5 Charming APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes On Mother to become an Honourable Person

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[Summary] APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes On Mother Heavenly hunt down the hellish confusion where mother is a great inspiring teacher to the family and ultimately the society which is possible only if she is respected in the family from the family members especially her life partner as the best partner.


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[Introduction] APJ Abdul Kalam was also an accomplished scientist, working on India’s space and missile programs before becoming president in 2002.

A career scientist, APJ Abdul Kalam was intimately involved in the country’s non-military space program along with military missile developmental efforts. Therefore, he reached to be understood as the Missile Man of India for his work on creating ballistic missiles and establishing vehicle technology.

He died on Monday, July 27, 2015. After collapsing a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management in southern India, said Meghalaya state Chief Minister Mukul Sangma. He was 83 years old.

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[Body Part] These 5 Delightful APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes On Mother will tell you how enlightenful a life becomes in the presence of a mother. It’s applicable only in the heaven family where females are respected, not the hell family where people with a hellish mindset live out there with rugged behaviour towards their female family members.

“Mother only smiles at the cry of her child at the moment when they land on this planet from the womb underworld; besides this, she never smiles at the cry of her children.”

“Suppose a country will be leaded under the leadership of creative mindset genius people. In that case, it can be corruption free where the first teacher is the father and mother, the second teacher is the school teacher, and the third teacher is the feeling moments of the learner, which can be living or non-living things will make the world a better place.”

“In a family, if the mother and other female members are happy, they create a positive environment in their family to live like a happy family. Following this pattern, she will make every family a happy family.”

“Mother and motherland should always be prioritized where unmarried females will also be a mother one day. So they should treat their mother or mother in law and other females to create unity in females. After this, they should start fighting against women’s freedom, justice, equality, opportunities and happiness in their life to make a better future for human civilization.”

“Mother is the one who makes pickle of the mosquitoes using the problems, and use it to serve the problem creators to get the solution for her family and society ultimately to make a mosquito-free society. So support your mothers; if not, enjoy the pickle of real mosquito with your mosquito-moon partner.”

[Conclusion] Respect the today’s female character in the family who can be daughter, granddaughter, sister etc., so that she can be treated in the same way in other families where their daughters are treated like yours. But for this, it should be a trend in your family to treat females like a respectful Fly Don so that they can feel themselves as a Fly Don.

When females are treated well in a family, you can feel the positive energy in their presence. Imagine a house without any female characters. Does that house will have attraction or distraction from the positivity of energy.

If today’s daughters are made powerful with respect, caring, knowledge, education, freedom, security, support, etc., they will be powerful mothers as family, society, and national leaders.

So you decide how you want to treat your female family members like hell or heaven. It all depends on your mentality and what kind of daughter in law you want in the family. Start from yourself. If you cannot produce such a futuristic daughter in law for other families, don’t expect such a daughter in law from other families as well.

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