20 Inspiring APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes About Dream to achieve it through your creativity

[Summary] APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes About Dream points out that employees should love their job as a dream job but not the company as a dream company. Their love for a job can continue in any company, but this does not apply to the company when they stop loving their employee.


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[Introduction] APJ Abdul Kalam, the Legend missile man of India, worked as a scientist and defence technologist for the Indian government, mainly working on the evolution of anti-ballistic missile designs. And then afterwards, he was granted to the field of vehicle technology.

At the time of his presidency, he championed the cause of development, for which he was awarded the ‘National Award for Peace and Disarmament.

He was elected as a member of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament of India, in 1980, Congress.

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[Body Part] These 20 Riveting APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes About Dream will acknowledge how a person should keep a vision to achieve their dreams in their specified time using the willpower and skills they have acquired.

“You people will have to dream before your dreams come true.”

“A dream is not what you see while sleeping; it is something that does not let you sleep.”

“Your dream should never be given up for the best results in the end, and we should not permit the hindrances to conquer us in any way.”

“Keep a will to accept what you couldn’t change.”

“Though we don’t have equal talent, we all have equal opportunities to develop our abilities.”

“Human needs obstacles in life because they are necessary to enjoy success.”

“Religion makes friends for great personality-minded people, whereas small thought-minded people make religion a fighting tool.”

“A Nations consist of various flavours of people. And with their joint effort, a nation can accomplish all it could ever want through teamwork under a better leader.”

“Hey, people, just look at the sky. We are not alone in this world. See, the whole universe is friendly and conspires only to give the best to those who dream, work and deserve, based on their hardship and nature.”

“Remember books are your favourite friends, and you should consider them a home library, which is also the most incredible wealth for readers. Every new book inspires you and gives you a new thought to contemplate based on some new idea.”

“Thinking is the major capital, and an enterprise is a way where hard work is the solution.”

“If you want to become ‘unique,’ the challenge is to fight for the most brutal battle anyone could ever imagine until you reach your final destination.”

“Employees should love their job but don’t love their company because you may not know when your company stops loving you unexpectedly.”

“Medical costs are of grave concern, both in developing and developed countries.”

“Like a dream, just follow four things; having great ambition, acquiring knowledge, hard work, and determination – then anything can be achieved.”

“Dreaming to reach the summit requires strength of willpower, whether it is the peak of Mount Everest or your profession.”

“The post of President should not be politicized because once a president is elected, s/he is above politics.”

“As a human, you cannot change your destiny, but you can change your habits, and your habits will change your destiny.”

“Dreaming to Teach is a noble profession that shapes the character of humans, social status, and the future of the personality. If people remember Leader as a good teacher, that will be the most significant honour.”

“You cannot fail without its beginning; you can not be successful, and then you go if you feel.”

[Conclusion] Everyone has a dream but to become unique in your life in any part of your field; you must be a brutal fighter with the problems that come in between you and your goal.

One should never quit on their dream achievement. If you fail, that means the first feeling of success in that step, and at last, you can feel the real sensation of the ultimate goal achieved dream success.

Never let anyone or anything take control over you if you are working with your dreams for a better future for yourself and your family, and finally for the country and the whole global world. Deal with all problems but don’t let them stop you from your dream destination.

No matter how much problem is there in your life, never lose hope for your dream. If you can think it, then you can feel it, and if you can feel it and then you can do it and finally can achieve it through your dedicated contribution towards your goal.

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