owned from the creator side, either personally or with commercial rights, then based on their distribution to the general public in return for credit to them with no copyright claim until contents are credited to the actual or authorised owner of it.

Here on this site ‘’ and YouTube channel InfoTrim, videos can be used along with other newly created regular videos for your brand new or existing YouTube channel along with monetization for a lifetime.

If videos and all of it’s content are 100% owned by any individual or company, they can be called Creative Commons Videos. If something is commercially purchased and owned 100% for commercial use, it too can be used as Partial Creative Commons Videos by mentioning some credits for this.

Since you own it, you can permit anyone to use it in return for something, either money or just a credit to your personally or commercially owned content. Make sure those commercially owned contents are redistributable. If not, those contents cannot be used as Creative Commons Videos.

Along with this you can also use pixabay Creative Commons Videos for mixing the content out there for making master piece content. There you don’t have to give credits for those video clips, images and music out there.

There are also vimeo Creative Commons Videos available for reuse but they should be downloaded after contacting it from the real owner. Otherwise, chances of getting copyright claim may be done if it is going to be of third party.

Make sure to download Creative Commons Videos from real owners only not from any third party, who has posted others original creators or other unknown creators claiming their own free Creative Commons Videos.

Such creators may be fake, pretending to be the original creator with the bad intention just to let you trap for increasing their audience database with a promise to reuse Creative Commons Videos on youtube for making money from that platform.

2. How to use these Creative Commons Videos without copyright claim?

you these license creative commons videos without copyright claim InfoTrim 700x394 px

To use any Creative Commons Videos without copyright claim, Just give us the required credit for all the videos in your YouTube video description of your YouTube channel.

Also, mention those credits on other video hosting platforms, which can be found at the end of all webpage posts at

Most crucial use these below types of credits link in your YouTube video description or other video hosting platforms. Different links for different videos are there on every single webpage.

The below sample credit links for each video are found in every blog post of Always upload the video as ‘Standard YouTube License’ (not 100% wholly-owned from your side either personally or commercially or both), not ‘Creative Commons – Attribution’ to your YouTube channel to protect from any kinds of copyright claim.


## Source/Credits for Fair Use of Content ##

(1) Main Video Source Link:

(2) PDF/MP3/Vdo Clips/Full Vdo download source:

(3) Creative Commons License Type:

(4) Copyright Disclaimer:  

Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statutes that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use !!

NOTE: Above credits are not needed except ‘Copyright Disclaimer’ in the video hosting platform. Just write a simple description, and that’s all. Because if there are any promotional links of any kind in the Video, Thumbnail, Title, Tags and Description, then your DailyMotion channel will be banned forever. Therefore, be very careful about this.

For each video in your YouTube video description, it is compulsory to give credits because they will protect you from a copyright claim. Though in some cases it is not needed, we have made it mandatory, so in no way no copyright claim will be claimed neither from us nor from some other content creators.

There we use other original creators’ some of the creative commons content in some of our contents for which credits are not needed in itself.

However, Copyright Disclaimer are added in bonus to free yourself from any non-sense fake content ID claim. In such a case, there is nothing to worry about this.

You can also search Creative Commons Videos online for reusing. But be confirmed that they are from original creators; otherwise, you may get ruined after all hardship with kiss notification; sorry, baby, you have got content ID claim or copyright claim.

Always search best Creative Commons Videos from the authentic site with actual owner and creators with no cheating in providing their creations for helping the people around the web just to make money from there.

Mostly, people suggest using the youtube Creative Commons Videos library for reusing. That’s a good idea to find such content all in one place, but before that, be sure that they have listed their professional websites under it. If it’s not there, then don’t get the trap out there.

It’s because professional people have professional websites doing their job professionally. Some may even provide with their youtube channel too, promising to provide license Creative Commons Videos for reuse and monetization purpose. But it’s not confirmed that it will be there for the long run.

Therefore, use professional creators with real creative commons license videos for their visitor’s reusing purpose. They must promise to maintain their service in an ongoing process to continue for the long-term without dropping out in the service.

Some people even think, are tiktok videos creative commons for reuse? Then be confirmed that tiktok videos are not for Creative Commons Videos search platform. However, some professional people may promote where you can find Creative Commons Videos website through tiktok platform.

Hence, quit your thinking that TikTok provides re-uploading Creative Commons Videos to video hosting platforms like youtube and others. Never be lazy in doing some research for finding out real Creative Commons Videos free download website platform for letting you make money from it through youtube.

You can use Creative Commons Videos of our site in any way you want with just in the return of credit mentioned at the end of every blog post to avoid any kinds of copyright or content ID claim from us and also from the side of the video hosting algorithm.

We care about your hardship. That’s the reason we have created this great website for making money through the use of our Creative Commons Videos without any additional tension in your mind.

3. How to use these Creative Commons Videos from your side?

how using creative commons videos to make money will help you gain financial freedom InfoTrim 700x394 px

It’s so easy that no one has ever provided this kind of opportunity for the lifetime to Earn Money From YouTube Platform.

You can earn money in so much smart way with the help of our website InfoTrim just using the Creative Commons Videos of ours in return for credits where some modification to the content is most important like adding your own background music from a free source like,, and so on for which no credits to that music is needed in most of the cases.

Just add the background music in our downloaded ‘Video Clips’ with the background music from your side imported from above mentioned free resources along with some voiceover changes either yours or simply using ‘ text to speech technology’ to our content.

And adding some texts in it from your back end will make you eligible for YouTube monetization in your YouTube Channel.

Also, by doing commentary or criticism to our videos with no changes in content too can be used for YouTube monetization.

However, if you plan to use it with your content, then mixing it can be done to your content to monetize that video content at the YouTube platform or any video hosting platform.

Full content without modification can be used on the YouTube channel, but it cannot be monetized. Since something like texts, images, GIFs, background music, video clips and so on should be added from your side to make it owned content even to the content of the creative commons as well for its monetization.

You can use them in any way you want but adding something from your own side is very important like background music with your own original music sound in place of ours, doing commentary, criticism or reaction video will make your content eligible for YouTube monetization along with other video hosting platforms like, and so on.

If video will be uploaded first at YouTube channel then simply download the video from YouTube by doing copy and paste of video url at this and and so on.

In this way, the video will be optimised for downloading and will be of less size due to the compression technology of YouTube videos out there.

Then upload this downloaded video from your YouTube channel to another video hosting platform where with same Thumbnail, Title, Description, Tags of YouTube can be used out there except DailyMotion.

There should not be any links in video content, Video Thumbnails, Title, Tags and description (only textual, not any links) to be safe from banning from DailyMotion company.


PTR: Remember one thing that is you should not use any kinds of promoting links (not even social profile links) in the title, description, tags, thumbnail or video in itself with the purpose of advertising, selling or attempting to sell either products or services at video hosting platform out there.

Otherwise, it will simply disable your DailyMotion account without your prior notice forever. And it will also forfeit all your pending payments.

So better don’t use any kinds of links in the description of Just write textual description in the description section of this video hosting platform. Never commit this mistake ever till you are using dailymotion video hosting platform out there.

However, this condition is not applicable in You can use the promoting links here for your website promotion like allows you out there.

So it’s better recommended you just get stuck with these two video hosting platforms for making money from your video content and list your social profiles as well to drive extra traffic from your social profiles out there.

It’s because at if ‘DailyMotion Channel’ is not used on regular basis, then based on that they can delete your channel. However, uploading one video monthly can protect your dailymotion channel.

Just try this, may be it will get change in the future. It’s all up to them. But such conditions are not applicable to and Hence only get sticked to and


Also, mention the links to the post on forums and social media. It will save our time, and also, there will be no violation of the terms of service of those video hosting platforms out there.

For this, just mention the social media links where you are hosting the video content in the video description of all video hosting platforms except because based on their terms of use’ there should not be any promotional link in the video description.

If done by mistake, then DailyMotion Channel will be blocked, and all content will be deleted along with no payment for the pending amount.

So be very cautious on this and personally handle this video hosting platform from your side; otherwise, if done a mistake with any of your team, you are ruined with publishing a new video in a few minutes. Everything will be haunted down out there.

In this way, those video hosting algorithms will consider that you are the content owner. You are posting them on various video hosting platforms to increase your business brand awareness. And finally to make more money from there except which forbid the use of promotion links in their video descriptions.

And this pattern will work for both ‘Standard YouTube License’ and ‘Creative Commons – Attribution’ content uploaded to your YouTube channel. Since our videos are Creative Commons Videos, you can use them in return for credit mentioned at the end of every blog post at

List them in a video description and make your YouTube video of ‘Standard YouTube License’ not ‘Creative Commons – Attribution’ to avoid any penalty from either our side or the YouTube algorithm out there.

You can also search for Creative Commons Videos footage easily through for finding the real authentic website to explore and use those content with or without any attribution to it.

People often get confused asking question if they can edit Creative Commons Videos after downloading it? The answer is Yes. They can use it to make money from video hosting platforms to make a side income. In some, credit is needed, whereas some don’t need it out there.

Using Creative Commons Videos to make money is a simple method, especially for those who don’t know how to create original content from their own side. In this case, never feel bored in using others’ creations to make money from there through YouTube and other video hosting platforms.

Creative Commons Videos on YouTube should be used only in a rare case due to the absence of the original creator’s website link in the video description. So use the Google platform to search such videos like we as provide.

Overall, to say, simply just don’t stick to one Creative Commons Videos sites if you are planning to make better video content like a professional people. Use some beautiful background music searching online as creative commons music.

Here, we don’t use music in our videos just to claim it as a Creative Commons Videos quotes hosting website where later other categories videos will also be published for providing a broader platform for making money out there.

You can download Creative Commons Videos from our side for free in high quality with 1920×1080 px format, which is primarily in clips wise so that mixing of those content in the random form will be easier using any video editors you know.

We simply make your job easier for randomly mixing the video content where just use pixabay Creative Commons Videos, images and music.

In the same way, also try to use royalty free music, images and videos clips from other websites to mix with our video content to make it highly professional. Work like a pro and attract more, bro.

4. What’s the Eligibility to make money from YouTube using our owned original content?

how can you edit creative commons videos to make it your owned personal content InfoTrim 700x394 px

Giving us credit for all the videos you use from our website in your YouTube video description helps you be safe from firing copyright claims by the YouTube algorithm.

Just Upload your modified, wholly-owned videos, give us credit and earn from them after hitting 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hour time to your YouTube channel.

However, at monetization can be done since day 1 where you should also try this along with for making some extra money out there.

To gain those 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hour time to your YouTube channel, you must upload videos to your YouTube channel regularly, like once a week and four times a month will work. Not like doing it four times at a time in a month. Following this pattern, it will build your YouTube channel authority which will then it will start ranking videos in YouTube Search Engine and Google as well.

But the shortcut way is to advertise your YouTube videos on YouTube advertising platform. This way, even with less than $100-$200 based on the geographical location, you can reach that much target if the video content is engaging in itself.

Still, don’t forget to do video SEO at YouTube, where an eye-catching thumbnail plays a great role in clicking the videos on the YouTube platform. YouTube video SEO from scratch to the notch can be learned at Earn Money From YouTube blog post.

For more also search at or at like ‘how to rank youtube videos fast’.

Next Important NOTE: Always download our videos for your YouTube channel from real owners i.e in our case us as All videos are available for download from this PLACE in a well-categorized manner from new to the old.

Just click on ‘Vdo Clips’ button, which is available on every webpage of our website under this text ‘Click Below To Download’ for download of the original video content created from our side.

Download from our website only not from youtube videos even from our youtube channel with no further issues of copyright claim or content id claim due to change in terms and conditions along with algorithm of and in any kind in the future.

Use it and then modify them using any video editing software like where it is entirely free with no watermark in return for video editing.

But other video editor Softwares shows watermark as a free user of that software. It is all up to the creators what they will demand in return as free providers of products and services.

Also search some other free software at See the tutorial of those videos available at their website or at But recommended not to use the cracked video editing software since they contain viruses in themselves except in some rare cases.

Now you must have known how to monetize Creative Commons Videos from YouTube platform after getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. But at it can be done from day 1. Use these both compulsorily along with

Use cautiously when hosting the video on a video hosting platform. Don’t use too many hashtags in the video description. Keep patience to see your revenue grow after the monetization condition of the video hosting platform is fulfilled.

5. What are the Creative Commons Videos revenue sharing model on YouTube?

how to monetize creative commons videos on youtube using adsense revenue share model InfoTrim 700x394 px

Creative Commons Videos (or CC videos) are those videos that can be used either personally or commercially in return for credit to the original author or authorised commercial owner of the content.

It can be used for video monetization on video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Rumble, DailyMotion and so on, with some modifications done to them.

Based on YouTube revenue sharing platform with adsense you will get 55% revenue from the ads served to your videos, and the rest 45% will go to the YouTube platform in return for hosting your videos out there.

Whatever amount that you will earn from your videos hosted on any video hosting platform will be entirely yours with just in the return of credit to your video description as per the rule of creative commons license.

So don’t get hurried about making money from video hosting platforms. When consistent traffic is driving to your videos, you will be earning a handsome amount of money from it.

6. What type of Creative Commons Videos is found on this site

search creative commons videos categories like quotes and others at InfoTrim 700x394 px

You can find the video in multiple categories like ‘Quotes’, ‘Theory’ and so on, on our site. Later, many other categories of content will also be added so that you as a visitor and YouTube content publisher don’t run out of video content regularly. In this, feel free to use our video content forever.

In our case, we will be using all categories of videos in one YouTube channel. It’s because we are a first-tier YouTube publisher, the only creator and distributor of Creative Commons Videos who can do this without hurting their channel authority.

This will not hurt us in the search engine ranking on YouTube. Still, you use one category only where all can be used only if the brand name of the YouTube channel or website is accompanied by ‘info’ word or something else pointing to information like Ryan info, infoshit, etc.

Disobeying the rules of proper branding, you may hit your YouTube video ranking down organically if you will use all those categories of videos in one YouTube channel pointing to one category name.

Pointing to all categories will have no adverse effects on ranking, so use all categories videos in such cases. It’s just because you are a second-tier YouTuber of Creative Commons Videos, so you should be very cautious in it.

So search Creative Commons Videos on this site based on the need of your categories where basically in the beginning you will get video content based on ‘Quotes’, ‘Theory’, and later others in other categories with continuity for long term.

7. How to use those Creative Commons Videos in a well-mannered way for a YouTube channel?

how re uploading creative commons videos in well mannered way can be done at InfoTrim 700x394 px

Choose your category like Quotes, Theory and so on. So make a YouTube channel in one particular category and start earning. In the beginning, we will be focusing on ‘Quotes’, ‘Theory’ and so on. So start with this category of blog post videos. And later, when we will have a bigger team, we will also begin writing content and making videos on other categories as well.

So what if you want to earn from all those videos? You can create a different channel for a separate category in other family members names using different Gmail IDs. One YouTube channel with one different Gmail ID.

It will help you rank out your YouTube videos for that particular category. So make sure your channel ID contains the name related to Quotes or other related words if you plan to use content related to the Quotes category.

You can create another channel for better channel impressive authority for the YouTube algorithm and your visitors for other categories.

However, if you want to use all our content categories in one of your YouTube channels, then simply the name should be related to information like ‘Info World’ or ‘Killer Info’ or ‘Info Time’ or ‘Beauty Info’ and so on.

Here ‘Info’ represents information of any kind so that you can include all our categories of the videos out there for this type of YouTube channel.

But if you will make channel related to ‘Quotes’ categories like ‘Quotes of Success’ or ‘Successful Quotes’ or ‘Beauty of Quotes’ or ‘Quotes Tonic’ or ‘Quotes Medicine’ and so on. Then in this, your YouTube video content will rank faster organically in YouTube Search Engine. Due to this, you can receive more traffic for free in significantly less time out there.

8. Why create only one YouTube channel per Gmail a/c?

How many YouTube channels can we create with one Gmail ID it is fifty but create only one InfoTrim 700x394 px

I am telling you to create one YouTube channel with one Gmail ID because if someone tries to spam you clicking on your YouTube monetized video ads, you may get temporarily banned for one month from Adsense a/c.

It happens because Google thinks you have hired someone else to click on your ads to earn more from YouTube Adsense ads. I know it’s not you, but there are always some idiots and nasty people like those monkeys who don’t make their own house, and neither lets you build your own.

In this regard, it becomes your responsibility entirely to check how often people are clicking your YouTube videos ads.

If someone is clicking to spam you, you can turn off YouTube video monetization from the YouTube panel for some time, i.e. for a few minutes or an hour plus and then later; you can turn it on.

So that you can earn again from Adsense, on the other hand, your Adsense a/c temporarily banning chances gets less. If your Adsense a/c ever gets banned, then you can recover it from here.

Therefore, always be careful in this regard. Your YouTube channel and Adsense a/c is almost everything if you are a YouTuber. Stay safe and alert.

If you create multiple YouTube channels, it will be a burden for you to manage out there. Hence, better focus on one category and in rest time enjoy your time as well.

This way, you will also be making an extra source of income besides your main job or business out there even by doing one day of work at the end of the weekend only working a few hours a day.

Just learn how to Earn Money From YouTube which may take a few hours to learn or hardly a few days for totally new beginners.

After this, just working a few hours a day at the weekend, you can make one video, and from there, you can make money out there by using this site, Creative Commons Videos, for a lifetime in return for credits mentioned at the end of every webpage.

9. Who can use all the Creative Commons Videos?

creative commons videos website is for all existing and newbie youtubers InfoTrim 700x394 px

This site, Creative Commons Videos, are for all new and existing YouTubers. No condition applied in this case. All are welcome to use it for a lifetime and increase your extra revenue.

But make sure you are simply following the rules of Creative Commons Videos i.e. to add something new from you own side like background music or voice either your original voice or simply using ‘text to speech technology’ or video clips or royalty free images from,, inorder to monetize your videos at YouTube. At least there should be something added from your own side to make money from there.

Remember always upload a video at YouTube as ‘Standard YouTube License’ not ‘Creative Commons – Attribution’ to your YouTube channel. It will be safe from any other penalties either from us or simply from the YouTube algorithm.

10. How to use this site Creative Commons Videos?

how creative commons videos sites must be professional at authentic in their service InfoTrim 700x394 px

In our case Creative Commons Videos, you will have to give ‘Source/Credits for Fair Use of Content’ for the video in your YouTube video description, which you can find at the end of every blog post. Just give us the required credit and enjoy the full profit earned from your YouTube channel for a lifetime.

Also, do some video SEO using this post on how to Earn Money From YouTube as new beginners and existing YouTubers as well out there.

There you will learn from scratch to the notch. Finally, within a few months of building your YouTube channel authority, you will be making money from video content after monetizing it through Adsense a/c out there.

Likewise, try other video hosting platform like: where monetization can be done since day 1 where you should also try this to make instant money from there within less time.

Make sure the title is slightly different in those video hosting platforms and some description points, if possible. That’s it and just see the result within a few months after regular uploading of videos to your video hosting platform out there.

11. How to download these all Creative Commons Videos?

how to download creative commons videos from this site InfoTrim 700x394 px

If you plan to use Creative Commons Videos of any YouTube channel, make sure you are downloading it from the actual owner for that videos.

It is essential because you may get penalised now and then if you use Creative Commons Videos uploaded to YouTube and use any software (e.g.IDM) to download. It was possible before 2018 but not after it.

Our all downloadable ‘Vdo Clips’ on this site are original videos in raw form not uploaded to YouTube platform but another platform for original download purpose only. So it can be used forever for your YouTube monetization platform after giving it credit in your YouTube video description. The credit description is found at the end of every post.

Thus, always download our all Creative Commons Videos from this site post, where you can see the ‘Vdo Clips’ download button. Just click and get it to make a new video adding something new from your side, like mentioned above, to make that video wholly-owned in the return of credit in the video description to make money from it.

12. Is this service temporary or permanent?

creative commons videos quotes site are permanent service InfoTrim 700x394 px

This service will last till the end of this site; I mean till YouTube exist on the internet. We will provide Creative Commons Videos in all the categories regularly so that there won’t be any lack of Creative Common YouTube videos in that particular category.

If you use Creative Commons Videos in the category ‘Quotes’, you will get videos in that category regularly, not exceeding a week.

That means at least one or two videos will be provided every week in the beginning or later in the future. It can be daily, except the weekend out there to maintain your YouTube channel authority.

Hence, if you plan to work with our Creative Commons Videos where ‘First time in the history of YouTube Creators, you will get it for free for a lifetime’ to make an extra income just by working a few hours at the weekend with your video hosting channel.

Other creators also offer but at YouTube channel network but not in offline mode for full video except video clips that are royalty free but not Creative Commons Videos as we provide maybe except some.

In the future, it may be available out there. Still, currently, we are only one company providing such facilities with a step-by-step guide to earn money from video hosting platforms, even for the newbie.

It’s just because we want you to make money from the video hosting platform. We believe in helping based on this Quotes ‘Help Others to get Helped’. Next, based on this quote, ‘Give and take the offer is the rule of nature.

Additionally, if we create the opportunity to help others, we will discover more opportunities, which will generate other extra-terrestrial opportunities for you. So this is how the ‘Intense Hyperlinking Algorithm of Energy’ works and ‘It’s our Kiss of Karma’ that decides our future.

Those theories will be published later from the side of ‘Idea Generator Scientist’ (Pioneer of this Company ‘InfoTrim’). Then you are in the right place. Those Creative Commons Videos will be in distributing pattern forever till the existence of this internet. We will never and ever discontinue this free service.

13. How to get notified about the new Creative Commons Videos update?

youtube creative commons videos updates every single week or twice a week InfoTrim 700x394 px

Just subscribe to this site using this page where notification on weekly basis can be sent to you. If not sent, it is requested to visit this site at least once or twice a week to get your content based on categories.

But if you are visiting this site late, visit daily and upload the videos daily. This way, when all videos will be uploaded to our site, then after that, just be constant every week, either once or twice, to make money from it.

Don’t upload more content daily. There must be consistency in uploading video to your video hosting platform. Not something like three videos in one week and no videos in 2nd week, and one video at the end of 3rd week.

Be consistent; if one video on the weekend, then just only one. If two videos, then two videos. Just don’t break this pattern to prove that you take care of your customers and value your business goodwill in the eye of the video hosting algorithm and visitors side.

You can also come and visit this site regularly too so that you don’t miss any videos out there. Keep the faith and be patience in your video-making career to earn money through ads. After a few months of building your channel authority out there, it will be seen.

Most important, besides above method visit this page to stay updated with all the new updates made to this site.

On the notification page, you can see news on these updated topics like New Guides for Video SEO added or updated, New features added, Updated News, New tools Added, New Points to consider, etc. Hence don’t miss any new updates provided from our side.

[Conclusion] We can say that never be confused in knowing the real sense of Creative Commons Videos. Otherwise, you may get penalised by the video hosting company, especially YouTube.

Always use the real Creative Commons Videos from the side of Original creators by going to their authentic website. If the original creators don’t have their professional sites, then be sure you are dealing with the wrong person.

If someone is serious about their profession, they must be doing some laborious job, not a Furious job for the customers. Be confirmed that you must learn and earn from a long-term visionary company registered with their actual address.

Please don’t depend on free Creative Commons Videos on YouTube because today they are, and tomorrow they are gone. At least you should know who is the original creators and with whom you are learning out there.

Like, here we are original creators, so we set video license as ‘Creative Commons – Attribution’ where you as a user should set your video license as ‘Standard YouTube License.

It’s because if you will set your video license as ‘Creative Commons – Attribution’ being not original creators instead of ‘Standard YouTube License.

Those who will use your videos even as ‘Standard YouTube License’ then that person will get ‘Copyright claim’, and your YouTube Channel will get a copyright strike.

Remember, three copyright strikes within three months to your YouTube Channel will send you to hell, i.e. it will be banned forever. Thus don’t play with your career being a member of the wrong company.

So be very serious when you invest your time and effort in learning and building your online career primarily related to Creative Commons Videos. This will make you a hero; otherwise, the wrong investment will make you zero, then may be a hero later if you have felt your mistake and have bounced back.

That way, just imagine how much time you will have wasted in such an illusionary learning course. So Baby and Bebo learn like King and Queen from real King and Queen teachers. If you learn from a Crow teacher, your earning will also be like a Crow Cowardy life.

Therefore, what you want King or Queen life, or Crow life. It’s all about your investment, whether you learn from a king or Queen company or a Crow company. But never learn like a parrot, especially from parrot company.

Otherwise, you will be just wasting your time, money and energy on your effort. That’s why we are here to clear the concept of Creative Commons Videos to make money from it step by step.

Some conditions are mentioned just for your security. If not, then in any case, if any terms and conditions of those Giant companies will change in the future, then it can be problematic for you as a content creator and video publisher.

Hence, we have taken everything into account to solve your whole doubt step by step. Now it’s your choice whether you want to be connected with us or not.

If you want to make money through our site by using Creative Commons Videos either for existing or new YouTubers or Simply as Video Content Creators to make money from it in a few easy steps, then you are in the right place.

Happy learning and earning with this site forever till you want to earn. And it’s a word we will never quit our services in the middle. It’s because we know ‘Without communication, there is no relationship’, ‘Without respect, there is no love’ and ‘Without Trust, there is no continuity.

And we value the above saying. Remember one thing, i.e. read and watch the content to learn from yourself because everything needed for you is covered out there.

Please don’t bother us to disturb even for a simple thing. We are just busy creating the Creative Commons Videos content to make money from it for us and you both. More video means More money, but it should be consistent.

If one video per week, then do in that pattern. Otherwise, it will be like sometimes eating too much and sometimes less. That is applicable if you lack food, but there is no lack of Creative Commons video content here.

So be intelligent and honest, along with loyalty in your business and your customers as well. This will build trust with your customers and the video hosting platform algorithm that you really care for your customers’ time and respect for you.

It’s consistent trust that binds businesses and people together in the long run. If it’s broken, then it’s hard to build the trust back. Sometimes up and down is ok but not over and over again. Feel this and then act on it.

Most important, the rule of the market is that ‘Be eligible that much that no matter what problem is going to kiss your business life, you just kiss them back with your solution using your own creativity. So be creative enough to solve your own problems.

In short, we can say if there is a question, then there is also an answer. If a question has arisen from you, then you must find a solution from your own side as well.

And the only method is self-thinking, self-talking, self-research, and then analysing what you are thinking, talking, and doing research. This will give a solution to the problem or simply answer to your question.

Best of luck in building your video hosting and earning career without Creative Commons Videos created from this site to help you achieve your financial freedom just by working a few hours a week.

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