7 Unexplored APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes On Working Late to become a Likeable Person

[Summary] APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes On Working Late Uncharted the clear vision of working socially at personal and business levels, maintaining the proper balance in the life of an individual, company and political group.


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[Introduction] APJ Abdul Kalam also played a pivotal role in India’s 1998 Pokhran nuclear tests. After serving as President, Kalam returned to his academic career, teaching physics and inspiring students at Indian institutes of technology.

A renowned space scientist, Kalam was instrumental in developing India’s first indigenous Satellite Launch Vehicle and SLV-3. There he also played an integral and unforgettable role in the Pokhran-II nuclear tests in 1998. This nuclear test resulted in India becoming a nuclear power.

APJ Abdul Kalam was a much-loved figure in India, known as the “People’s President” for his down-to-earth style and passion for education.

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[Body Part] These 7 Confidential APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes On Working Late will make Saintly aware you how important it is in balancing the time considering personal, business and political life where an individual should not only focus on work only working late.

“Learn to live happily. Don’t die for doing the work because it is a never-ending process that can never be completed.”

“As you serve the client, simply do the same for your family who needs care and respect and your respectful time besides your work.”

“When you need help in your life, your friends and family will help you, not your boss or your clients. So value them on time while doing your job as well. Hence give love, respect and time to them.”

“Remember that life is not only working and working, going to the office and dealing with your clients as official people. There are also your unofficial personal roles besides office and business towards yourself. So relax, socialize, entertain, exercise, travel, adventure, and make your life meaningful.”

“Those who work late in the office are not simply considered hardworking people. Instead, they are hardworking labourers with their parrotic knowledge being unable to manage time and their healthy daily routine to give time to all those who reside and are connected to them.”

“Your complex study and struggle in your life are not meant to let yourself work like a machine for someone else’s dream fulfilment, especially money. Enjoy your life along with it like honey and also your honey baby.”

“In any office or department work, if the leading boss damn cares about your personal life, pointing it as a meaningless life, then simply tell what kinds of life they are living where they don’t hold rights to control someone else life just to gameplay with their employees’ happiness.”

[Conclusion] Working in life is essential to living a happy life with the money earned from work either as a personal job holder or business wo/man. But time balancing is also a crucial factor to consider out there.

Never get to indulge in the work that one day when you realize and feel what type of life you have lived out there in the course of working day and night for your company and your greedy boss and shareholders.

Remember, the ultimate point of life is to live happily. So never forget to be happy with yourself and your appreciating friends, family, society and co-workers or peers where you are valued, not the place where you are damn cared.

Always focus on yourself first. The first priority should always be yours, where sometimes it’s impossible to give first value to yours. Then in such a case, just remember the angels are taking exams of you so that you can make a better life of yours along with your family and society being as a leader in your respective fields.

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