30 Anger Management Quotes to Handle Your Anger Issues

[Introduction] The Anger Management Quotes technique should be used from your side to control your Anger when you are about to be angry. It will prevent you from being a servant or an enslaved person of Your Anger. So control Anger and live like a King or Queen.


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[Body Part] “When you are angry after knowing that you are dating a dog/doggie style person being as a deer/doe or lion/lioness featured personality. Then how would you react in those situations? Just control your anger and deal being calm.”

“When your girl cheats on you, then you become angry, but you are still with them, ignoring the facts _itches are never of anyone. Is a female dog _itch loyal to a Male Dog? Not Naa! then with the same _itch feature in female, what the hell you are expecting from her.”

“If someone scolds you, calling you dog, you become angry, but if a beautiful girl speaks the same dialogue, then you become happy thinking a doggie style love. But the same style is of doe and lioness too. Is that mean you are a dog who loves doggie style?”

“During childhood, you become angry when you don’t know what you need, but in your adulthood, you leave your parents ignoring the facts that history repeats, i.e. you are born as a child and becomes young one day, and then child again from heart and behaviour point of view during your old age. So what are you doing in that case just in the name of anger for not getting freedom? If your parents had thought of freedom from you during your childhood and would have left you in Orphans House thinking you as a result of entertainment instead of the result of love. Where would you have been residing, a freedom house of Orphans.”

“The family members value those who are the result of the love, but those who are the result of entertainment are not valued, even when there is a need for family member’s emotional support. So being angry, do you leave then not naa!. No, because different people have a different perception.”

“Instead of being angry in small matters, just make angry a matter of small point and then make it less point gas and finally put yourself in the hush stage.”

“When you cheat, you don’t become angry with yourself, but if someone cheats on you, then angry for what. Is there equal justice in this case?”

“People who know how to handle their anger are the real adjuster in their life compared to those who are easily controlled by their anger side.”

“There is no one in this world who has been through the anger stage, but that doesn’t mean you should make it a habit and put your all impression down within just a few seconds, showing yourself as the servant or slave; of your anger.”

“Anger is powerful in itself only when allowing it to control you. Otherwise, it is just a test for you to have no response during the anger stage.”

“How do cute children look when they are angry? Cute Naa! then how about learning to see someone else as a kid when they become angry. This inbuilt power will make you a king or Queen featured personality.”

“At the wrong time showing your anger will break the heart, relationship, peace, success and so on. So treat yourself nice, keeping yourself away from anger.”

“Bomb destroys you once where the game is over in one click. But making someone victim of anger at the wrong time will make them feel like dying every moment being an insulting party.”

“Those who show anger towards someone else feel bad about their behaviour. So instead of apologizing it they, bring their ego in the middle and becoming angry becomes their habit and then finally Sanskar to make their Samadhi of their success one day.”

“Sometimes good behaviour is not understood to the result of _angbang people so in those case only show your anger but using the manners. If they agree, then it’s ok; if not, do whatever you want to get the justice but without harming yourself and the other party.”

“If your girl is cheating on you, then instead of being an angry person, just let her live like a _ucking _itch person. She is made for the street, not for your heart.”

“When females of society become _ornstar then do you become angry to them, Not naa! Then if any girl becomes relational _ornstar, and finally family _ornstar. Then why do you become angry in those cases? She is born to be an _itch, not a doe or lioness. Use your mind too, not only heart in a loving relationship.”

“When your parents become angry with you, then think your yourself as a Pakoda and the scoldings of your parents as a Chatni. So enjoy Pakoda with Chatni and have a rest time, not a tension time.”

“At the time of giving your reaction on irritating or vulnerable stage just use your mind, and deal those situations nicely not like a Nalley Don.”

“Can you show your anger towards the police even if you are not wrong? If not, then angry behaviours towards others for what.”

“If a dog bites you, then being angry towards it, will you bite them back? Not Naa! When someone becomes angry towards you, then handle them thinking like a dog biting, and it will solve the anger problem from your side.”

“If you are angry, then it’s better to do push-ups until your anger doesn’t come under your control. Or do physical exercise to transfer your energy from anger to calmness.”

“Angry should not be a habit for you; otherwise, people will damn care about you if it becomes your consistent behaviour. You will be then called an ‘Angry Hungry Person’. Do you like this title?”

“Angriness from our loving person is ok to go but not from an unknown person. So in time, learn where to use your anger but before that, better know the mood of them.”

“Getting angry in little things shows you are a cute angry person if it shoots to you, if not then you are known as a servant or slave of anger, entitled with ‘Angry Slave Person’.”

“No one in the world loves your angry behaviour except your parents and other family members who have features of courtesy, tolerance, guidance and so on. Therefore, value your family in almost all possible conditions.”

“When someone is wrong in the family members even if they are your guardian, then show your judge mental angriness towards them based on need. This way, a relationship can be saved through the power of positive angriness.”

“Being angry in the wrong place can open the hell gate of shameness, insult, demoralization and so on.”

“Anger is a power, so invest this anger power to bring a shower of success, not a package of sorrow investing it in a wrong place.”

“Being a Leader, never think of nourishing anger in yourself. This can ruin your leading career even being as an eligible leader.”

[Conclusion] Above, Anger Management Quotes are needed to live a healthy life. But learn how to use your anger in the right place.

No one in the world has become successful being a servant or an enslaved person of their anger.

So you, as a human, try to do divorce with anger, not a friendship where marriage with anger should not be even a matter of the dream.

Some people are so kind that they nutritionize their anger to show how powerful they are in rearing and caring for their anger.

Anger can bring you nothing except a depreciation in success, happiness, peace, love, respect, goodwill and so on.

Hence, make sure anger is always out of the fence of your house so that the anger should feel homeless and one day they will flush themselves into the safety tank for committing suicide.

It’s recommended not to recycle the products of the safety tank to reuse the anger once again. Based on this, I hope anger will anchor their anger family in the safety tank, not in the human behavioural residence.

Now please tell me your thoughts under this video on what you think on loving to rear anger or doing divorce with anger.

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