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October 6, 2022, 3:35 am

Why is Stock Market not more Powerful than Girl Market?

The stock market is a platform to make millions of dollars if you know the actual technical or fundamental analytical game. But the Girl Market is causing distraction in it.

Which Types of Prime Ministers Are the Best Leader?

You can find different types of prime ministers in various countries. Knowing by which flavour of PM you are getting led may be surprising.

What type of Doggie Love do you prefer?

There are three types of doggie love but with different features and different names with the same style. Know which one you prefer to be in your life. This will simply point to your level of personality.

Why can Female Sexual Satisfaction never be fulfilled?

The average male marathon runner in the honeymoon world with the aim of female sexual satisfaction can hardly last for 7 KM. Now replace KM with Minutes. But what is the reason behind it?

Why is Female Puncture Gang like one Women Army?

When the Female Puncture Gang knows their power of Octagon, they become genius in the Mathematical field of Boy Marketing instead of Share Marketing, where their knowledge power is misused in showoff.

5 Wonderful points about chicken biryani you have never heard

You should not eat Chicken Biryani anywhere to get the instant benefits. If you misuse the power of your taste, you will be used as a testing person in the name of innocence.

Why Mosquito Bites More To Army And Police?

Why Army and Police are mostly rewarded with Mosquito Bites. It's because of their karma for injustice to rape victims where they protect the rapist. Know in detail about their Army and Police Leela.

Who are you dating a Drama Queen or Love Queen?

In which situation you can identify whether you are dating Love Queen or Drama Queen. Love Queen will make your life beautiful, but Drama Queen will do some unexpected like Laika.

Why Girls don’t Love Digital Marketing but love Boy Marketing?

As a Girl, if you love doing Boy Marketing instead of Digital Marketing, you will puncture Boys' freedom, peace, career, emotions, body and so on. So what should you Do?